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 Tetsuo Ryuutei

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PostSubject: Tetsuo Ryuutei   Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:04 pm

(that´s more like it ^^)

Name: Tetsuo Ryuutei
Village:Kirigakure (Mist)
Actual lvl in NWN: 40
Rank: Jounin (S-Rank)
Element: Earth/Water
Nindo: "Balance at all costs. Harmony is worth more than anyone´s lives"
Job: Seven Swordsmen

3 Shuriken, 3 Kunai, 2 Explosive Tags, 2 Ninja Wire, 1 Caltrops

Ryuutei Abilities:

+2 STR rolls, +2 vs Genjutsu
LvL 35+: +15 HP

Dragon's Wrath
3 cp, 2 cp per round to maintain
LvL 35+: +1d8 Tai/Ken dmg

Awakening the Best
3 cp, rolls initiative/escape with STR + 3

STR damage bonus: +6
CON DR: 5/-
WIS extra chakra pool: +12

Special - has an implanted Kokoro Toride in his left eye socket.

Rules for the implanted Kokoro Toride:
You recieve: +3 to Cancel enemy dojutsu (Already has wis bonus)
You recieve: +1 to attack (Already has wis bonus)
You recieve: +2 to defense (Already has wis bonus)
You recieve: +1 to wis

The upkeep is 2cp/round when it's uncovered

Canceling Dojutsu: A WIS vs WIS roll is made upon the opponents activation. If successful, the dojutsu is canceled for the rest of the fight. If failed, the user may use a turn at any time to try to force it to work. This may be done as many times as the user wants, using a turn up each time.

Known Ninjutsu:
E Rank:
-Academy Jutsus
-Water Substitution (water)
- Earth Substitution (Earth)
- Water sprittle (water) - 1d4 dmg, -10 to spot
- Balancing exercise (water) - -2 cp and +1 vs DC to learn new jutsu. Lasts for 1 attempt.

- Meditative Exercise (earth) - -2 cp and +1 vs DX to learn new jutsu. Lasts for 1 attempt.

D Rank:
-Attacking Plants (Earth) - The ground trembles bursting out it's inside roots towards one enemy, 1d10 damage
-Earth Release (Earth) - Forms boulders and rocks for the user to perform D and E rank jutsu with them.
-Exploding Earth Jutsu (Earth) - shoots from the user's mouth a rock with the firepower of an M80, 1d10 damage

-Whip Of Water Jutsu (Water) - creates a whip made of water that can be used as a weapon with no penalties.
-Aqua Veil (Water) - defensive jutsu, -2 dmg from attack either with pass or fail.
-Water Spear (water) - fires a pressurized water stream, 1d8 dmg + 2 CP dmg

- Earth Screen (earth) - lifts a block of soil to protect from attacks. Used to block, if fail -1d4/2 from dmg.
-Wall of mud (earth) - Lifts up a wall of dirt to block an attack. Does 1 dmg.

C Rank:
-Sinkhole Jutsu (Earth) - opens a 8 feet cavity beneath the target, making he get quite a fall, 2d8 damage
-Water Tornado Jutsu (Water) - Creates a water tornado that can be used offensively or defensively, being able to block taijutsu with 1d8 damage or to attack causing 1d8+2d4 damage.
-Water Prison Jutsu (Water) - Imprisons target in a globe of water for 1d6 rounds.
-Pond basin (water) - creates water source from the user's mouth to perform C and D rank water jutsus for 1d4 rounds
-Dark Clouds (water) - A sticky rain falls down on target that can be ignited for 2d8 dmg or can slick the battlefield, the target must do a DEX check vs the user's WIS check to not fall down and be inactive for 1 round
-Great Exploding Current (Water) - forms anmassive current of water that causes 2d8 dmg (unblockable). Must be in massive water source (lake, sea shore...)
-Sticky Rain (Water) - forms a heavy rain that gives -2 to dodge, up to 1d4 targets.
-Water reflection Jutsu (Water) - Creates a shield of water that gives the user +2 to defend against ninjutsu rolls.

