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 Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya

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PostSubject: Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya   Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:53 pm

.: ~*~ Uchiha Maya ~*~ :.

Name: Uchiha Maya
Age: Started 5, Graduated Academy at 6, Is now 7
Nickname: May or Princess
Height: Roughly Three and a Half Feet ( 3 1/2 Feet )
Weight: ~Sends ANBU after you for asking~
Body type: Slim, Athletic, girly.
Eye Color: Black (with a blue ring around the outside edge of the black)
Hair color: Raven Black (some strands are a softer hue, almost an extremely dark brown)
Village: Kumogakure
Element(s): Lightning, Fire
( Can not gain another Element till Jounin )
Rank: Raikage's Princess / Genin
Bloodline: Sharingan ( not unlocked yet )
Relatives: Saoren (Daddy) Rai (Momma) and Ichiban (Uncle)

.: Bloodline and Birthright :.


The Uchiha clan, or Uchiha family, are amongst the eldest clans of konohagakure no sato. They are known to possess a hidden bloodline known as the Sharingan, or Copying Wheel Eye, that is said to be one of the most feared and unmatched bloodlines of the village and the whole world at that. When the hidden villages did not exist and clans were but nomad groups that lived in war, it is said most of the Uchiha disappeared in a massacre that occurred in a blood thirsty never ending war against the Hateshinai of what today is a clan of Iwagakure no sato, a hidden village in Tsuchi no Kuni.

As of recent events, the heir of the Uchiha royal blood named Saoren has become Raikage, and seeks to establish a permanent settlement in Kumogakure for the Uchiha and once more flourish to the mighty prestige it once had prior to the massacre.

.:: INNATE ::.
[Strong Bloodline]
+ 20 CP

[Fire Affinity] Born of Better Blood [Lightning Affinity]
Fire and Lightning Affinity automatically gained
Lvl 15: + 1 DEX / WIS
Lvl 25: + 2 DEX / WIS
Lvl 35: + 2 DEX / WIS

[Ninja Toolbag]

6 Kunai / 3 Shuriken / 2 Ninja Wire / 1 Explosive Tag / 1 Wind-Mill Shuriken

.:: ABILITY ::.

[Sharingan: 1 Tomo]
Lvl 15: 5 CP Activation, 3 CP Maintenance
+ 1 ATK / DEF, + 10 Spot, 20-20 Crit Range
Unlock: Copy, and Mimic

[Sharingan: 2 Tomo]
Lvl 25: 4 CP Activation, 2 CP Maintenance
+ 2 ATK / DEF, + 15 Spot, 19-20 Crit Range
Unlock: Nullify

[Sharingan: 3 Tomo]
Lvl 35: 3 CP Activation, 1 CP Maintenance
+ 3 ATK / DEF, + 20 Spot, 18-20 Crit Range
Unlock: Hypnosis, and Heaven & Earth
Heaven & Earth:

[Mangekyo Sharingan: Special Tomo]
Lvl 40: 8 CP Activation, 3 CP Maintenance (100 Tokens + DM Approval)
+ 3 ATK / DEF, + 25 Spot, 17-20 Crit Range

- Unlock: [Custom, Right-Eye Dojutsu]
- Unlock: [Custom, Left-Eye Dojutsu]
- Unlock: [Custom, Both-Eyes Dojutsu]

Theme Song:

More to Come <3

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PostSubject: Background   Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:54 pm

.: Conception :.

Within the walks of a young couples home, the passion grew thick and tense. The heat with the room began to climb while hearts began to race. Pride started to swell, while love and lust where confused for one another. The night was sure to be a long one. While passion over swept the two within their home, the world outside began to grow dark. The clouds gathered above the building where the couple met. Lightning began to strike while thunder rolled over the hills around their home. Though the noise outside began to fill the air, the couple could not hear it over their own, volume. A small localized storm began to brew. Fixated around the home of the two shinobi. While their bodies twisted and mingled in the heat of the moment, their grasp and control of their chakra began to over flow into the atmosphere around them. Accidentally, together in their thrall of passion, they create quite the show of a storm.

The storm seamed to coincide withe the passion of the couple. For every thrust there was a crackle and eruption of lightning. For each sound they shared, the winds seamed to moan and howl. The sky above their dwelling was beginning to roar to life with a passion of its own, as the clouds began to ignite in flame. Though the small fires in the sky where put out by the rain. A rush of wind swirled about, tossing the clouds in all directions as a funnel cloud began to form, Lightning striking back and forth within the funnel. The mayhem grew and grew as the tension inside began to build up. The lightning roared, while the winds bellowed. The rain seamed to weep while the flames upon the clouds hissed as they where put out. The clouds grew thick, as the storm began to rage. Then suddenly, Gone, The winds where calm, short, and almost non existent. The rain and fire had vanished completely. The thunder and lightning had ceased, while the clouds had whisked away and vanished. While the weather was back to being as it should, the passion was still thick and heavy, though the action was now calm. Little did the two know, that their labor would bare fruit, and bring their world a handful.
.: The Carry :.

