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 Hiromasa Kaguya

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PostSubject: Hiromasa Kaguya   Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:49 pm

Name: Hiromasa
Last Name: Kaguya
Age: 16
Height: 5'8
Weight: 155
Body build: Lithe
Eye colour: Deep Brown
Hair colour: Black
Skin colour: White
Village: Ex-Mist
Personality and slight background: Serious and a bit cocky, he strides on to forge his own path. His parents both having died in the war, he leaves mist behind, and starts a new chapter in his own story.
Rank: Missing
Bloodline: Dead bone pulse
Elements: Shadow
Areas of Focus: Tai/kenjutsu
Aspirations: Unknown.
Squad: N/A
Parents: Dead

Known Standard Jutsu

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PostSubject: Re: Hiromasa Kaguya   Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:59 pm


Shikotsumyaku (屍骨脈; Literally meaning "Dead Bone Pulse") is the Kekkei Genkai of the extinct Kaguya clan, which gave them the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure. By infusing their calcium with chakra, they can manipulate the growth and properties of their bones to their likings. The ability seems to be rare amongst the clan members.

The main capabilities of Shikotsumyaku is allowing the user to manipulate their bones' growth. This allows them to create weapons of bones that can either protrude from any part of the body, or pulled out and used like hand held weapons. They can even fire pieces of their bones as long-ranged projectiles. Any bone that they remove from the body immediately regenerates, as does the skin that is damaged when the bones are removed. Users can increase the density of the created bones, making them stronger than steel. This not only makes the created weapons very powerful, but also makes their bodies virtually indestructible.

.:: INNATE ::.
[Strong Bloodline]
+ 20 CP
[Perfect Body]
Lvl 15: + 10 HP pool, + 3 DEX / Bone Ninjutsu Rolls
Lvl 25: + 15 HP pool, + 4 DEX / Bone Ninjutsu Rolls
Lvl 35: + 20 HP pool, + 5 DEX / Bone Ninjutsu Rolls
[Dead Bone Pulse]
Lvl 15: - 3 DR, + 1 HP Regen
Lvl 25: - 6 DR, + 2 HP Regen
Lvl 35: - 9 DR, + 3 HP Regen

[Ninja Toolbag]
6 Kunai / 3 Shuriken / 2 Ninja Wire / 1 Explosive Tag / 1 Smoke Bomb

.:: ABILITY ::.
[Bone Weapon]
5 CP to create 1 Bone Weapon, no penalty to use except when dual-wielding - 2 Penalty.
(Main-Hand / Off-Hand)
Lvl 1-10: 1d10 / 1d8
Lvl 11-20: 2d6 / 1d8
Lvl 21-30: 2d8 / 1d10
Lvl 31-40: 2d10 / 2d10

[Bone Defense]
5 CP, User can end Physical Stuns on them. (Free Action on their turn)

.:: JUTSU ::.
[Dance of the Kaguya]
(Require DM Approval)
Lvl 15: Create, + 2 D-RANK / + 1 C-RANK / + 1 B-RANK
Lvl 25: Create, + 1 D-RANK / + 1 C-RANK / + 1 B-RANK / + 1 A-RANK
Lvl 35: Create, + 1 D-RANK / + 1 C-RANK / + 1 B-RANK / + 1 A-RANK / + 1 S-RANK

Kaguya Dances

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PostSubject: Re: Hiromasa Kaguya   Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:02 pm

Token Receipt

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PostSubject: Re: Hiromasa Kaguya   Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:02 pm

~Part 1 - Training in Mist~

Up at the crack of dawn, as are all the new students that train to become a Shinobi of Mist. The teachers, who are more like drill instructors, train the kids relentlessly in the basics of survival and combat. Hiromasa, gets down, staring to do the workout. Fifty push-ups, the number may seem small, but try doing that many in a row yourself. Next, two hundred sit-ups, getting the burn going all throughout the body before the five mile run. All this to get the cardio up. The run is where Hiromasa shined however. He was always swift, much more quick then the rest of the students. Once the run finishes, the instructors belch out in their superior toned voices. "That was just a warm up kids, get ready for the real tests." All the kids let out a huff of breath, mist trains like no other village, that's for sure.