-Castle Walls (earth) - Lifts a wall of rock from the ground big enough to protect an entire group, block and -1d4 to AoE from dmg if fails.
-Cracked Tile - Creates cracks on the earth that would signal a target's location. Spot vs Set Trap,-1 to dex rolls and counters Sneak Attacks. Lasts for 1d6 Rounds.
-Armor of Stone (earth) - covers the user's body with stone and rubble to protect from attacks, adds 2 DR for 1d6+1 rounds, -2 DEX.
-Underground Projection Fish - sinks the user's body underground, going hidden automatically. Lasts for 1d6 rounds,, if the user does a sneak attack while underground, it's MS +10 vs Listen.
-Inner Decapitation (earth) - Once underground (like under effect of the underground projection fish jutsu), the user would pull the legs of the target in, sinking him down up to it's neck. Immobilizes target for 1d6 rounds or until hit.

B Rank:
-Stone Petrify Jutsu (Earth) - petrify's the opponent, "stunning" them for 1d6 rounds. Unblockable.
Stone Petrify Counter (Earth) - counters stone petrify jutsu, turning the stone to dust.

-Water Dragon Jutsu (Water) - creates a dragon projectile made of water to crash at the target. 3d8+1d10 damage.
-Hidden Mist Ninpou (Water, Kirigakure) - 8 cp + 4 cp per round to maintain. Creates a thick mist that blocks all sight, doesn't need water around.
1. Before any attack is made you must first find your oponent. (Listen)
2. After you have found your oponent you roll MS to attack.
3. If the MS check fails you then roll your normal attack roll. (dex str wis)
4. Once a Genjutsu user passes their Listen roll they then roll INT. (No MS roll)
5. Doujutsu work at a -3 in the Mist.
Special: Byukagun can see through the mist.
Special: Inuzuka may roll a concentration in the stead of a listen check for there smell.
Special: This jutsu has a cool down of one round after it has dissipated due to excess use of chakra to fill the area with mist.
Special: Any B Rank or higher Wind Jutsu will automatically disperse the Mist. (Unless the Mist user rolls a higher Wisdom)
-Water Defensive Wall (water) - Creates a thick wall of water that helps him defend, giving +3 against Ninjutsu.

-Iron Fortress (Earth) -Blocks AoE, +2 to roll.
-Earth Barrier- Creates an earth barrier that the user can't attack or be attacked unless the roll of the one performing the action beats the roll of the creation of the barrier.

A Rank:
-Whirlpool of Mayhem (Water) - Must be in a great source of water. After a long series of handseals, the water in contact of the user turns the source into a massive whirlpool controlled by the user's will. +2 to the user's rolls and -2 to the target's rolls, lasts 1d6 rounds. (AoE)
-Greater armor of Stone (earth) - Molds a dragon armor made of stone from the ground. Adds 6 DR for 3d4+1, -4 DEX rolls.

S Rank:
-Ancient Tsunami (Water) - Infuses a massive source of water to cause a tidal wave, directing it to destroy the area. AoE, Undodgeable (user must roll defense against own attack or hit). 3d8+2d10 Water damage.
-Titan Armor (Earth) - molds a giant 20 ft tall suit of armor controlled by the user's chakra. Gains 6 DR, attacks with WIS and gains +2d8 dmg to unnarmed strikes. Lasts 1d4+1 rounds and cannot be ended early.

Known Taijutsu/Kenjutsu:

E rank:
-Ryuutei unarmed and two-handed sword skills

D rank:
-Chakra imbue ( punch/kick/backhand )- 3cp. Flows chakra to his fists for a more powerful strike, adds an extra 1d4 damage
-Double Strike (unarmed)- 5 cp. performs two swifts hits at the same time, +1d6 dmg.
-Water Spiral Defense (water)- creates a thin layer of water on the users body that increases his risposte, +1d4 rank dmg or 1 dmg if used to block
-Twin Slash(Kenjutsu)- 3cp, +1d6 dmg.
-Flickering Slash(Kenjutsu)- 3cp, +1d4 dmg, -1 to target's DEF/Counter roll.