The naturally beautiful women, had a natural glow on her own. Now, She carried a second, different kind of glow. Now, after the storm had passed, she carried within her a young child. Growing, slowly, she could not help but feel a pride and joy over the creation within her. The couple was excited. They couldn't wait for the child to be with them in the world. To train and teach, raise and love, They wanted the best for their baby. The two began talking about names, and possible personalities for the child. Knowing how they both grew up in the world, they wondered whom the child would resemble most.

The Fathers life growing up was some what a mystery though it was thought he grew up rather alone, having to learn most things on his own, though being an Uchiha, he was strong and a bit too smart for his own good. A good shinobi with a harsh family history. His future was unknown, though he created himself a nice finish.

The Mothers life growing up was hard. She had a rough time getting close to others. Growing up with her excess chakra, she had to learn to get a grip on her own elements. Unable to touch or get close to others without shocking them, she was forced to grow stronger daily, just to control her own chakra.

Both where determined to be sure that this unborn child's life would be everything they couldn't or didn't have.
.: The Birth :.

The happy couple was walking just outside their home. Hand in hand, the two thought they could not be happier when the Man felt a sharp pain in his hand. The pain was fierce and it felt as if his hand would be ripped from his arm. Doing his best to keep calm, not wanting to startle his beloved, He glanced to his hand. Filled with shock, he noticed the pain was from her grasp. His beloved was holding his hand so tightly, he could not bare it. Her water had broke, and the contractions had begun. With lightning speed, the two where off to the Hospital. There where no problems during the birthing. The only issue for the birthing was the Mothers focus. Because she had to put all her thought on pushing, and breathing during the process, Her chakra was difficult to control. The only, real, worry was when the child was finally free. The young girls body was covered in a slight static, though that soon faded away. Like all babies, the young girl cried when the cord was cut, as did the Mother and though he'd never admit it, The father was able to shed a tier as well. Finally, the happy family was together face to face. The Trio was complete. A parents brightest moment, overflowing with joy as the hardest part of it all was finally over. The nine month labor had given them their bundle of Joy, a Little girl. After all had calmed down, and things settled, when the doctors came back in, after the Mother was able to rest, They brought the child for the happy couple and now Parents, to hold. When asked what they would call their little girl. They both replied, agreeing on the name "Maya".
.: The First Year :.

Their baby girl grew up fast. Months flew by, and the time they had with their child was nothing but memorable. Unlike most children her age, Baby Maya did not cry at odd hours of the night. She would become hungry at regular hours, and she was able to keep to a fairly normal and yet tight schedule. Though some what Odd from the average baby, She was quite healthy. Keeping in the dead center on the growth charts, never being under or over weight. Other than strange behavior, doctors never could find anything "off" or wrong with the child.

While the father could not be around as much as he pleased, He was around when needed. Late at night, after a long day at work, he sacrificed his own sleep for his wife, so that she may sleep after a long day with the baby. He did all he could to help out, though to himself, he didn't do enough. His job kept him away, more than any one liked. Her Mother was proud the day she spoke her first words. The baby girl was around nine months old when she proudly pointed at a, and proclaimed "Momma". Though on that same night, after hearing the news, When her Father went in to check on her, He was shocked to see her still awake, and even more so, though proud to hear her proclaim "Daddy".

It didn't take much through the rest of that year for the young girl to pick more words, letting the parents know it wouldn't take long before she was speaking in full sentences. The Happy Parents where more than proud of their smart child. Looking forward to the life ahead of them. The only regrets laid within the Fathers mind, wishing he could be home more often than he was.
.: The Second and Following Years :.

Time passed by, Oh so quickly for the growing family. The young couples baby girl learned a new word at least once a week. Though the real shock came when she was roughly eighteen ( 18 ) months old. The proud Mother had taken her daughter out for a walk, Carrying the baby on her hip. Roaming around the lands outside their home, they admired the birds and butterfly, trees and clouds together. At the end of their walk, away from home, the Mother sat the baby down, leaning against the trunk of an Apple tree. While she reached for an Apple, the mothers focus was taken from the child. She was startled at a slight tug of her bottoms and squeeze upon her leg. Glancing down with Apple in hand, she saw her baby girl clinging to her. The young child had stood for the first time and hobbled to her mothers leg for balance. Yet another first that the Father had missed, though the proud Mother was over joyed. Scooping her child into her arms, and giving her praise, the happy mom, carried Maya and the Apple, home.

