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 Suto Kodomoarashi

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PostSubject: Suto Kodomoarashi   Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:34 am

The Land Across the Sea

The dry heat of the Sahara baked the ground a golden brown, the air was still and as always the lioness wandered the plains as if they owned them. In a way, they do. Neyalsha stood high on a cliff, Her long silver hair blowing gently around her milk chocolate face. Pale gray eyes flashed with poorly concealed mirth as she watched her precious son struggle to bring the days first rain.

“Focus” Her voice was smooth and lilting, almost airy when she addressed her son “Feel the wind Suto, let your power guide you, to control is to submit”

The child nodded and continued his meditation, slowly relaxing his breathing until it slips into a effortless rapport with the wind.

“I think I did it mama!” The boy exclaims “I can feel it. Watch!” The wind begin to pick up as the child poured his energy into the atmosphere “Stop Suto” Neyalshas voiced whipped through the air, a master of the Arashi Heisetsu she easily sensed the beginning of a storm of child was creating. [He has far more power at his age than either his father or I did, ho-] The women’s thoughts were interrupted by a peal of thunder tearing through the once tranquil skies. Quickly assessing the situation Neyalsha effortlessly synced with the atmosphere, overriding her sons power with iron control born of a lifetime of discipline.

“Aww ma! No fair, I was just getting it!” Despite his protests Sutos pout was only half hearted, he never could stay angry when his mother exercised her considerable power, her smooth skin glowed with a faint inner light, pale gray eyes shone with a light blue tint and silver hair gently swirled around her face. To watch her Linked was to watch the spirit of beauty take form.

Almost immediately the storm subsided, clouds parted to reveal a dazzling sunshine and the silvery glow around Neyalsha vanished as she released her ties to nature.

“Not bad Suto, but you have to focus, learn restraint or you may destroy that which you are bound to protect, now come along, we shall continue tomorrow” Suto followed obediently when his mother turned away, is small childish legs scurrying to match her long smooth strides. Before Long the two reached the Village, Although city would be a far more accurate description. With sprawling towers of gold and bronze Rekash was a beautiful city, wealthy and prominent. Of course much of this was due to Neyalsha’s family, The Kodomoarashi, said to be descendants of spirits who came to the earth to watch over the city long ago the Kodomoarashi devote their lives to the city, ensuring the crops flourished and the land is bountiful.

Evidence of the reverence held for the Storm Children was everywhere, the family portraits were engraved upon walls, memorials and statues of noted Kodomoarashi littered the paved roads and the people all greeted the two with warm smiles and low bows.

Eventually the pair reached a beautiful silver palace, gold and ivory decorated the open rooms as the ascended the steps

“ It is Your eight birthday tomorrow Suto, soon your powers will awaken and you will begin your real training.” Neyalsha turned pale gray eyes to her son “I love you my son, but you will need your father for this.

Suto frowned, the boy tried his hardest to remember his father, but it was difficult the man had left when he was a baby, drawn to distant lands by a pact forged at the dawn of the clans history.

Deciding to voice his thoughts Suto spoke, a faint tremor lacing his words “But mama, He’s not here”

His mothers reply was cut off by a thundering roar, the palace shook as a massive storm rapidly materialized above them and begin releasing a torrent of vicious lightning bolts upon the structure.

Neyalsha’s response was instantaneous, strong gusts of wind immediately surrounded both her and her son, inverting to repel the falling ceiling. Whipping the currents of air around them Neyalsha grabbed Suto and in a strong gust if wind, soared out of the ante-chamber.

Outside the women had to exercise far greater control to avoid being caught up in the storm, she held her son in a air tight embrace as she hovered feet above the ground, ever circling to present a harder target.