C Rank:
-Sunder Armor(Kirigakure Kenjutsu)- 5cp, +1d4 dmg, lowers 1d4 DR for1d4 rounds
-Arch-Parry(Kenjutsu)- 5cp, +2 to Block, -2 to attackers DEF for 1 round if sucessful.
-Flickering Defense(Kenjutsu)- 5cp,+2 to Block against TAI/KEN
-Disarming Strike(Kenjutsu)- 5cp, no dmg, target rolls STR/DEX to resist. Disarms the opponent for 1d4 rounds, reclaim weapon is a free action.
-Offensive Stance(Kenjutsu)- 5cp+1 to maintain, +2 ATK and DMG to kenjutsu, -2 DEF.
-Defensive Stance(Kenjutsu)- 5cp+1 to maintain, +2 DEF and DR to kenjutsu, -2 ATK.
-Counter Stance(Kenjutsu)- 5cp+1 to maintain, +2 Countering, -2 DEF, -2 to target's next move if counter is sucessful.
-Chakra Focus: Legs - 5cp, +1d4 DEX mod for 1d4 rounds.
-Chakra Focus: Arms - 5cp, +1d4 STR mod for 1d4 rounds.
-Chakra Focus: Ears - 5cp+1d10 to Listen for 1d8 rounds.
-Chakra Focus: Skin - 5cp, +1d4 CON mod for 1d4 rounds.
-Chakra Focus: Hands - 5cp, +1d4 WIS mod for 1d4 rounds.
-Chakra Focus: Mind - 5cp, +1d4 INT mod for 1d4 rounds.
- Body Flicker - Allows user to move at incredible speeds.
-Triple Strike (unarmed) - 8 cp. Does a fierce combination of three strikes. +2d6 dmg

B Rank:
-Boomerang Throw(Kirigakure Kenjutsu)- 8cp, rolls twice for attack. Crits counted seperatedly, STR dmg bonus only for the first roll.
-Risposte(Kenjutsu)- 8cp, used as a free action after a sucessful block, deals 2d6 dmg to attacker (no dmg bonus applied)
-Severe Laceration(Kenjutsu)- 8cp, +1d4 dmg that bypasses DR for 1d4+1 rounds or until healed.
-Diamond Cutter(Kenjutsu)- 8 cp, -2 to hit, +1d4 dmg for 1d6 rounds for bleeding.
-Combination 1 (unarmed) - 11 cp. A rapid but powerful 4 hits combination, +3d4 dmg
- Kage Bunshin no Jutsu- 6 cp per clone 2 cp per round for each clone. Creates up to 3 real solid clones.
-Special Chakra Focus: Arms - +1d6 STR mod for 1d4 rounds.
-Special Chakra Focus: Legs - +1d6 DEX mod for 1d4 rounds.
-Special Chakra Focus: Hands - +1d6 WIS mod for 1d4 rounds.

A Rank:
-Mirrored Edge(Kenjutsu) - 13cp, -3 to hit, +3d6 dmg.
-Ten to chi no Kogeki (Heaven and Earth Slash) (kenjutsu) - 15 cp. AoE. Gathering an monstrous and unbalanced amount of chakra to his blade, he performs a powerful and destructive point-blank swing that divides the earth. +1d10 kenjutsu dmg.
-Combination 2 (unarmed) -13 cp. A crushing series of 5 blows, +3d6 dmg
-Combination 3 (unarmed) - 16 cp. Tetsuo's most fierce combination, he is rarely seen performing it. +1d8+4d4 dmg.

Known Genjutsu: -

Known Clan Jutsu
[Dragon Rejuvenescence]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8
Description: The user manipulates its wild chakra to create an temporary balance, allowing himself to remain with it as long as possible. It takes form as a blue chakra dragon that flies around the user, containing it's chakra loss.
PvP: Duration 1d4+1 Rounds, 0 Maintenance Cost for "Ryuu no Gekido - Dragon's Wrath".

[Greater Dragon Rejuvenescence]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 15
Description: An improved version of Dragon Rejuvenescence jutsu, with the difference of being able to restore his body and chakra in the process. The chakra molded dragon doesn't just holds the user chakra, yet it slowly recovers it and some of his wounds.
PvP: Duration 1d6+1 Rounds, User regenerates 1d4 HP / CP per round. Cooldown 3 Rounds after Duration ends.

