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 Nagareboshi Hojo

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PostSubject: Nagareboshi Hojo   Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:44 pm

§ Character Sheet §



Nageraboshi Hojo
Hojo-Assistant, Auxiliary
Lord of Light and Illusion, Master of Air and Darkness
Clan Hojo
Lyrie Hojo (Mother)
Akira Hojo (Father)
Mira Hojo (Sister)
Lan Hojo (Brother)
Tailor, Noble
Fashion, Light, Reading, The Kokoro Toride, especially its Dojutsu abilities. Ninjutsu, Sparring
Rude people, Inelegance, Heated unnecessary violence
Master the Kokoro Toride
Master Hi Kata Jutsu
Unlock his full Potential as a Hi Kata User
Develop a Special Technique to make his Elders Proud
Naga is an unusual Hojo, he’s a carefree and happy guy. Hee has a nobles bearing when called for but maintains a laid back nature with his squad and friends. His love is ninjutsu and Kokoro Toride techniques. He enjoys his affinity for light in a myriad of ways, his eyes tend to range from light green to light amber/brown

The Code of the Hojo

Be the champion of the weak and the defenseless.
Be stern, unyielding and unswerving in your battles with evil.
Obey your masters with alert judgment and anticipation.
Serve the common good and the rule law established by honorable rulers.
Seek prowess and skill in all endeavors.
Stand ever alert against corruption.
Every failure of duty diminishes the Clan and every success adds to its luster.
Be ever mindful of the code, and use them in your actions to swiftly enact justice.


§ Shinobi Sheet §



Sunagakure no Sato



Hi Kata Ninjutsu
Kokoro Toride Dojutsu
Yang Style Techniques
Hijutsu of various forms

§ Appearance Sheet §



200 lbs
Platinum Blond/Silver, ranging from short and artfully spiked to long and thick
Smooth and slightly tanned
Tall, and well built, very toned and muscular
Standard assortment of Noble Garb
Several tattoos that present themselves according to levels of light.
Mercurial Eyes

§ Biography Sheet §



.:: Clan / Bloodline / Special History ::.

The Hojo clan are much like the Hyuuga clan of Konoha as their members are well known and possess a unique Dojutsu that has become the bane of many in the Shinobi world. They are masters of the rare Light (Yang) Affinity and have an artistic flare with a business mindset especially when it comes to tailoring. They also share unique family traits such as possessing silver or white hair, the reflective pupils which can change color depending on the environment or their mood, and their specialization in senbon throwing being the best in the world. Today there are many great Hojo members that house respected positions within Sunagakure's government, and they continue to serve as Sunagakure's beacon of hope, protection, and inspiration.

Name: Hojo Sora (deceased)
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light & ?
Other: Little is known of Lord Sora as his time was
many generations ago, even before the first great ninja war.
Within the clan, he was the first known to be able to properly
wield his affinity for light.

Name: Hojo Aoi (deceased)
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light, Water, Fire
Other: Yet another clansmen who's information
was lost due to the ravages of war and time, it
is said that Aoi possessed a unique style that allowed him
to use the formation of clouds in his jutsu.

Name: Hojo Kaede (deceased)
Status: Secondary Clan
Element(s): Light, Water, Earth
Other: Kaede is very much seen as the black sheep
in the clan line. He would eventually retire to a life
of hermitage in the cold woods of the north, remaining
there until the end of his days whilst studying something
he called rainbow chakra.

Name: Hojo Kaito (deceased)
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light, Water
Other: Kaito was a man typical of the clan.
He would often follow rules and tradition to the
letter and fulfill all that was expected of him. Kaito
is easily one of the most forgettable light users during
the Hojo's heyday in the Land of Rain.

Names: Hojo Hatake (left, deceased); Hojo Hayate (right, deceased)
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light, Lightning (left); Light, Wind (right)
Other: Infamously known as "The Twins", Hatake and Hayate
were born shortly after the first great ninja war. They
would eventually lead the Hojo clan's exodus from the Land
of Rain; Hatake would lead a small portion of the clan with
him to the Country of Fire and Hayate would bring the majority
of the family with him to the Country of Wind. A few clansmen
stayed behind in the Land of Rain, and have seemingly disappeared
due to the war-torn nature of the country.

Name: Hojo Yuuma (missing/deceased/?)
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light, Lightning
Other: Son of Hatake, Yuuma was recognized as
a genius. Unfortunately because of his background
and his clan name and the history therein, he resigned
himself to a secluded life just outside of Konohagakure
as he was repeatedly denied admittance into the Leaf's
ninja ranks. He, as well as the rest of the Hojo clan with
him, had seemingly disappeared without a trace soon after.