Suto’s pale gray eyes darted to and fro, his small body shivering in the cold, his eyes widened in fear as a pal of thunder announced the largest lightning bolt he ever seen came crashing down at his mother and him. Together they dropped as his mother diverted her full attention to the lightning bolt, tossing her son in a patch of shrubs she turned to the lightning bolt and pit her will against the attackers, it was a magnificent sight the lightning crackled and twisted, a physical manifestation of the battle of wills,

Eventually the lightning broke free from Nayalsha’s grasp, coiling around her before detonating with a vicious explosion. Her eyes glowed briefly as she spoke, carrying her voice on the wind to her precious child

“Run Suto, Run”

And so he did, Suto ran, and ran, and ran, using his own small power he draw up a thick fog to mask his escape. Throughout the night he could hear the whisper of cloaks and robes above him, it wasn’t hard to follow, the fog moved with him, but he was using every ounce of his ability to maintain it, he deflected gusts of wind and streaks of lightning bolts by thickening the density of the fog, those flying above could not pierce his screen and that was his only saving grace. By morning maintaining the fog was a chore, the constant drain on his energy was considerable and the sun burned away the water, but that was fine. For Suto had reached the docks, Once aboard a ship he allowed the fog to burn die away, burned into nothingness by the suns rays or ripped to shred by the elder Kodmoarashi above.


Arashi Kodomo silently padded his way into the Raikages office, the fierce hawk shaped ANBU mask veiling his tired expression as the large dark skinned man began his daily rant.

“Six three-two, im sending you to the Land of water, rumor is they’ve been exterminating the families with Keikei Genkai.”

This surprised Arashi more than the lack of ranting, why ever would someone eliminate such treasure troves, Arashi understood the Raikages order before he even finished, only a fool would not offer sanctuary to such families. But this, this is exactly the kind of chance he’s been waiting for, a reason to leave Kumo and never return.

“You will be going with squad -4” At the Raikages words Arashi’s tired expression grew into a hopeful grin, Squad -4 were formidable yes, but they were no match for him, each one a gen specialist a taijutsu artists and a lightning focused nin expert. He could manage to get away from them if he needed, and then there was always his secret. No one in Kumo knew the extent of his bloodline abilities, they knew he had a strong mastery over Lightning and Wind jutsu, but they knew nothing of his affinity with water or ice, nor even his ability to sense and manipulate the atmosphere in the form of weather patterns. He kept up all the visual ques, inventing handsigns for his secret techniques and bothering to learn the seals to the other jutsu he uses, even though he does not need them. He was a careful person, and now all that caution will pay off


Without ever having said a word Arashi excited the Kages office and quickly made his way to his apartment, as usual no one could even detect the stealth operative. Quickly gathering his treasured possession; a picture of his wife and son and a amulet that all Kodmoarashi wear Arashi slipped through the night, augmenting his natural speed with quick gusts of wind. Moments later he glided down the hill leading to Kumo and joined the three ANBU waiting in the shadows. With a nod to all three he lead the way to Lightning North, no one would contest is leadership, he’s the best, he always had been.

The Land of Water

The land of water was…moist, for lack of better word, to much water in the air and to much vegetation. It was unnatural to Suto, nothing like the desert he was born and raised in. Briefly he reconsidered his decision to flee across the sea, he did not even know where, the ship was bound to a trading port that was a regular for his city, but a combination of winds from him and those pursing him pushed the ship to this strange land. A glance at the ship that brought him here was enough to push him forward, For days he wandered the strange group of islands, some no more than five feet apart, others span miles, food was easy to come by, trees provided fruit and the rations he had from the voyage were tough and long lasting, if not particularly favorable. Water, water was everywhere and what was not safe to drink he could create.

For a time, Suto wandered the islands, living from the land and enjoying the strange country as much as any hunted person could be. This is how he lived for weeks and the former prince like boy was content, that is until he witnessed a extermination of a innocent family.

It was a day like any other, the sky a light overcast the wind carrying the ever present scent of the ocean. And then the piercing shriek of terror coming from up a hill, the scent of blood and death mingled with the upcoming rain.