[Chakra Wall]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Cpt: 13
Description: The user would mold the chakra enveloping his body in form of tattoos or blue flames and spawns it out of his body, creating a protective shell that makes the user resistant to many attacks, with the cost of having the violent form of the chakra harming his body instead.
PvP: User gains 8 DR but suffers 1d8 HP Internal DMG per Round. Duration 1d6+1 Rounds.

[Flying Dragon Jutsu]
Jutsu type: Taijutsu
Rank: -
Cp: -
Description: The user gets able to move at a blinding speed
PvP: "Flicker Jutsu" effect.

[Twilight Dragon Slash]
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5 / + 2 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: This move consists on the user striking the enemy once with his weapon, and instantly using his Flying Dragon Jutsu to immediately moving towards a spot with an open guard due the first hit and performs a second strike as the target can't even realize what happened. Very similar to Two Slashes One Strike move, but more direct and powerful, since it's other effect is to confuse the target.
PvP: Weapon DMG + 1d4 DMG + (- 1) DEF for 1 Round..

[Twin Twilight Dragon Slash]
Jutsu type: Kenjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 8 / + 3 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: Similar to Twilight Dragon Slash, only the the user uses the Flying Dragon Jutsu more than once as if many attackers went to it's target, swinging more devastating strikes that breaks entirely through the enemy's defense.
PvP: Weapon DMG + 2d4 DMG + (- 2) DEF for 1 Round

[Twilight Dragon Storm]
Jutsu type: Kenjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 13 / + 4 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: Similar to the other Twilight Dragon attacks, the user masters the use of the Flying Dragon Jutsu so perfectly that it sends countless attacks to a limited number of enemies, and does not stop striking until their bodies hit the ground.
PvP: ATK up to 3 Targets, Weapn DMG + 2d6 damage + (- 3) DEF for 1 Round.

[The Dragon God Slash]
Jutsu type: Kenjutsu
Rank: S+
Cp: 25 / + 5 Cp (Dual-Wielding)
Description: The user concentrates all of his Ryuutei chakra into this one blow. As he strikes, all of the chakra takes an huge blue dragon form as he thrusts at the target together with him. This jutsu has an enormous destructive power, but it was forbidden due to the effects on the user. Besides harming his body as well, it unbalances the flow of the chakra, having the chance of the user enter in a uncontrollable frenzy as the chakra flames surrounding his body turn red.
PvP: Weapon DMG + 5d6 DMG + Special: (Roll 1d20)
20 = Blood frenzy, you get another turn.
16-19 = Nothing happends.
10-15 = This jutsu removes the target from his rage leaving him in a normal state you cannot re-enter rage for 1d4 rounds.
2-9 = 1d20 internal damage to yourself
1 = DC 22 Con or KO

[Dragon Spirit Jutsu]
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3
Description: The user of this jutsu triggers his inner hostility to the maximum, giving up his reflexes and defenses for more effetive strikes.
PvP: + 1 ATK / - 1 DEF for 1d4-1 (Min. 1) Rounds.

[Dragon Sacrifice]
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: In extremely emergencies cases, this jutsu is used to support the user on very dangerous situations. It consists on drawing his life energy to support his chakra, and vice-versa. This is the most basic Ryuutei Jutsu, that all members used to learn once they chakra was awakened.
PvP: User can transfer 2d6 of their HP to CP and vice-versa. Cooldown 3 Rounds.

Beware the wrath of a patient adversary.
John C. Calhoun

Physical Description: Tall man around his 20´s, with an ever uncaring cold glare in his blue eye. His left eye is covered by a leather eyepatch, his Mist headband right around his forehead. A small pouch carrying his ninja tolls attached to his belt, black gloves and used up clothes, seeming more a samurai than a ninja. On his belt an extremely long nodachi wich he never separates himself from. In his pocket, a pack of cigarettes. In the middle of his face crossing his forehead there are 2 big scars crossing his face forming an "X" , although most of it is now hidden behind the headband. He does not ever sound friendly to anyone, and his expressions show always his short temper and apathy. He also seems to be constantly drunk.