Name: Hojo Ren (deceased)
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light, Fire, Earth
Other: Father of Haruki and his many siblings, Ren
was often the comic in the groups he found himself
in. A sand nin of considerable talent, he would often
forgo his use of light jutsu in favor of his elemental
skills... one of which was the Fuji Eruption Technique
(the creation of a mound of earth and the release of
magma/lava and other gaseous and heated materials from within).

Young Yamato

Name: Hojo Yamato (Deceased)
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light, Earth, Wind
Other: Younger brother of Hayate, Yamato has
found his niche as the family's mentor and father
figure. The younger generations affectionately call
him Jiji (grandfather). Recently, he has been searching
in Konohagakure for his separated clansmen in an attempt
to reunify the group. He is the current patriarch and
head of the Clan.

Current Yamato

Name: Hojo Kurama
Status: Primary Clan
Element(s): Light, Fire, Lightning
Other: Current Head of the Hojo Clan, nicknamed
White Light, and also a prodigy within the Clan, contains
a Doukugan in his left eye socket.
.:: PAST ::.

Naga's mother was not born Hojo. Through deeds of her own and a fierce love of her husband she earned the right to undergo the High Heavens Plan. Nageroboshi is a first Generation Hojo. Child of his pure bloodline Father and Adopted Mother. Despite this has flourished in all aspects Hojo are meant to uphold, save one. He was extraordinarily slow in completing his academy education. Whether this was laziness on his part, a actual learning disability or something else has yet to be said.
.:: ACADEMY ::.

So far Naga's time in the academy is unremarkable, save perhaps the handsome man who goes by the name of Riku who occasionally gives him pointers and lessons.
.:: GENIN ::.

The air was cold. Midnight among the dunes of the Land of Wind. Many people though the desert was a constant oven. They never looked beyond the broiling heat in the day to realize the frozen kiss that caressed the night. The frigid wind was not what made Nagareboshi Hojo shiver. The night air was not responsible for the sobs of pain and the swirling sands were not the reason for the hood that adorned his face. No for some reason the young Noble was cursed. He did not know why, nor did he know how, he could only remember the day his life began to crumble.

Like many of his days since he graduated from the academy today was no different. The young Hojo woke in the bright cool silver white of his quarters within the compound. He went through his morning work out routine and took care of his needs. After showering he went to the gardens for the prerequisite meditation all the Hojo underwent.

The smooth routine of regulating his breathing and sinking into the white room filled with light that encompassed his inner sanctum was automatic for him now. He had been doing it for years and it should have been a moments notice to find his center. But for some reason today the calm slipped away from him. As much as he tried he could not focus. It was as though some voice were constantly whispering into his ear. Distracting him from the serenity he was attempting to grasp.

The silent tug of war dominated the time Naga set aside for meditation. It became such an issue that he eventually gave up his daily meditations to track down something to eat. He had spent a little more time struggling for balance and had missed the designated breakfast hour. The kitchens were quiet, the rare moment of peacefulness while the servants took their break and tended to their business before lunch would need to be started.

Naga did not realize how famished he was until he opened the pantry. His stomachs protests at its lack of attention briefly consumed his attention. It occurred to the young Hojo that he had not eaten for days. The pressing need to sate his hunger drove away the concern one would feel at such a revelation. His eyes roamed across several boxes, passed stored foods pickled vegetables, seasoned meat and past the ice box. The young Hojo roamed the kitchen for five minutes until he narrowed his craving down to a meat. It took another five minutes until he caught the scent of something unspeakably delicious.

Nagas warm silver eyes swept past the room and out the window. Something stirred in his chest and that strange whispery voice grew louder. It had been a nagging drone all morning, now it was a dull roar in his ears. It urged him to leave the kitchen, to walk away from the small enclosing box. It urged him to follow the tantalizing scent that beckoned to his very core. In a dazed trance Naga left the compound main and made his way to the small patch of land reserved for farm animals. Pets for the little ones who chose to relieve their days of mercantile arts and tailoring.

These things did not cross his mind. The only focus was that scent, the rumbling in his stomach. It was not long before he stood before his target. They were beautiful for what they were. Swans, pure white. One of the elders favored pets. Nagas eyes were a shade of steel grey tinted with gold. “What am I doing here..” The question seemed to ground him, tether his focus for a few sparse moments. He hadn’t expected an answer, let alone one within his own mind. Suffice it to say when a voice responded to his query he was rather shocked and more than a little afraid. [Your hungry, issssssn’t it obvioussss?] This time images accompanied the voice in his head [Look at it, sssso warm, alive, delicious’s, you know you want it..go on]. Naga’s body was already moving, accompanying the images the voice presented him. With a liquid grace he had not possessed before the day he slithered forward and snatched the nearest swan. It should not have been possible for him yet he did it. The hand that grasped the swan around the neck was not his hand It was bigger, thicker with gleaming white claws tapering off. Naga felt his mouth open. Unbidden by him as though he were watching a movie he felt his jaw unhinge and his teeth elongate. Had he been in control he would have surely cried out, protested or vomited. But he wasn’t in control.