As silent as he could Suto slithered up the hill, ducking behind trees and shrubs as he closed the distance to a burning house. Clutching the tree he stared, wide eyed and fearful for the family within. [Come on Suto, do something!] He thought to himself. With barely a conscious thought he stretched his awareness towards the atmosphere and merged with the sky. Practiced ease made the task simple, he called and rain came, a deluge of frigid water that immediately begin to extinguish the flames.

Unfortunately Sutos satisfaction was momentary, as soon as the unnatural rain began to disperse the flames two cloak shrouded shinobi had begun a long series of hand seals. Suto had no idea what they were doing, but his link to the weather told him it was big and it involved lightning, a lot of it, he could feel the power gathering in the clouds, coaxed by some strange energy, it coiled in on itself, building until it was about to burst. The movement of pure energy was intoxicating to the young Kodomoarashi, linked as he was the subtle shifts were sending sparks down his spine. He could have sit there for hours just feeling the movement, but the children’s cries pulled him back to reality, the pure energy that was lightning was being directed, drawn and pushed to strike the home. If untamed it would destroy the building and all those inside.

Suto watched with fearful eyes as the clouds gathered, drawn by the strange men and pushed to release its deadly charge. He could do nothing but watch in horror as the lightning arced down from the clouds, a almost invisible sheet of brilliant white light. Suto hide his eyes, but the thundering crash the smell of charred bodies and dieing screams never came. Between the mighty lightning bolt and the home stood, no that’s not right their was no ground underneath him, the man floated, hovered above the house, the terrible bolt of lightning was reduced to a spark, jumping between his index finger and thumb, his long silver hair flowed gently around him and it was easy for Suto to see, he was linked. His face was strong and proud, silver hair and dark chocolate skin told Suto al he needed to know, he didn’t even need to see the gray eyes hidden behind a veil of silver blue light, no, this man could only be one person, could only be his father, Arashi, The Lord of Storms. The last thing he remembered was a surge of power unlike anything he ever experienced, it overwhelmed him and he fell into darkness


Arashi sighed as the last tingle of the jutsu faded from his body, it was foolish but he couldn’t allow his team to destroy the family, it wasn’t right, he knew that much. Thinking back he couldn’t say he would have done it any differently, it had been easy, his team were skilled yes, but he was better, a quick wind walk to the house and a second to conduct the jutsu was all he needed. He grounded the lightning and retaliated with a chain of thunderbolts, wave after wave of electricity split from the air, spiraling into the three. He barely needed to exert any effort, they were unprepared, no one expected it and he was efficient.

Once he was sure his former team was adequately dealt with he turned to the woods, easily sensing Suto. [Hmm just as I thought, strong enough to bring rain but not skilled enough to manage the Arc lightning] silently he glided towards the youth, alighting on the woody grass. It took only a moment to locate the child, soft silver hair framed a delicate chocolate face. Arashi’s eyes widened slightly, it shouldn’t be possible, but it was. It was an odd enough stretch that a Storm Child would be here, but his own son…it made no sense.

Quickly gathering the child in his arms Arashi took to the air, rapidly ascending beyond the clouds, always the intelligent strategist he assumed Suto was here without his mother for a reason. And that narrowed down things considerably. His eyes surveyed the area below even as he rose higher into the sky, cloaked behind clouds Arashi and his son headed south.

Despite the heat radiating from Arashi Suto awoke shivering from the thin air and moisture in the clouds. One look up was all it took and the young storm child smiled with content and burrowed into his fathers chest. Absently twisting the air currents around him. And that was how he stayed, curled up in his fathers arms beneath a layer of warm wind.