Short Bio: Lost his parents during one of the many civil wars at the Hidden Mist Village, he never learned how to make friends or having much of a social life, and as time passedd by, he stopped caring. Raising himself, he devoted himself entirely to his sword and ninja training, spending most of his life just answering to his instructors and nothing more, living completely alone. There was always something deep beneath his guts that always arose during battle and training, fighting like a wild beast, injuring severely his cldarnmates during training oftenly. His cold ways always suddenly changing to a wild berserker made him someone hard to live with, but he knows how to control himself when necessary, for the sake of his darnignements.
One mistery about him is the "X" formed scar on his face. No one at the Hidden Mist Academy haves a clue about how he got it, and he never answers when asked...

Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad

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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei   Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:49 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei   Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei   Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:04 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei   Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:16 pm

The Dragon Spirit: Prologue

It rained harshly in the islands near Water Country. Climbing up the stairs leading to a small abandoned temple, with his cigarette on his lips and his steel blade in his hand, Tetsuo feels the back of his neck tingle as he´d find that silence too disturbing. After following the trail that led him to that place for months, he began to wonder if that pursuit would end up in a waste of time. But he had little choice. Following that trail was perhaps the only meaning to his existence, the reason he accepted the offer to be a mist nin once again only so he could find that trail. And that was the exact reason of why he seemed so upset. It looked like that the trail led only to some ruins. He sensed no source of chakra anywhere besides from the animals and plants surrounding the old temple.

He finally reached the top of the stairs and stared at the temple with disdain, his hopes already fading away as He looked around, walking towards the Gates and expecting to find another clue that would lend to another and another...His search for surviving Brothers of Fury began ever since two of his students turned out to be Ryuutei as well. Investigating their background, He guessed that the investigation could tell him of the Brothers of Fury location, but for 2 months of searching all He found was the old temple. And thinking about how his superiors would react in Mist when He comes back after so long without leaving any notice would only make his headache a lot worse.

The doors of the old temple were so old it´d seem that it´d crumble to Tetsuo´s grasp. The inside of the old temple was humid and dark, so dark that he couldn´t see an inch far from his nose. But his hopes were once again reborn once he smelled the scent of blood and some inflamable oil in the room. Using his lighter, he got a better view at the floor spotting the blood stains. As he feels it´s texture, it would seem it was a day´s old. A small trail ran along the hall, so Tetsuo stepped into the darkness following the bloody trail, until he stepped into what seemed to be the corpse of a beautiful woman. A heavy and long No-Dachi seemed to pin her against the wall, not the prettyest way to die. But the shock only came later, once he got close enough.

Tetsuo dropped his lighter to the ground, and the oil would Begin to burn almost instantly. The fire spreads wildly all across the hall, lighting the darkness brightly. Tetsuo was static, gazing at the corpse, once he realized that it was Kitsune, his long lost sister that joined the Brothers of Fury, that was pinned against the wall like a trophy. In the wall in big kanji hideograms, lyed the message written with the blood of the one once known as the Cherry Blossom Dragon. “Kohakunushi must die”, said the dreadful message.

Tetsuo held his dead sister close, not being able to say a Word. He amazed himself of how He could still smell her sweet perfume of cherry blossoms among all that smoke and oil. Not being able to hold it anymore, He lets out a roar that alone could crumble the temple, his dragon chakra exploding from his throat as growls to the Sky.

As the temple was about to collapse. Tetsuo let go of the beautiful dead girl, and noticed that the sword that cleaves her ribs is nothing his own, the old Dragon Breath, lost during his time as a rogue. Tetsuo took the sword from Kitsune and rested her corpse on her shoulder, gently lying her down. He found an old rugged piece of cloth and covered her face with it, before leaving the temple and letting the flames consume her remains. Tetsuo walked out with a grim look in his eyes, like something inside him died to give birth to something horrible and dark. He´d be certain there would be blood.

But the rage in his heart blinded him from the cherry trees blossoming all around the old temple, as the wind swooped the petals towards the moon.

