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 Kazuya Zenmetsu

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PostSubject: Kazuya Zenmetsu   Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:15 pm


Name: Kazuya Zenmetsu
Alias(s): None
Village: Konohagakure (Leaf)
Rank: Chuunin
Gender: Male
Age: 15

.::Physical Appearance::.

Eye Color: Deep Green
Hair Color & Style: Golden Blonde Spikey Short hair

Height: 5'5" Feet
Weight: 115 lbs.
Build: Slim, but relativly muscular
Skin-Tone: Tan

Tattoos & Body Art: He has a tattoed black flame on the left bicep
Scars: None
Piercings: None
Other distinguishing mark: None

.::Personal Info::.

Element: Futon (Wind), Suiton (Water)

Personality: Kazuya is strict concerning the rules

Family: One Father

Relationship with family: His father is strict

Occupation: Shinobi

Strengths: Taijutsu/Kenjutsu
Specialization: None
Weaknesses: Find out

The hospital interior was white, ground, walls, ceiling, all white. Inside a room, there was a woman screaming and a few people around her, and there was a Baby... The doctor told the nurse to hold the baby for a bit while as the father walked over her. The doctor gave him the scissors to cut the umbilical cord, but the man refused, unsheathing his katana from his back, he slashed off the cord. The nurse began to scream as she almost let the baby fall on the ground, she checked him over and noticed that the Jounin with the katana had cut the cord where he was supposed to. While everyone was taking care of the baby, the woman looked at her child and mumbled something as she began losing consciousness. The small group of three people and a baby turned to show off the baby to the mother. The doctor dashed to her and tried to wake her up, after a small amount of attempts, he sighed and mesured her pulse... He slowly looked toward Kazuya's father and said weakly, something that sounded like "s...ry". The jounin in the flak jacket stared at his wife's face and tears ran down his cheeks. He grabbed the cleaned baby from the nurse's hands and wrapped a green towel around him. " Kazuya... " he muttered, " ...that was the name she wanted to give him... ".

Kashimitsu Zenmetsu raised his son like any normal father, except that sometimes, he had to go on missions and had to leave him at home, alone.
At the age of six, Kazuya started to learn the base from his father: geography, history, the art of ninja's, the art of the Katana, the genealogic tree of the Zenmetsu clan. Kazuya didn't have friends except his own father. Not alot of kids were living in this part of Konoha. He lived on alone, rejected by the few kids around him. When Kazuya made ten, Kashimitsu sent him to the Ninja Academy of Konoha to learn more about that art Kazuya admired so much. He spent three years in the Academy before passing the exam and achieving the Lowest Ninja Rank, also known as Genin.


-Double Strike
-Chakra Infused Punch
-Chakra Infused Kick
-Chakra Infused Backhand
-Triple Strike
-Shadow Kunai
-Chakra Focus: Legs
-Combination 1



-Achieve Genin Rank
-Learn the art of the Katana from his father and learn to use it with a Ninja-To
-Achieve Chuunin Rank
-Achieve Special Jounin or Jounin Rank
-Join the ANBU of Konoha/ Become a Hunter Ninja
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Kazuya Zenmetsu
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