In the damp forest and swampy marshes that make up water country, the true training begins. Each person is given a flag, that is tied to the belts of each student. Each flag has a number, likely to represent each student. The head instructor gives his arrogant grin, striding by each student before stopping in the middle. Staring at each for a few moments, he finally opens his mouth to speak.

"You each have been given a flag. You are to keep and hold on to that flag, no matter what comes at you. Also, you are to attack, and retrieve as many flags as you can. Those of you who lose their flag, will not be allowed to continue in the acadamy, and you will try out again next year. The one who gains the most flags, will be given a special prize at the end of the session today." All the students start to whisper among themselves, regardless of the instructors stern tone. It was a genius training regiment. First, you have to keep your flag, which means you want to stay away from everyone else who may want to take it. However, those that feel cocky...perhaps arrogant and above the rest of the students will be intrigued by the prize at the end, creating conflict between many people and many battles, no matter how small scale.

Hiromasa just shrugs, and glances down to his flag. "I wont lose this no matter what" He thinks to himself, before he follows his own instructor, who leads him to his starting section. He is lead to one of the more wet and marshland like areas. Before long the instructor poofs away, and Hiromasa is left alone. He quickly starts into a sprint, incredible speed for someone his age and experience level, he moves into mucky waters, covering himself with the mud and algae to blend into his surroundings. "Prize, yeah right." He thought. "Its probably nothing too special. If you think about it, the mission was to keep your flag no matter what, and completing the mission is the key no matter how veiled by temptation."

Hours pass by, and Hiromasa leaves the muck of the swamp he had hidden in for awhile. He dashes through the forest now, his ears perked as he hears the rustlings of confrontation nearby which skids him to a halt. His heart pounds at the adrenaline, and his breathing heavy, but he does his best to regulate it. Landing on an upper branch, he waits until the noises die down. After a few more minutes they finally do, and he stands once more, giving a huff. He leaps to the next tree, then down, landing in a bit of a clearing. "Phew, that was close." He mutters softly, his eyes glancing around before he hears a twig break from behind him. His eyes widen as he leaps forward into a tumble roll, a kunai landing short of where he stood. He spins and turns to find another boy, who seems to have three flags tied around his belt. "Now its time I take yours!" He says, with a smug grin.

"Great." Hiromasa mumbles, but quickly starts going over things in his head. "He may be tough, but gaining all those flags did not come without injury or stamina loss. Hes bruised and cut in various areas. He may not be able to take much more punishment, where as I am perfectly fine. I may as well take him out and gain all those flags while I do it." He lowers his posture, hands reaching into his own tool bag, before he flings out two shurikan at the large boy. ~Vroom woosh!~ They go by, the boy manages to deflect them with a kunai of his own and then rushes forward, moving to impale Hiromasa with the kunai. Hiromasa, being quick on his feet, dodges to the side, before jumping up, and grabbing the wrist of the boy. He spins, and then sends a kick to the back of the boys head, connecting with a solid thud. His other leg starts to rotate as well, kicking off the back of the boy in succession, gaining distance between the two once more. The boy grabs the back of his head, and shakes it...his vision going blurry a moment, he curses. "Your lucky day! I'm outta here!" He shouts, and dashes off. Hiromasa gives a light huff and jumps back up into the tree. "Forget it, not going to cause a stir and chase him."

A few more hours pass by, and the kids are all gathered once more. Some died this day, some have been expelled from the acadamy. Hiromasa however kept his flag, handing it back to the proctor, he gives a nod, and takes his mist headband. Today he becomes a Genin, today he is a true Shinobi.

~Part 2 - Awakening of the Bloodline~

Years pass by, and missions are completed in the squad he was assigned to. Having the next few days off, from having completed a C-rank mission, he leaves the village, and heads down to one of the smaller fishing villages. While there he just relaxes for the most part, until someone from the docks asks him to help unload the latest shipment of fish. He gives a nod, hes done it before, and he does get paid, so its not bad for a work out. He goes up on the ship and starts the process of unloading the fish. A good six hours passes by and finally they're all unloaded, then once again that ship sets sail. Hiromasa, gets a drink from the barkeep before he starts heading back to the village.