The Land of Spring

They traveled in that manner for a week, eventually coming to the land of spring. The beauty of the land struck Suto was instantly in love with the place and Arashi valued the peace. Perhaps it was seeing his son for the first time in seven years, perhaps he was simply exhausted from the non stop traveling, but whatever the reason. Arashi was not prepared for the ambush. The faint creak of leather was all the warning they had before a group of bandits burst from the bushes. Startled from his daydream by the bandits Arashi had no time to move before a bandit drew a kunai and drew a crimson line of blood down Sutos face, the child’s cry spurred Arashi into a fury he thought wasn’t even possible, thunder roared and lightning flashed across the sky, the wind kicked into a vicious hurricane that swept through the clearing, Sutos sobs of pain was added fuel to the fire, Arashi weaved lightning with wind and sent roaring death at the bandits. Then all was still.

Suto sniffled and wiped at his eyes, the wound was shallow, a thin cut from his temple to his cheek, but it wasn’t serious most of the tears were from shock. Besides, he had just seen the coolest thing ever! His dad had made a real tornado! A smile broke across his face, a giggle escaped his lips and he stood, brushing the blood from his face he walked to his dad and tugged him further into the land of spring.


Nala watched the bandits perish from the sky, she had perfected the art of flight or so she had thought, what took energy from here came effortlessly to the man below, and that jutsu he had just used, impressive indeed. Yes, she would have to ensure they made it to Sunogakure, if the boys looks were any indication he was the mans son and the father was impressive enough but two…well she would see.

That night a blizzard blocked their path south, they turned west and followed a well worn track to a unknown location. Arashi pondered, the blizzard had been abrupt and he could not break it, someone arranged it. But who.

Days later Nala watched the Kodomoarashi wander through Yuki's gates. Her voice was soft as she spoke to the princess. “They are fairly impressive Milady, I think we should ensure the child makes it to the academy..” The princess shifted and peered through the windows. “A wise decision Nala-chan, I leave it to you.” The Snow sage nodded and turned back to the dark skinned duo, so different from anyone else in snow. [We will put them with a master of our arts…
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PostSubject: Re: Suto Kodomoarashi   Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:41 am

Needs Editing

First Name: Suto Kodomoarashi
Age: 18
Height: 6,5
Weight: 210 lbs
Body type: Tall well muscled, warm chocolate skin
Eye Color: Light gray with flecks of silver
Hair color: Silvery white
Blood type: O
Village: Yukigakure
Element(s): Wind, Water, lightning
Rank: Chunin
Bloodline: Arashi Heisetsu (Storm Link)

Personality: Despite his past Suto is a warm and kind young man, easy going and laid back he loves to have fun and meet people.he enjoys a good fight and hopes to rise to his fathers skill level one day.


Working out
Weather Watching

Short Term Goals:
[s]Learn more about his abilities[/s]
Excel as a shinobi and do his family proud
Hook his father up with the cute women in the academy

Long Term Goals:
Return to his home and find out what happened to his mother
Become a master of the Arashi Heisetsu



Spars: Wins: 7 Losses: 0 Ties: 2 Total: 9

Suto (Genin) vs Hitaru Rammomichi (Genin) and Maikeru Heiru (Genin): Win
Suto (Genin) vs Moriko Aburame (Chunin): Tie
Suto (Genin) vs Itsuma Uskada (Chunin): Tie
Suto (Genin) vs Keitaku Onbin (Genin): Win
Suto (Genin)[Unlinked] vs Mayakazu -Pure Edge- (Genin): Win
Suto (Genin) vs Hitaka Shika (Chunin): Win
Suto (Genin) vs Hitaku Shika (Chunin): Win
Suto (Genin) vs Naku Ukia (Chunin): Win
Suto (Genin) and Kado (Genin) vs Maikeru Heiru and Kai Shi'gawa: Win


Storm Weavers body: Storm weavers tend to be delicate, though sturdy they eschew physical power for greater focus.
+2 to wisdom rolls -2 to str rolls

Storm Sense: Due to their close ties with the atmosphere Kodomarashi can sense any great disturbances in weather patterns. Or any sudden shifts in weather patterns. Due to their link with nature the Kodomoarashi may sense other Kodomoarashi near them, the range depends on their strength when linked
Weak: 1 area all around
Medium: 3 area all around
Strong: 5 area all around
Note: subject to dm alteration

Storm Link: A Storm link is a bond, forged by chakra and maintained by will it ties the Kodomoarashi and the weather together, the stronger the link the more intimate the bond. When Linked the Kodomoarashi seems to glow with a inner silver aura, their eyes glow a white silver blue and their hair drifts about them as if on a gentle breeze, When linked the weather in the immediate area reflects the storm childs emotional state, when angry thunder and lightning crackles when happy the clouds may disperse. The stronger the link the more drastic the shifts.