Head first he swallowed the swan, he could feel it squirming as it went down his throat. He could feel it moving in his stomach. The young Hojo blanked out after that, his mind shut down to protect him against the horror he had committed.

When he awoke he was laying in the middle of the desert. Curled up and crying. He wondered why he’s there, or what happened to him. Home. The village was close. After he gathered his wits Naga crept back to the village. He was slow in going his body felt odd, different than usual. It was not until he reached the compound and crept into his room that he knew why. His appearance had drastically changed.. For a terrible moment his mind flashed back to the swan. The memory was quickly smothered under the newest terror. Stripping he studied himself in the mirror. At eighteen Naga was vain enough to appreciate his changes. He was taller. His skin was tanned and he was completely hairless save his head. His body had filled out. He was muscular and proportionally bigger than before in all aspects. It was not a bad change by itself.

What was unfortunate were his eyes. The beautiful mercurial eyes Hojo possess were different. They reflected his mood as normal but they were no longer smooth opals. They were reptilian, the thin slits expanded and contracted as light hit them. It was unnerving to watch after awhile. As soon as he began to consider what was wrong he felt an immediate wave of exhaustion. So strong he had no choice but to seek his bed. The young Noble vowed to investigate his change in the morning. That was the last thought before he passed out. He never thought it odd to be so tired after just awakening.
.:: CHUNIN ::.

[Insert Here]
.:: JOUNIN ::.

[Insert Here]

§ Battle Sheet §







[1] Light / [2] ??? / [3] ???

There the sun shines not, nor the moon and the stars, nor the lightning, let alone this earthly fire.
Only when illumining Light shines,
everything else shines;
the self-revealing Light illumines the entire universe.


Silver: Reflection, Mirror, Focused
Blue: Purity, Insight, Loss, Sadness, Pain
Green: Mischievous, Playful, Calculative
Violet: Hope, Embarrassment, Love
Amber/Browns: Happiness, Warmth, Joy
Yellow: Surprise, Shock
Red: Anger, Frustration
Black: Dark, Death, Rage, Hate

Light: Happiness, Laughter
Dark: Anger, Sorrow
Dull: Illness, Pain

[Medium Bloodline] + 10 CP

Totem Animal:

Each of the few Walkers who gain a second soul bears the symbol for their totem Animal the animal in question affects the Walkers abilities, natural demeanor, and habits. However they always hold a extremely advanced sense of wisdom that generally only age compensates for, this is believed to spring from the genetic memories of their other soul.

+ 2 to Dex rolls
Level 15+: +10 to spot and listen checks
Level 25+: +15 to spot and listen checks
Level 35+: +20 to spot and listen checks

Shifters Body

The Duel Soul people have a unique physiology. Their forms are constantly in a state of fluctuation because of their second soul. This makes healing and recovering far easier. If focused they can even regor limbs. In addition shifters can easily live 4x a normal lifespan, Some elders mark their five hundredth year.

PvP: + 3 HP Regen, Can sacrifice hp regen to remove a negative status effect

Kettou Kontan (Duel Soul)

The Duel Soul People house an additional soul within their body. The Soul is a tie to the natural and like nature they are a feral sort. They hold a unique and terrible entity that is little more than an animal. This bond constantly pulls the Kettou Kontan in two and they often spend their lives trying to find a balance between the beast and themselves.

PvP: - 1 DC / Resilience to Genjutsu or Mind Control Jutsus per Round.

Serpentine Form:

Nagareboshis Mother is a Walker, thus he is a descendant of the Two Soul People. While the power skipped her generation it manifested within Him. To Naga’s intense displeasure his Inner Beast is a Serpent. A snake that is every bit as sly and cunning as his kind are portrayed as. Though His Inner Beast has many good traits and qualities Naga refuses to acknowledge them at this time. Thus he only draws a little of the Souls Ability.

Crushing Coils:

Nagas Partial Shift has thousands of muscles like that of a real snake. He grows in size and density gaining power while maintaining his agility and flexibility.

PvP: User gains STR Damage Bonus when attacking with DEX.