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B rank: Purple Chakra Flames
Jutsu type: Ninjutsu
CP cost: 8
RP: Molds the user's own blood with the purple flames of Ryuutei to make a chemical compound that reacts whenever the user's mind get affected by genjutsu.
PvP: Grants paralysis and stun from any genjutsu for 1d6+1 rounds, does 1d6 internal damage to self anytime a genjutsu hits

A Rank: Ten to Chi no Kogeki (Heaven & Earth Slash)
Jutsu type: Kenjutsu
CP Cost: 15
RP: Focusing a great deal a chakra to his blade, the user swings a wide and destructive wave of chakra from his/her weapon, spreading around the area ahead.
PvP: AoE, +1d10 kenjutsu dmg.


The Dragon God Breath (Ryuu no Iki ga Kami)
A millenar sword that existed thru ages as a sacred sword for the Ryuutei clan. Went missing after the clan got destroyed. It is made by an unknown material that never breaks or flints, never loses it's edge and may even cut thru thin air to disform it. A truly fearsome weapon.

+1d6 damage
+2 Weapon Rolls
Special: Can block fire, wind and light unblockable jutsus by slashing the air and creating a vacuum line that deflects the direction or nulls completely the effects of those elements ( 3 cp )
Token Cost: 100


Ryuutei's Kohakunushi Incarnation

For centuries, the Mist village has been trying to find out what was the source of the unatural chakra of the Ryuutei clan dwellers. AFter several years of research since the fall of the Ryuutei, remembered by the title of the Dragon Massacre, it has been found finally the ultimate secret of those berserkers: the spirit of a dragon. Even though these creatures only exist in myths, it has been found that these creatures are indeed real, the safeguards of the path between nature and mankind. There is only one dragon that has actually been found by the Kirigakure's scanners, and the special thing about the Ryuutei is the spiritual link that every male of the clan shares with the creature. But no one ever managed to get in contact with the actual dragon, called Kohakunushi, except by the clan founder, hundreds of years ago. According to the research, if anyone managed to bring that link to the material world, he would gain unbelievable powers that would match even the strongest bloodlines. However, all tests lead to extreme failures and multiple deaths. It seems that only those directly related to the Clan Founder can awaken those powers, and not only that, it seems that only by giving up his material existance the user may awaken the true power of summoning Kohakunushi into his soul. In other words, the closer the user gets to dieing, the more power he can absorb from the spiritual dragon. It is a risky power, for those who don't fear death.

Innate Abilities:
The abilities of this exclusive power are not triggered by cp costs, but at how many damage the user takes in combat. Each time the user becomes closer to death he gets stronger, noticeable by the changes in his appearance. The more harm his body finds itself in, the more power the user gets, like shows at the following:

Damage activation:
LvL 15-25:
(stage1)25 total dmg suffered- +1 Rolls, 1d8 damage becomes 1d10. The flames suddenly d isperse, giving the impression the Ryuutei chakra has been sealed off, but the eyes still glow an unnatural blue.
LvL 25-35:
(stage2)50 total dmg suffered- +1 Rolls, Aditional +1 vs Genjutsu. The user´s body heats up, although there are still no visable flames to the blind eye. His right arm turns into a dragon´s arm, with blue scales and acnient markings across it.
(stage3)Down to 10 hp left- +2 rolls, additional +2 vs Genjutsu, 18-20 crit range. The user becomes the avatar of Kohakunushi itself, gaining it´s personality. Horns and talons take place of his body parts as he turns into a blue draconic humanoid.