Storm Technique: Any water lightning, ice or wind jutsu. These are the only elements a Storm child may ever have. They may not start out with medical

Note: All storm abilities and techniques may not be used Unless the Kodomoarashi is Storm Linked

Begins With all E and D rank, at rank you gain bonus jutsu through innate ties.

Ninja toolbag Addition: Sparklight Vial (Military Ration Pill)

Storm Link-Strong:

Tentei Arashi (Lord of Storms): The Kodomoarashi may attack and block using wisdom without paying chakra, all attacks performed this way do rank damage for taijutsu. The Kodomoarashi no longer needs to use hand seals to use storm jutsu
2 cp to activate plus 1 a round to maintain

+3 to all Storm based attack and defense rolls

+3 to any roll made to learn Storm techniques

All chakra costs for Storm jutsu are reduced by 2 (Does not apply to maintenance cost)

+1d4 damage to all offensive or naturally damaging defensive storm techniques, does not apply to normal strikes

Stifle/Dehydrate/Conduct: At the cost of 5 cp the Storm Child may reduce, stop or channel offensive wind lighting and water jutsu.
PvP: The Kodomoarashi makes a wis roll vs. opponents wis roll, if they succeed they cancel out the wind water or lightning jutsu
Note: They may not cancel bloodline jutsu however a successful roll cuts half the dmg



Wind Walk (Auto learned at medium bloodline)
Type: Support
Rank: Rankless
Cp: 0
Description: The kodomoarashi may weave a cloak of wind around them, granting them the ability to move through the air.
PvP: Rp wise, minor flight, levitation, etc
Requirements: Must be chunin

[s]Wind Run (Auto learned at Strong bloodline)
Type: Support
Rank: Rankless
Cp: 0
Description: Combining the aerodynamics of Wind Walking and the chakra focused speed of Flicker the kodomoarashi may move at great speeds over short distances
Pvp: Allows the use of Wisdom to escape from battle
Requirement: Must know Wind Walk, and Flicker

Wall Walking
(Taught by Karasu)

Water walking
(Taught By Karasu)

E Rank:

Fuuton: Minor gust
PVP 1d4 damage
Rank: E
Description: With a few basic handsigns the user blows a short gust at an opponent

Suiton: Water gun Jutsu
PVP: 1d4 damage
Rank: E
Description: With a few basic handsigns the user is able to fire a small jet of water from their mouth.
This jutsu requires no source of water

Raiton: Static Electricity
PVP: 1d4 damage
Rank: E
Description: With a few basic handsigns the user is able to channel a thin jolt of electricity into an opponent, this can be done ranged or by touch

Tesaki Kaze (Fingers of the Wind)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Description: A basic rp jutsu that allows the Kodomoarashi to manipulate objects with focused gusts of wind

Jikihi Ryouiki (Personal Field)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Description: By manipulating the temperature of the air around them the Kodomoarashi may adjust the temperature of a small area around them. Warming the air or cooling them off.

Bunshin no Jutsu (Clone Technique)
Rank: E
Chakra Cost: 4
Requirements: None
Description: This technique must be mastered by any ninja who has graduated from the shinobi academy. It's the most basic technique a Genin must know, since it can be a real lifesaver. This Ninjutsu creates a simple illusion clone identical to the caster. The clone however has no physical properties and will disperse the moment it is touched.