[Light-Affinity] Hojo Automatically gain the Light Elemental Affinity. + 1 to Light Jutsu Rolls

[Hojo Discipline] Hojo are trained in Ninjutsu at a young age, capable of seeing various colors in the light spectrum, and are exceptionally skilled with their hands due to their craft as tailors.
Lvl 15+: + 1 Dex / Wis Modifiers.
Lvl 25+: + 1 Dex / Wis Modifiers.
Lvl 35+: + 2 Dex / Wis Modifiers.

Venom Sac:

Like any lethal serpent Naga contains venom sacs in his shifter form. The sacs secret an extremely lethal venom that’s corrosive on contact. The venom is classified as acid not poison.

PvP: Tai / Ken ATKs bypass 3 DR, for 3 CP apply Poison to Tai / Ken ATKs: 2 HP Poison DMG per round for 1d4 Rounds.
[Dojutsu: Kokoro Toride] Reflective eyes which are uncontrollable by the will of the Hojo. They work in similar function as "mood rings" capable of changing color to depict the Hojo's mood, and has an ability that activates unconsciously to visually reflect a Dojutsu and suppress it.
Lvl 15+: Wis Vs Wis, Delay the activation of a Dojutsu by 1 Round.
Lvl 25+: Wis + 1 Vs Wis, Cancel a Dojutsu Activation for 2d4 Rounds.
Lvl 35+: Wis + 2 Vs Wis, Cancel the activation of Dojutsu for the entirety of the battle. If failed User can attempt this ability as many times as needed, using up their round.

[Dojutsu Genjutsu: Twinkle]
Rank: N/A, (Academy Learned)
CP: 3
Description: User looks at a spot and creates an illusion, making the opponent see a twinkling star in their field of vision leaving a trail of sparking dust.
PvP: Wisdom Vs Wis / Int, Stun target for 1d4 Rounds or until Hit. Blockable / Dodgeable at - 4 to roll.

[Dojutsu Genjutsu: Light Dimension]
Rank: N/A
CP: 8
Description: User creates an illusion that the light level of the immediate area begins to lighten extremely fast, creating a blinding effect.
PvP: Wisdom Vs Wis / Int, Target suffers - 3 to rolls for 1d4+1 Rounds. Blockable / Dodgeable at - 4 to roll.

[Dojutsu Genjutsu: Eternal Darkness]
Rank: N/A
CP: 13
Description: User looks into the eyes of his opponent, creating an extremely bright light that triples in brightens as it reflects into both the hojo and the opponents eyes. This burns out the opponents optic lenses and natural eyesight.
PvP: Wisdom Vs Wis / Int, -3 to targets rolls for the rest of the match or until healed via Medical Ninjutsu. Blockable / Dodgeable at - 4 to roll.

[Dojutsu Genjutsu: Mirror Stars]
Rank: N/A
CP: 15
Description: The Hojo looks into the eyes of the opponent, by reflecting the image of light back to the opponent the hojo catches them in their genjutsu. When trapped, the victim finds themselves floating around the atmosphere, looking at the stars that send reflections of themselves. The mirrors sudden break as the target begins to float into them in several series, each hit burning the target's skin.
PvP: Wisdom Vs Wis / Int, Stun a target for 1d6+1 Rounds or until hit dealing 1d6 HP & CP damage per round. Blockable / Dodgeable at - 4 to roll.


[Upgraded Ninja Tool Bag]: 3 Kunai / 3 Shuriken / 9 Senbon / 2 Ninja Wire / 3 Explosive Tag / 2 smoke bomb / 1 Military Ration Pill

.:: Wins ::.
[ 1 ]
Naga (Genin) vs Hitaku Hyuuga (Genin)-I shut him down to soon, I was not able to see what he could do in full.
.:: Losses ::.
[ 4 ]
Kiyomi (Genin) vs Naga (Academy Student)-Shes out of my league, I cant wait until I can come back and really dance with her.
Kiyomi (Genin) vs Naga (Genin)-She's still far out of my league, I think I did worse this time than the last
Naga (Genin) vs Hitaku (Genin)-This time was really close, I need to figure out what to do about his taijutsu, it steals away my chakra
Naga (Genin) vs Shade Kazuhiko (Genin)-I couldn't do much against occurred to me for the first time. My Family is not well versed in combat.
.:: Ties ::.
[ 1 ]
Kiyomi (Genin) and Naga (Academy Student) vs Gin (Chunin)-We work well together, the chunin is as hard to take down as a tank, but I discovered a few things new.

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Token Cost List:

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Jutsu List:

Academy Jutsu:
Non Elemental Jutsu:


Yin Release:
Clan Hijutsu:
Hokousha Hijutsu:

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Nagareboshi Hojo
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