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 Jaku Yowra Bio

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PostSubject: Jaku Yowra Bio   Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:12 pm

Name - Jaku Yowra
Sex - Male
Age - 16
Element - Unkown
Birthday - Unknown
Clan - Yowra
Village - Konohagakure (Leaf)
Rank - Academy student
*Physical Appearance *

Height - 6'1
Weight Class - Light
Hair Color - Light Blue
Hair Style - Jakus hair is curved and reaches his neck his eyes are also covered by his hair.

Eye Color - Brown

Skin Color - Pale

Other Features: His headband is located around his next and he also has a tattoo on his right cheek that is a symbol of a dragon surrounded by lightning.

*Personality *
Jaku, is usually a very polite person he is usually quite and reserved. He acts quite stupid though saying things randomly or answering a question witha wrong and usually stupid answer. A lot of people think that Jaku isn't the brightest among the bunch.

Jaku was born and raised in Konoha, when he was little he would train with his brother sparring and fighting with each other. When Jaku grew older his parents signed him for the academy. Jaku learned and made many new friends, training everyday he was excited to be close to graduating the academy. (Will add more as Jaku progresses Very Happy)
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Jaku Yowra Bio
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