- Bunshins aren't solid. They can't hold/touch anything. Which also means, they don't leave foot prints.
- Bunshins dispel in one hit
- Bunshins can not be used to rely information; you're thinking of a Kage bunshin.
- Bunshins can't perform any jutsus. Nor are their weapons real.

Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Rank: E
Requirements: None
Description: Henge is the basic skill a ninja must know to become a Genin. It's mostly used as a decoy, to confuse the opponent by transforming into somebody that's an ally with the enemy, and then attack from the back when he's not expecting it. This technique can easily be combined with other jutsus for a more powerful effect, such as with Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique).
The user maintains their weight
The user can henge into something 1/2 of their size.
The user can henge into something that 1 1/2 times bigger then him or her.


Rakuyou no Jutsu
"Falling Leaves Jutsu"
Rank: E
Lasts 1 turn or until hit.


Counter Clone Kick
Cp: 2
The user sends out a counter kick into the attacking enemies gut. It sends them back and does very minor damage...the main design of this kick is to dissipate bunshin.
Pvp: Used in defense against taijutsu. 1 damage. (it DOES dispel bunshin)
(Taught by Itsuma Uskada)


Chakara Dageki (Chakra Strike)
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: E
Cp: 2
Description: By channeling a small thin amount of chakra into their weapon the user is able to hit more effectively
PvP: Rank weapon dmg +1


D Rank:

Sickling Winds
Type: Support
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The kodomoarashi infuses the wind with chakra, creating sharper and harder gusts
PvP: +1d4 dmg to basic attack

Enmu (Fog)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The immediate area is cloaked in a semi transparent fog
PvP: This jutsu is made just before a escape roll, All allies gain +2 to escape rolls

Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 3
Requirements: None
Description: The user taps into their chakra and exchanges places with an object of similar weight and size. This is clearly an evasion technique used to dodge attacks; however it can be linked with other jutsus or attacks to create massive damage if done properly.
PvP: Replaces themselves with a look-a-like to evade damage.
Snow Blind Jutsu
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Chakra Cost: 3
RP Description: By manipulating the water crystals before an enemeis eyes the user can freeze a veil of frost to blind and hinder an opponent.
PVP Effect: The victim rolls wis vs the users wis, a sucessful roll means the victims chakra disrupting the forming crystals. a failure means the opponent takes -2 to all attack and defense rolls depending on caster rank.

Fuuton: Kaze tama (Wind bullet)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: Fires a small burst of wind at the target in a condensed ball form.
1d10 damage
(taught by Celith Zicha)


C Rank

Gekiha Kadou (Crushing Vortex)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: The Kodomoarashi sends out a sharps gust of air that quickly encircles and tightens around the enemy trapping them the user may then tighten the bonds crushing the victim.
PvP: The opponent is stunned for one round or until hit. On their turn they may make an opposed strength roll against the original attack roll to escape otherwise on the user's next turn they take 2d8 damage.

Rensa Raikou (Chain lightning)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: The Kodomoarashi drags lightning from the air, building it into a massive pulse before releasing it at a nearby enemy
PvP: The lightning deals 2d8-1 dmg to up to three people on the battlefield. The Kodomoarashi may channel the lightning to its targets or conduct the jutsu to two targets.
Note: Must have at least two targets to use

Kaze Hei (Wall of Wind)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: The user creates a highly concentrated stream of air to swirl around their body deflecting attacks
PvP effect: +2 to defense roll

Ame Kumo (Rain Cloud)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: The sky in the immediate area (Battlefield) Darkens as a cloud passes over and begins a downpour
PvP: Lightning jutsu does +2 dmg for 2d6 rounds, water jutsu D rank and under may be used

Fuuton: Kaze Ya no Jutsu (Wind Style: Wind Arrow)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: The user creates a nearly invisible arrow made of strong wind currents, the vicious wind and transparency makes the arrow impossible to block
PvP: 2d8-1, Unblockable
(Taught By Karasu)

