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 Jinn Shoutai - The Unseen Threat

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PostSubject: Jinn Shoutai - The Unseen Threat   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:39 pm

Name: Jinn
Last Name: Shoutai
Age: 16
Height: 5'9
Weight: 135
Body build: Slim, Toned
Eye colour: Dull blue
Hair colour: Red, Streaks of White
Skin colour: White
Village: Iwagakure
Personality: Multiple Personality Complex Disorder
Rank: Genin
Bloodline: None
Clan: Shoutai
Elements: Wind
Areas of Focus: Ninjutsu
Aspirations: Unknown.
Squad: N/A
OOC Character Inspiration: Jin KazeTsukai (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Jinn Main Theme:

Jinn Battle Theme:

Known Standard Jutsu:


Custom Items/Abilities:


Custom Shoutai Jutsu:


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PostSubject: Re: Jinn Shoutai - The Unseen Threat   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:43 pm

Shoutai (Techniques Edited/Renamed to Match Jinn's Chosen Element)
(Natural Shape, One's True Colors, True Character)


The Shoutai Clan, is a small family gifted with the techniques that allow them to visibly and permanently manifest their inherent elemental affinities into deadly offensive and primarily defensive, techniques. Numbering in only a few dozen, a Shoutai clan member at a young age is gifted a unique seal over the center of their chest, this seal, along with the years of vigorous training involved to master it, allows the user to almost effortlessly and instinctively control their chakra and element, quite literally restrained only by their creativity. In truth, the Seal releases the Shoutais' spirit, binding it into the elements contained within their body, allowing for their natural passive reaction time and ability to even defend themselves when bound. Every Seal endowed on each Shoutai family member is unique for that individual alone, altering their own soul, preventing any enemies the family might have from copying their abilities.

In the recent coming of war and the result of the Iwa-Kumo-Kiri alliance, the Family has risen from the remnants of their village seeking vengeance on those who would threaten the families existence.

Not originally inherently violent, recent trials and tribulations have pushed the family into action, resulting in a wide arrange of perspectives amongst the compound creating a few family feuds and even tighter bonds.

On the battlefield Shoutai work well alone, not usually wishing to partake in team efforts they are educated in solo combat or one on one fights, yet at the same time, fully capable of defending themselves against multiple attackers, be they close range or distanced. However, when Shoutai do agree to function together; they are a myriad of beautiful, yet deadly, displays of primordial forces.


[Default Ninja Tool Bag]: 6 Kunai / 3 Shuriken / 1 Ninja Wire / 2 Explosive Tag / 1 Chakra Pill

:: Singular Focus::
The Shoutai are masters of their own Element, effectively limiting themselves to the one element they were born with. Members of this Clan possess a supernatural talent when manifesting and manipulating their chakra and element into their desired forms. Due to their dedication in their Arts, clan members suffer when it comes to feats of strength or physical speed.

[Starting Element Only, At Jounin the Player may gain a second element] + 2 WIS, - 2 DEX / STR
[15+]: + 1 to chosen element. +1d4 DMG to Chosen Element
[25+]: + 1d6 DMG to Chosen Element
[35+]: + 1d8 DMG to Chosen Element


:[Elemental Control]:
[Classification]: Innate-Passive, Ninjutsu, Supplementary, All Ranged
[Description]: The User possesses the ability to manipulate their Natural Elements, typically moving them through the air to serve various purposes. The amount of their Element that they can control at any one time is immense and varies between how the user chooses to manipulate it to their desired effect. During battle, the user rarely moves, attacking with their Element from a single location, and very rarely ever using tai-jutsu.

The type of fighting style used is a stationary type, the User rarely ever needs to move their entire body to attack an opponent. Thus stated, the User rarely has to perform hand seals and some of their techniques only requiring a raised arm, a clenched fist, a wave of the hand or other small gestures. This becomes particularly useful if the User is bound or held, but is still able to use their thought process.

PvP: No Hand Seals Required to perform Clan Techniques. (Physical stuns do not affect jutsu)
Level 15: 2 cp regen
Level 25: 3 cp regen

:[ Elemental Shield (Aura) ]:
[Classification]: Innate-Passive, Ninjutsu, Defensive, Short Range
[Description]: An automatic shield made of the users Natural Element that surrounds and protects the user from damage, whether they want it to or not. The User can control the shield to some degree, calling upon it to completely encase themselves from harm. Each Element giving an added effect to the users defensive capabilities. This ability improves as the User grows with experience, learning new and better ways to maximize its potential.