After this brake through, the hard working Father took a day off from work to play with his child, and spend some quality time with his Wife. The three sat around, outside, having their meals and playing games. Once a Month the family gave time to this ritual, and once a Month the young girl was able to spend time with her Father. It was after she was Twenty ( 20 ) Months old that she, not only stood in the door way, but walked out to meet her father. The following month, Young Maya was stable enough and able to run, at least for a short bit.

Just after her Second Birthday, the proud family was able to watch the young girl run, and walk with no problems at all. She was even speaking in full sentences. Everything was normal if not above average with this amazing child. The product of two powerful bloodlines. This young girl was going to have a bright future indeed.
.: The Beginning of a New Breed :.

Fast and Agile, Cunning and Witty, Maya Uchiha was the ideal combination of her parents. She was a quick learner with a bit of playful spunk. A real problem solver while keeping a playful attitude. The young girl loved all things "Girly" though she held a deep appreciation for training and a good spar. She really held up to her nick name and tittle, Princess. Though still very young, she walked and talked with the attitude of a leader. She'd be the first to tell you that she could be a little Brat.

Her potential was fully realized one afternoon when her Father was able to be home. The two where out back, doing a Taijutsu work out, while her Mother was fixing lunch. Adding a little chakra to their moves, the two focused on precision strikes. Her Father was showing off and making her giggle by allowing flames to roll off his fist and into the air, lightning to crackle around his body, and wind to burst off with each strong punch. The young Maya took up a small game of imitating his movements. It was during this imitation of her Father that a slight spark was caught along her knuckles. At first glance it seemed to be part of a Flame. Being the proud Uchiha that he was, he was excited to see his daughter display a sine of the Fire Element, though things took a slight turn. As the young Uchiha continued to practice, the slight spark of a flame turned out to be the end result of a crackling pop from a strain of lightning. The young girl had not begun to develop a Fire Affinity but a Lightning one. The Overwhelming Strength of her Fathers own Lightning Affinity and her Mothers, was strong enough to over take the natural Flame and Re Write her code to bare her the gift of being the first Uchiha with the Lightning Affinity. Nothing but Pride within the family as their Little girl took on her Mothers old Tittle, as the Lightning Princess.

:(Age 5 (now)):
:(Age 10):
:(Age 18+):

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PostSubject: Jutsu   Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:55 pm

.: Jutsu :.

Non Element (a.k.a. Academy, Enhancement and Fuinjutsu):
Custom Fire:
Custom Lightning:
Custom Taijutsu:

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PostSubject: Re: Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya   Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:57 pm

Token Payments

Uchiha = Payed = 300 = DM Chiyo = Sunday, July 24, 2011
Custom Lightning Jutsu = Payed / Transferred = 70 = DM Danzo = Monday, June 6, 2011
Custom Jutsu:
Custom Fire Jutsu = Payed = 85 = DM Chiyo = Monday, August 15, 2011
Custom Jutsu:

Maximum Token Cap = 300 // 500
:(What's Counts as Part of the Maximum Cap):

Total Actually Spent = 455

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PostSubject: Stuff to keep track of.   Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:04 pm

.: Friends and Foes :.

Uchiha Saoren (Daddy) Arashiigawa Raimiko (Rai / Mommy)
Mitsubasa Dragil (Academy Instructor / Sensei) Seto Uchiha Shikyo (Cousin / Sworn protector / Sworn friend)
Kimika Shosuro (Protector / Friend) Shirayuki, Misaki ("sister" / Friend)Saori Inka (Friend / Sensei) Elder Jii (NPC / Friend)
None yet

.: Squad :.
Number :: 000
Leader :: None Yet
Squad Mates ::

.: Missions :.

~ Rank ~ Pass ~ Fail ~

E :: 000 :: 000
D :: 001 :: 000
C :: 000 :: 000
B :: 000 :: 000
A :: 000 :: 000
S :: 000 :: 000
:(The Name of Missions Maya has been on.):

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PostSubject: Re: Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya   Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya   Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:15 am

Top Secret Journals of Maya Uchiha

Age 5, Beginning of the Academy:
Age 5+, Middle of the Academy:
Age 6, Academy Graduation:
Age 7, Genin Entry 1:

More to Come at a Later Date

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PostSubject: Re: Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya   Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:52 am

~*~ Updated ~*~


~*~ Bump ~*~

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PostSubject: Re: Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya   

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Princess of Lightning ~ Uchiha Maya
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