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 Emiko Ryuutie - Chuunin Neko Mist Shinobi(Dead)

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PostSubject: Emiko Ryuutie - Chuunin Neko Mist Shinobi(Dead)   Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:08 am

Name : Emiko Ryuutei
Hair : Black
Eyes : Black
Blood Type : O-
Cup Size(<.<) : 36C
Features : Cat Tail, Cat Ears, Sharp claw-like nails

In Character Death Reason :

RP : *Killed in Action she was found in fire country west propped against a tree with a hole in her chest as she bleed to death against the tree. I was said that she lasted 10 minutes before her heart finally gave out and she flatlined. Her outfit confirming that she was an Shinobi that aided the Missing Nin once it was investigated in she was thrown into the waters of the Mist Village and left to be devoured by the sharks... a true burrial for a traitor of their village. Her story is heard throughout the villages and used to correct the genin that begin to strife down the path she went and scare the genin with the graphic imaging of a shinobi being ripped apart peice by peice by a wild animal. Thus Emiko Died as a Traitor but caused a great shift in many of thoses who wished to step towards her path.*

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Emiko Ryuutie - Chuunin Neko Mist Shinobi(Dead)
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