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 Taka Tetsu (Hisui Yamamaru)

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PostSubject: Taka Tetsu (Hisui Yamamaru)   Wed Sep 28, 2011 2:02 pm

Name Hisui
Clan Yamamaru (ex member)
Alias Taka Tetsu
Affiliation Wind Country (originally Land of Steel)
Occupation Ronin
Age 17
Born 5th Feb, Year of the Patient Dragon
Elemental focus Ki user
Technique focus Kenjutsu
Weapon of choice Naginata
Rank Genin equivalent
Height 6' 3''
Weight 221lbs
Skin Asian
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Build Muscular
Personality Friendly, reserved, patient, calm, stubborn, spiritual
Religion Bushido, Daoist influence
Likes Poetry, philosophy, tranquil places, honesty
Dislikes Conflict, loud, rude and obnoxious people, lies, modern influences, shinobi
Garb Greens and blacks, traditional outfits, armour
Items of note Falcon medalion, facemask rebreather

E Rank
Tree walking (Taught by Yu-Hisui)
Water walking (Taught by Yu-Hisui)
Academy rope escape technique (Taught by Yu-Hisui)
Inner Focus (Taught by DM-Hinata)
D Rank
Flickeing slash (Taught by Akiha Uchiha-Kazumori)
Twin slash (Overseen by DM-Kushina)
C Rank
Bear Paw (Taught by Hayato Ibijin Amzuru)
Flickering defense (Overseen by DM-Kushina)

Clan (Samurai) approved and paid 100 to Chiyo (8th October 2011)
Returned 42/142 loaned tokens to Yu-Hisui (7th October 2011)

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Taka Tetsu (Hisui Yamamaru)
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