CP Cost: 2 Per Block Attempt

[PvP]: (Users WIS roll to block). The Elemental Shield moves to block any incoming attack, even if the user is Disabled or Blinded. (Does not work on genjutsu, however if Shoutai is stunned via genjutus the shield will function all the same) Special "Defensive: Elemental Bonus" applied

[Elemental Bonus Table]

As with each individual, each Element works a different way. Depending on what Element the User possesses, they are granted offensive and defensive capabilities ranging from power and utility out in the field. Clan Bonuses Apply to any Jutsu type of the Users Element that is used, even Non-Clan Techniques. These bonuses apply to any technique of the element.

“ The Flame that burns all that it touches... ”
[Offensive]- Additional +1d4 Damage (+2 Damage Added at level 25)
[Defensive]- Deals 1d4 Damage to the C-R Attacker (+2 Damage Added at level 25)

“ The ever changing current ”
[Offensive]- Water Source for Non-Clan Jutsus (E-C Ranks) +1 DR piercing poison damage for 1d4 rounds (+1 Damage Added at level 25)
[Defensive]- Blocks Un-blockables (+1 to Defensive Roll at level 25)

“ The Unseen threat ”
[Offensive]- Attacks Pierce 3 Damage Reduction ( Unblockable Added at level 25)
[Defensive]- +1 To Block (+2 Block Added at level 25)

“ The Constant Guardian ”
[Offensive]- All Attacks are Considered AoE (2 Targets Max) (3 targets Added at level 25)
[Defensive]- +1d4 DR against an attack, even if Failure to Block. (+2 DR Added at level 25)

“ Instant Pain, numbed senses ”
[Offensive]- +1 to Attacks (Undodgable at level 25)
[Defensive]- -1 to Opponents Rolls (1 Round) on Successful Block (-2 to rolls at level 25)

“ To Damage the Soul, to Steal the Essence. ”
[Offensive]- Drains 1d4 CP Each Hit. (+2 Damage Added at level 25)
[Defensive]- Drains 1d4 CP Each Melee Block. (+2 Damage Added at level 25)

“ The Healing Light and the Draining Radiance”
[Offensive]- Drains 1d4 HP each Hit. (Ignores DR Added at level 25)
[Defensive]- Heals 1d4 HP each Melee Block. (Ignores DR Added at level 25)

[Clan Techniques]
(Cannot be Copied)

Basic Elemental Manipulation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Innate, Offensive, Limited Range
Rank: Rankless
CP: 2
Description: The User effortlessly manipulates their Element into a limited effect to attack their opponent for minor damage.
PvP: User Attacks with Wisdom doing Unarmed Rank Damage + Wis dmg Bonus

Minor Elemental Manipulation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Offensive, Short Range
Rank: D
CP: 3
Description: Applying a small amount of effort and chakra, the User manipulates their Element into an impressive, yet still minimal manifestation to damage their opponent.
PvP: Deals 1d10 Damage

Elemental Shield Control
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Defensive, Self
Rank: D
CP: 3
Description: The user focuses their efforts into defensive combat, pulling back minimal chakra from their elemental force to focus in defensive maneuvers.
PvP: All Defensive jutsu cost -2 cp less for 1d4-1 (Min. 1) rounds.

Average Elemental Manipulation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Offensive, Moderate Range
Rank: C
CP: 5
Description: Applying a normal amount of effort and chakra, the User manipulates their Element into a now detailed, definable form to damage their opponent.
PvP: Deals 3d6+2 Damage

Enhanced Elemental Shield
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Defensive, Short Range
Rank: C
CP: 6
Description: The User doubles the amount of effort and elemental chakra poured into their elemental shield, increasing its volume and potency when coming under attack.
PvP: + 1 to the Block Roll. Defensive Elemental Bonus is doubled.