Moving through the swamps and marshlands, he stops a moment, as if sensing something. However not fast enough to react or notice, a throwing dagger jabs into his left arm, sticking into it. He gives a light shriek in pain as he slides back looking around. Finally he glances at a man, dressed in what seem to be bandit attire. Likely someone from the village who had seen him collect that money from helping the fisherman.

"What do you want?" Hiromasa asks, pulling the dagger from his arm, blood trinkling down. The man gives a low grunting laugh. "Give me all your money boy, but dont think you'll live. I finish the jobs I take!" And at that he darts forward, attached to both his hands are dirks, fist daggers some call them. He jabs them at the boy, Hiromasa quick on his feet dodges most of the fatal attacks, but still gets cut up some along his legs. Blood drips from various areas and he pants, his eyes growing wide as the fear sets in.

"####, ####, ####...what now? There must be...something I can do." He thinks to himself, looking around for any option available. He throws a kunai, aimed for the mans head, but its easily deflected. The man rushes forward once more, moving to stab the dirk into the chest of Hiromasa. His eyes widen once more, not fast enough to react this time, he throws his arms in the way of the attack, eyes closed. A grunt is heard, and blood sprays onto Hiromasa. However, once his eyes open he realizes it was not his blood, but the bandits. Bones, erected from his forarms, chest, back...razor sharp and dense.

"Wh-what are you?" The bandit says, blood dripping from his mouth. Hiromasa has no answer, he just pulls his bones free from the man and looks to himself. The bones slowly retract, forming back into his body. He now looks to his injuries, the blood starting to dry, and the small cut wounds have already healed. Being from Mist hes heard of this bloodline.

"Kaguya..." He mutters softly to himself, as he makes his way back to the village. "I am...a Kaguya?"

~Part 3 - Used as a Weapon~

Once he returned to the village, he checked himself in at the hospital. He told them what had happened, and he was rushed to a specialist, one of the few good medical shinobi Mist has. He analyzes the bone structure and chakra levels of the young boy. Letting the warm green chakra flow along Hiromasa's body, he then takes a light scalpel and cuts into the skin of him. The would quickly heals up, meaning the body has regenerative powers. He writes down his report, giving a nod to the boy, and sends him on his way. The report is given to an ANBU, who then gives it to the Mizukage. The Mizukage looks over the report a few days later, his eyes widen, and a cruel smirk grazes over his face. "Another Kaguya has been found...Wonderful." He waves his arm, and an ANBU appears before him. "Tell him hes no longer in the same squad, and hes to do private missions." The Mizukage orders, the ANBU dips his head and then poofs out of the room.

The ANBU arrives in front of Hiromasa, and instructs him of what the Mizukage wishes of him. Hiromasa tilts his head, and glances back to his squad before giving a huff. The ANBU bends down and whispers to the boy. "You have no choice, you are now a weapon of Mist." Hiromasa lowers his gaze a moment, thinking before looking back to the ANBU and gives a nod. The ANBU takes Hiromasa's arm and poofs away with him. They arrive at a secret training location. The ANBU speaks once more. "If you are to be useful to the Mist and the Mizukage, we must first prepare you and make you ready for such." Hiromasa nods, and wonders what hes gotten himself into. The ANBU continues. "As a Kaguya, you have one of the most powerful bloodlines in the shinobi world. Your bones are hard, your body is tough, and slowly will regenerate any damage delivered to it on the physical level. Your chakra will be stronger, razor sharp. You must learn to harness and use this power at will. Understood?" The ANBU asks him in a monotone voice, no emotion seems to drip from this man. Hiromasa simply nods and replies with a single word. "Hai."