Suiton: Suiton Soujuu (Water Manipulation)
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: Using water from inside the enemies body, the user causes the water inside them to thrash around inside them violently, causing extreme pain and discomfort.
PvP: 2d8
Note: Can only be stopped by chakra defense, wis/int, does not requre a source of water
(Taught By Karasu)

Suiton: Doku Hari (Water Style: Poison Needle)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 5
RP Description: the user hand signs as a small portion of water turns purple. At the users command the purple water then turns into a needle that is launched at the opponent.
PVP Effect: 1d4 for 1d4+1 rounds
(Taught by Thorian ~Dm Shikamaru~)

Fuuton Kaze no Senbon (Needles of the Wind)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C Rank
CP: 5
Description: The ninja gathers air with his hands and mixes it with chakra, by doing this he transforms them into sharp and deadly needles. The needles are almost invisible so it is hard for the enemies to see them. Because the needles are made of air they cannot be blocked or deflected. The only way to ensure safety is to dodge them.
PVP: deals 2d6 damage (Unblockable), and the target makes a con save DC 17 or they are stunned for 1 round(or until hit). (Stun doesn't stack)
(Taught by Thorian ~Dm Shikamaru~)

Thunder Crash
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: c
CP: 5
RP Description: The user would send a ball of deafening thunder, and electricity at the opponent.
Possibly stunning and shocking them
PVP Effect: 2d8, Con check DC10 to avoid being stunned for 1 round(or until hit).
(Taught by DM Asuma ~Snow Jonin~)


B Rank

Senpuu Kikou (Whirlwind Armor)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: By twisting air currents around themselves the kodomoarashi creates a buffer of protective air
PvP: May be used before a defensive roll. The armor grants 10 dr, the dr is taken in reduction every point of damage is removed from the armor, taijutsu attackers against the armor suffer 1 dmg, fire jutsu deal +1 dmg

Buriza-do (Blizzard)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: Melding water and wind together the Kodomoarashi creates a furious storm of frozen winds and rain.
PvP: The storm deals 1d10 damage to the entire area, the kodomarashi and any within tag radius of him or her is immune to the effects this includes enemies. the jutsu leaves the field frost strewn and frozen for 1d4+1 rounds

Hisame (Hail)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: After the air is frigid and in the throes of a blizzard the Kodomoarashi may infuse their chakra with water and bring a torrent of frozen chips down upon their enemies.
PvP: 1d8 dmg for as a long as blizzards effect is in duration
Note: Blizzard must be in use


A Rank

Harike-n (Hurricane)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 13
Description: Exerting thin tendrils of chakra into the nearby air the Kodomoarashi whips the winds into a violent frenzy, the vortex grows until it begins absorbing any nearby objects, naturally the Kodomoarahsi is immune to the pull
PvP: Dexerity checks are made at a -4 to this jutsu, First round, it pulls up to three enemies side by side on the battlefield into the heart of the vortex, second round those in the hurricane are thrown around and suffer -2 to rounds for 1d6+1 rounds

Chikara Reppuu Supea (Gale Force Spear)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 13
Description: By compressing dozens of air currents the Kodomoarashi is able to create a scathing lance of viciously spinning wind, the brutal winds shriek and scream, tearing anything in its path as they are released in a rapid lance at a target.
PvP: Up to two targets standing side by side or behind each other Unblockable. 6d4 dmg, because of the nature of the spear one may not take the damage by shielding with their bodies.

Storm Code: Using their manipulation over the weather and Storm sense Kado and Suto managed to create a minor communication network. The network only extends as far as their weakest storm sense
Ex: medium line 3 areas
Strong line 5
Network spans 3 areas

Peal of Thunder, flash of lightning-affirmative
Peal of Thunder, flash of lightning, peal of thunder- negative
Flash of lightning ,flash of lightning, flash of lightning-Come to me
Flash of lightning, peal of thunder, flash of lighting-Come to you?
Peal of thunder , flash of lighting peal of thunder,-Danger

Theme Song:

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Suto Kodomoarashi
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