Improved Elemental Manipulation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Offensive, Long Range
Rank: B
CP: 8
Description: Applying an above average amount of effort and chakra, the User is able to manipulate and manifest their Element into even greater quantities to damage their opponent.
PvP: Deals 4d6 + 1d4 Damage

Elemental Armor Saturation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Defensive, Supplementary, Self
Rank: B
CP: 8+2 cp maintenance
Description: The Shoutai wraps their element around their body, expanding the volume of elemental chakra they produce, effectively creating a tightly wrapped, violently whirling cocoon of their element. If the Cocoon is damaged, it slowly replenishes itself over time.
PvP: The User gains 10 DR for 1d4+1 rounds. This armor is destroyable but refreshes at the beginning of each new round.

Strong Elemental Manipulation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Offensive, All Ranges
Rank: A
CP: 13
Description: Pushing themselves, the User pours a large amount of chakra and effort into creating the effects they desire, even going as far to create lakes, thunder storms, bellowing infernos, earthquakes, or tornadoes; to damage their opponent.
PvP: Deals 4d10 Damage

Elemental Exertion: Funnel Core
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Counter-Defensive, Short Range
Rank: A
CP: 15
Description: When an Opponent attacks, the User funnels their shield around themselves, dumping a large amount of chakra into a massive counterattack.
PvP: +2 to the Counter Roll. Deals 4d8 Damage

Excessive Elemental Manipulation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Offensive, All Ranges
Rank: S
CP: 20
Description: Pressing their body to its limits, the User shapes creation itself, pulling and pushing their Element into epic proportions, these forms usually are large scale disasters, and some examples are fiery explosions, ripples, tsunamis, lightning bolts, and landslides.
PvP: Deals 5d10 Damage

Ultimate Defense: Elemental Armor
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Defensive, Self
Rank: S+
CP: 30
Description: The User gathers the full force of their Element, drawing it around themselves and pouring a large portion of their chakra into creating an Ultimate Defense that instantaneously replenishes or reconstructs itself against an incoming attack.
PvP: User gains 20 DR by their or the opposing element, and their Elemental Bonus is x4 against the attack. This is performed before the defense roll is made.

[Rankless Jutsus, Amplification Jutsus, Disabling Jutsus]

Minor Elemental Snare
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Innate, Offensive, Limited Range
Rank: Rankless
CP: 2
Description: The user effortlessly manipulates their element into a minor binding centered around an opponent.
PvP: 1 round stun until hit, STR / DEX Vs ATK DC: resist stun.

Elemental Hold
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Innate, Offensive, Limited Range
Rank: Rankless
CP: 3
Description: The user manipulates their element into painfully binding their target
PvP: Stuns target for 1d4-1 (Min. 1) rounds or until hit / Resist (STR / DEX), each round the target suffers 2 damage, that damage bypasses DR

Elemental Creation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Innate, Offensive, Limited Range
Rank: C
CP: 5
Description: The user prepares themselves by utilizing their chakra to generate more of their respective element.
PvP: Creates Element for use for C rank and below techs (if element is not present), user gains +2 to element rolls and damage for 1d4 rounds

Elemental Guide
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Innate, Offensive, Limited Range
Rank: B
CP: 15
Description: Forming a pact with the rare masses of chakra that form into beings The user calls their element into existence to assist them
PvP: Follows Rank 3 summon rules. The elemental gains the users bonuses. (Summon has access to users elemental jutsu up to C-Rank)

Elemental Dominion
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Innate, Offensive, Limited Range, Fuinjutsu
Rank: Rankless
CP: 15
Description: Masters of their element to the point of extreme focus the user can place a seal that devours all other elemental manifestations.
PvP: For 1d6 rounds whenever a jutsu that uses an element that does not share the seals type is used the user must roll WIS or INT vs. the Users WIS or the jutsu fails. (Chakra is spent)

Elemental Womb: Gift of Creation
[Classification]: Ninjutsu, Innate, Offensive, Limited Range
Rank: Rankless (S)
CP: 20
Description: The user utilizes a blend of summoning jutsu and elemental mastery to alter the terrain in favor of their elements.
PvP: For 1d6+1 rounds the user receives +3 To Elemental Rolls, Elemental Bonus x2 and -3 CP to all Clan Jutsus.

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PostSubject: Re: Jinn Shoutai - The Unseen Threat   Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:47 pm

Token Purchases:

Shoutai Clan/Ability - 120 tokens (DM Kankuro)
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PostSubject: Re: Jinn Shoutai - The Unseen Threat   

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Jinn Shoutai - The Unseen Threat
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