Special Jutsus:

There's a special rule to execute the bloodline's jutsus. It is based on wich stage of the bloodline is active. All offensive jutsus, including the ninjutsu ones, gains the Ryuutei damage bonus like it is a Tai/Ken jutsu.
Stage 1: execute D & C rank bloodline Jutsu
Stage 2: " " B & A
Stage 3: " " S, S+

D Rank:

Jutsu: Spirit Dragon Palm
CP cost: 3
RP Effect:: summons a blue firey chakra palm that blocks out any attack
PVP Effect: +1 to defense roll against ninjutsu, deals 1d4 damage to taijutsu/kenjutsu attackers

Jutsu: Spirit Wings
CP cost: 4+2 to mantain
RP Effect: Molds wings at the back of the user made of pure flaming chakra.
PvP Effect: User gains ability to fly. Grants +2 to Escape rolls

C Rank
Jutsu: Spirit Flames
CP cost: 5+1 to maintain (8 cp + 2 Dual Wielding)
RP Effect: The Ryuutei focus the chakra flames on the weapon he's wielding, giving it a more destructive power
PvP Effect: +1 to Kenjutsu rolls and the weapon bypasses 2 DR for 1d4 rounds.

B Rank Jutsu:

Chakra Dragon Palm Attack
CP cost: 8
RP effect: The blue palm reaches to strike at the target, either following the user's movements or attacking only by his will followed by a powerful explosion.
PvP Effect: if it's used combined to a regular taijutsu move, it deals rank damage+2d8. If combined with kenjutsu , it deals weapon damage+1d10 damage. If used as a ninjutsu move, it deals 3d8 damage AoE. In case of crit, it stuns the target for 1 round.

A Rank Jutsu:

Jutsu: Dragon God Explosion
CP cost: 15
RP Effect: Summons a blue chakra dragon that explodes at target.
PvP: Unblockable, 5d8 dmg.

Jutsu: Red Sword of Doom
CP Cost: 12+3 to mantain (can't be used in dual wielding)
Rp effect: Like the Spirit Flames jutsu, it imbues the sword with the chakra flames, only that those flames burn red and obliterates anything in it's path.
PVP effect: +3 to Kenjutsu rolls and bypasses 5 DR, if user tries to block using the sword it deals the Ryuutei damage bonus to user (1d10 at this stage), ignoring all DR. Lasts for 1d4+2 rounds.

S Rank Jutsu

Jutsu: Dragon Mirror Breath
CP cost: 25
Rp Effect: Summons the spirit dragon that breaths an intense blue fire on all targets, the breath is more powerful depending on how much damage has been dealt to the user.
PvP: Unblockable, Deals half the damage dealt to the user so far (Max. 50).

S+ Rank Jutsu

Jutsu: Spiritual Vendeta
CP cost: 20
RP Effect: the ultimate breath of the Ryuutei is a very dangerous one. As it is about to have his life ended, the spirit dragon kohakunushi itself is spawned from the Ryuutei's corpse, and it glares at the attacker, draining it's soul. Then it flies back to the spiritual world, carrying both the attacker's and the Ryuutei's soul to the other side.
PVP Effect: Triggers automatically after user reaaches 0 CP or HP, deals 4d20 CP damage with a +5 bonus to hit. Afterwards, the user is killed (perma'd)

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PostSubject: Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei   Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:49 pm

Custom Weapon: 100
Clan : 70
Lvl 25 to 40: 150
STR mod (26-48 BASE): 170
CON mod (19-36 BASE): 300
WIS mod (15-44 BASE): 380
Custom Jutsu (Purple Chakra Flames): 35
Custom Jutsu (Heaven and Earth Slash) :30
Dragon Incarnation (innate) -125 tokens

Total: 1360

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ultra update
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Job update
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The Legend of Kohakunushi the Gatekeeper

Ancient scroll painting of Kohakunushi, dated from 300 years ago.

-This report was taken from the mist ANBU that searched the clan's mansion in the night of the slaughter. Only the Mizukage has acess to it and no one else.-

According to the ancient scrolls of the Ryuutei, the secret to the clan's source of power is the Great Dragon God, that lives within each Ryuutei member as a wide common spirit. There is no proof that there is any truth to any of this, but all Ryuutei understands it once their chakra rage is awakened. The story of Kohakunushi dates from many centuries ago, when there were no shinobi villages or clans, the entity that controlled the spiritual balance of all living things was a great spirit known only as Kohakunushi, or simply "the fiery lizard" in the days of old. It was said that the Great Dragon was the one who opened and closed the gateway to the afterlife, chanelling all spirits and souls that left this existence and came from another one to reincarnate.