Months of this training goes on, the ANBU pushing Hiromasa to his limits. Putting him in constant life or death situations, until finally hes able to control it himself, to a certain extent. He can make his own weapons, forged from his elbows. His speed, increasing even more, and he can take quite the punishment until he passes out from the exhaustion. Once he awakens the training resumes, now that he has some control over the weapons, he now is to work on his own style. The ANBU walks over to him after he finishes his morning workout. "I cannot teach you the next step, it is something you must feel for yourself, something you must discover. Your style defines who you are, only you can discover what it is. Now get to work." With that, the ANBU leaves Hiromasa in the training area. Hiromasa, not knowing how they got here has no idea how to return to the village. So he stays, he trains, and he perfects his own style.

As he trains, his style starts to come into view. He takes a bone, fine and thin and he carves into his own body, the emblem of a dragon across the left part of his chest, shoulder and arm. "Dance of the Dragon. This is who I am." He finishes and crosses his arms, bones pierce from his elbows as he dashes forward, sticking a nearby tree with the sharpened blow. "I will perfect this style, and be of use to the village and the Mizukage. I am simply a tool to be used."

~Part 4 - Death of Family, Birth of Ambition~

Years pass by, the war rages on, and now hes used as the weapon he was trained to be. He completes missions that are given to him, mostly hit and run missions, taking out key players in the opposing sides merchant lines and representatives. A new mission is given after awhile, and he takes it reading the details. He nods, taking the mission and he poofs from the room. He leaves the village, swiftly going to the appointed location. This one should be easy, its even within water country. "Likely some double agents or something." He thinks to himself, as he moves to the location.

Meanwhile, back at Mist, the Mizukage and the ANBU are talking, discussing the mission they had sent Hiromasa on. The ANBU starts. "I do not think this is wise, Mizukage-sama. He is not ready for this." The Mizukage gives a laugh, sipping from a tea cup. "This is the test of a true shinobi, to do what is required of you, no matter the details. If he succeeds he is ready, if he does not, then I have no further use for him anyway, and will simply be discarded as a failed tool." The candle light in the room they discuss in wisps out, and they eye each other as the ominous glow of the moon shines in. The ANBU speaks once more. "A bad omen, dirty blood will be spilled this night."

The moon high in the sky, Hiromasa arrives at his location. He finds the couple he was instructed to take down, escorting a caravan of sorts seemingly headed toward the village. "Found you." He says softly to himself, before he dashes down from the tree top, creating a bone sword from his elbow. He thrusts the bone sword into the driver of the caravan, making the horses freak out and take off running. The two with the caravan, cloaked and masked, draw kunai and weapons of their own. Hiromasa spins, and with his excellent speed, the bones are able to cut the weapons in half making them useless. Spinning again, bones stick out from many of his joints, cutting into them, blood spraying everywhere. He takes out his own spinal cord, flowing it gracefully with added hardiness and he whips the new found weapon at the two, entangling them up as the sharpened bone also cuts into them while this happens. They both scream out in pain, one male, one female. Unable to move, they wiggle but to no avail. Without a seconds hesitation two bone blades jab into the hearts of each of the ensnared targets. Their bodies going limp. Hiromasa lets out a breath, and just then the moonlight shines perfectly, breaking the cover of the clouds, it shines directly on faces of the ones he just killed. His eyes widen, and he takes a few steps back. "No..." He says softly, as he stares at the targets. "Mother...Father...." He says, in a horrified tone. He cant believe it. He was sent to kill his own parents. Was it some sort of test? Some sort of sick way for the Mizukage to determine his worth, how far he'd be willing to go? Many thoughts pass through his mind as his gaze becomes emotionless, docile. He bends down, removing his forehead protector. Taking a bone dagger he carves a slash right through it. It was finally realized by him, his own ambitions shining through. "I will no longer be a tool for you to use. I am a tool, but I will sharpen and work for myself. My own ambitions will strike down those stand in my way. Mindlessly taking orders are a thing of the past, from now on, I will plan...and execute what I wish to do with a clear head and a proper motive." He says to himself, as if taking an oath to the moon and his dead parents. "From this day, a new chapter begins, a new addition to my story, and I will not be a throw away pawn character, I am the lead."

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Hiromasa Kaguya
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