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 Abamatsu Techichina (Dead)

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PostSubject: Abamatsu Techichina (Dead)   Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:12 pm

Name: Abamatsu Techchina
Short Name: Matsu or Aba
Current Rank: Genin
Age: 16
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Status: Dead
Goal in Life:
Goal as a Shinobi:

About Abamatsu and his current story:

Abamatsu Techichina is son of Kursha and Zeninachi Technichina. Zeninachi was a normal chunin ninja, whilst Kursha was a normal citizen on the hidden leaf. There son, Abamatsu, At a young age, attended the academy to learn the ways of a ninja. Although it takes a while to learn, Abamatsu could get the job done in the end. At the age of 10, his father Zeninachi was killed by an unknown shinobi, on Kursha's birthday, possibly a missig nin, giving kursha an unfortunate birthday. At this stage, the spirit of Abamatsu went down and a slight depression of his father begun. 2 months after, his brother died in a mission, and his sister ran away.... He lived alone with his mother, and had no one to train him after school. After his fathers and brother's death, his efforts in the academy was terrible...

One year later...Kursha went out at night to meet a man that was supposly dating her, leaving Abamatsu to rest at home. As she left, Abamatsu was curious to whom she was meeting...As he kept in the shadows, Abamatsu witness' his mother stabbed and murdered by a mysterious shadowed guy, whom was very tall, around 7 foot. Abamatsu, filled with feared, fainted. The Next day, Abamatsu had know one to care for him, and wanted to get revenge, however he had no courage for revenge nor to be a shinobi...He dropped out on the academy.

With no hope for the last yew years, Abamatsu wanted to kill himself, until a letter arrived...From his father....: "To my son, I know this is weird but I have lived....I havent got much time but You must know i'm alive and I will tell you how and why in future....train and get strong and meet me when the time comes." - Zeninachi. Abamatsu's quest is to find and reunite with his father.

With courage, Abamatsu returns to the Academy, trains for a year and graduates...As he was in his final part of his trainning he met Shinji Takahara, who told him he had potentil, and thus was taken in, Abamatsu was Shinjis student. After being taught some training his relationship with his sensei grows, and he meets some new people along the way. Abamatsu applied for a squad, hoping to join Shinji's squad. After learning his first jutsu' and recently buying his new books, Abamatsu rest normally at the inn North of Konoha. One time, he was dragged out by a shrouded figure, which outside the figure tried to imprison abamatsu inside a rock prisonm, in which Matsu escapes and fights him, but was too weak to fight him...After he learnt his second jutsu, the foe appeared and fought him again. Able to execute his jutsu, Matsu tried his hardest but still unable to defeat this foe. After giving up, it was his Sensei Shinji, testing him to give up in battles he can't win, a lesson Abamatsu remembers.

2 Days later Abamatsu gets a letter from his Sensei Shinji: "We have a squad. You, Takeshi Hyuuga, and Aburame Hideaki". Now with comrades, Abamatsu's path goes forward again.

After extreme training, Abamatsu used weights on his legs and arms, in order to attain, strength...Without weights his speed multiplys, granting a new speed technique...Abamatsu Later that day met his two companions whom he's squading with, and there sensei Shinji was there to observe them. Shinji then teaches the new team 2 Jutsu's: Abamatsu and Hideaki a fire jutsu, and Takeshi's Hyuga abilities to a futhur level. As Hideaki tries the jutsu, he gives up after not doing the handseals, and futhurs his bugs training, whilst Abamatsu attempts and completes the fire jutsu in the end with exhaustion, and Takeshi Trains his abilities.

After been challenged to a 3 on 3 spar, the squad 2 team accepted, but during the battle Abamatsu did nothing, feeling useless and in the way whilest the other two fought there best. Upset, he gave up and ran away, hoping to train himself...However, he was caught and tooken back with his comrades...Abamatsu broke down the lcoekd door in which he was kept in, telling the chunin and nurse: "I must run away for awhile.....I Will train....And Will return......Promise...I Will ".

In his recent training he finds in a secret hideout of his family, scrolls of weapons that belonged to the family for emergancy, now in Abamatsu's possesion. He was in a 6 man misson, his first, too eliminate "infected" Rats at the coutnry of steel. The 6 man cell eliminated the rats, but then revealed to be a trapped by missign nins. The 6 fight the two missing nins, with Naku killing one. When the last one died by Abamatsu's Tongue of Flames jutsu, the nin exploded, caunig most of the team injuries, giving abamatsu serious injuries. Since this, a war has begun.

Finding Lellouch in the Sleeping Cats Inn, he was digusted to find him, who try to persuade the mist anbu that the Leaf were invading steel. He try to get him out of the Land of fire, but was defeated with Hideaki. Later on, Abamatsu found out his time was coming: The Techichina Sacrifice Curse, sometihng that happens as a family tradition to an uunlucky member of the family; If the Techichina member is weak, or couldn't compete a simple goal, he must die....Death awaited Abamatsu...Abamatsu knew though that his friend Okuni, a girl 2 years younger, whom they knew each other since childhood, is the perfect replacement if he dies, as she would take his place in Squad 2. He gives up his hopes and dreams...

Eventually, he was found by a Chunin dead with The Blade Syshy through his heart....

Jutsu List:

Fire Styles:

Rank E

-Katon: Burst of Fire Jutsu

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Cp: 1
Description: The User sends a head sized ball of blazing red chakra at the opponent, this is a hijutsu offered to all fire element academy students to learn in every village
Most students master this with great ease.
PvP Effect: 1d4

Rank D

-Katon: Burning Oil Jutsu
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The user forms a serie of seals after which he/she shoots out an oily substance, which ignites as soon as it touches anything but air. The oild sticks to the ground or target.
PvP Effect: Deals 1d4 damage for 1d4+1 rounds to a target, the Target may spend one round Stop Drop, and Rolling to put out the flames

-Katon: Tongue of Flame Jutsu

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The user forms the needed seals after which he exhales and spews forth a small amount of fire.
PvP Effect: 1d10
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Abamatsu Techichina (Dead)
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