But once the humans came to this world, the balance began to subtly change, As centuries passed, these humans mastered the chakra and it´s ability to empower their spirit beyond thinkable limits. And when these humans began creating societys and villages of strong spiritual beings known as "shinobi", their numbers were sarting to grow so much that the old balance began to crumble. The high spiritual density that the humans developed together with their increasing numbers would doom this world to an spiritual breakdown. And even if that was not enough, the human wars surely would.

The Spirit Gate

That irritated Kohakunushi beyond his limits. Trying to restore the balance, he saw no choice but to meet an human and using his powers as the Gatekeeper to the Spirit World, and that human was none other but Teuchi, the Ryuutei clan founder. Blessed by the dragon's power, Teuchi would actually become something like a spiritual "escape valve" that would burn out the surplus of the chakra flow in the world, that being the real origin of the Ryuutei chakra. The way that Kohakunushi decided for the "valve" to be opened was simple; he saw the most common feeling that he felt in the human heart. Hatred. So using the very same human feeling that would destroy this world, he would attempt to heal it. With time, as the seed of Teuchi passed on and the Ryuutei clan grew, seemed that the existence would be saved as long as the Ryuutei lived on and fought fiercely all those that cause unbalance to this

But his cure had a price. The great dragon had to give up part of his own existence, living as an common spirit to all Ryuutei, living inside the very soul of those he chose. He cannot intrude in wordly affairs no longer, only watch his human "children" closely and hope they remember their purpuse while he still stands in the Spirit World, keeping the Gate. So the Ryuutei serve him in prayer and meditation, and must learn to control his wrath into a balanced state of mind. Quite a paradox, I might say

These are the informations that could be taken from the lost Ryuutei scrolls. Of course it´s only a legend, but if these informations really are true, there is much that can be learned about the very origin of our spirits if the Ryuutei member's are subjected to research. It also tells us that the power of the Ryuutei depends on the lack of harmony in the world. So only when the humans cease to exist , these men chose by Kohakunushi shall have fulfilled it´s role?
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update again! Very Happy
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"And that's how, with a single move of his sword, Tetsuo-sama overpowered 5 Sunagakure shinobis", said the old councelor to the group of children, standing in front of 8 foot tall statue of the legendary swordfighter. The young ones couldn't take their eyes off the statue, in a mixture of fear and admiration. Under the statue, rested his remains, said to be rested together with that equally legendary sword that never rusts or loses it's sharp edge, the Dragon God's Breath. They grew up listening to the stories of this man like he was more than just that. Tetsuo, 100 years later, was nothing less than a hero, the man who saved the Ryuutei from the darkness of oblivion.

"Is it true that he was Kohakunushi's son?", asked one of the children. Chuckling, the old man shook his head as he replied. "Well, who knows...but it is true that he was truly blessed by our Dragon God". The old man turned to face the powerful statue, standing beside many other clan leaders, including Teuchi. "Perhaps no one but Kohakunushi's son himself could rebuild our clan and make it as it is now...100 years ago, all Ryuutei would be scattered around the land, living amongst common bandits and rufians...most wouldn't even know they were Ryuutei...but he managed to Gather the Brotherhood of Fury and hunt for lost heirs of Kohakunushi's power". Then turning to face the children, his eyes sparkling with pure pride, he'd shout gracefully. "You all owe your lives to this man. Make him proud by turning yourselves into powerful Dragon Fighters!".

The children replied with a strong, loud " yes" to the old man, as they ran off back to their kendo classes, all fired-up and screaming old songs about their hero that rested underground. All children but one, that stood glancing up to the bronze statue in a trance. The old man glared at him curiously, but when he'd ask why wouldn't he go with his classmates to their instructions, a single thought would freeze his body. He thoought about those children and their own dreams of greatness. He saw in their eyes, they all wanted to be heroes, Like Teuchi and Tetsuo. But the hard truth was that many of them would die trying. But that one child had something special, something more in his sparkling eyes as he gazed at the statue. The old man simply knew at that moment, that even though heroes die eventually, their legacy is carried on. And always will be, to the end of times.
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Tetsuo Ryuutei
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