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 Hateshinai, Hidoumaru

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PostSubject: Hateshinai, Hidoumaru   Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:53 pm

General Information :.
Name :
Hateshinai, Hidoumaru

Birthday :
May 9th

Age :

Elements :
Water, TBA,TBA

Eye Color :

Hair Color :
Dark Brown that looks black

Height :

Body type :
Lean, and athletic

Blood Type :

Likes :

Dislikes :
Loudmouths, arrogance,

Sexual Orientation :

Tattoos :
A spade on his back, a pentacle on his thigh.

Traits :
“Honor-bound”- A person bound by a strict and self-imposed set of standards, your character seeks to bring honor to himself and his adversaries. Everything you do is fair and just; you gain +2 while fighting 1v1, but are unable to use traps or sneak attacks as a result.

The Hateshinai have always had a trouble past, between the fighting with the Uchiha clan and up to the attack by Kamizui Ratara. Hateshinai Hidoumaru was born into a world of hatred. His parents were extremely prejudiced against all others and tried to force their views on him. As Hidoumaru aged to the point of Academy years he expressed to his parents that he did not want to follow the life of a Shinobi, but would much rather live a peaceful life in the village. Outraged at the nonsense their son was spewing, just as he was supposed to prove himself, they left for their mission in the land of Water without saying anything to him. As time passed with the Academy days coming upon him, he sought council with the Tsuchikage to discover news of his parents. The Tsuchikage saw it fit to explain to the boy the horror that had befallen his parents. While on their mission in the Land of Water, his parents were slaughtered by a group of missing nin. Upon hearing the news Hidoumaru attempted to run away from the village and the life he saw as disgraceful, only to be stopped at the gate by a travelling merchant from the Sunagakure. The merchant explained to him that things happen for a reason, and that this was a test from the Gods to see just how strong Hidoumaru could become. Hidoumaru took the advice and continued with his enrollment in the Academy.

Academy Years:
Hidoumaru was a loner during his Academy days. The time he spent at the Academy he used a scroll to verbalize with the rest of the class and the instructors. It wasn’t until his second year at the Academy that they learned he could speak. His silent attitude often made the rest of the class shy away from him, because their attempts at conversation were cut brutally short by a swift written response on his scroll asking them to allow him to work in peace, or by blatantly writing shut up and revealing the scroll to them. This isolation allowed time for the rigorous training he put himself through.
Hidoumaru quickly excelled in most aspects of the Academy falling behind to only the top of the class. He trained every day after classes, sometimes until he passed out to from of exhaustion. This austere training he put himself through, only helped to strengthen his resolve. His only main problem was with using ninja tools and other various forms of weaponry. Despite the amount of practice he put in, he could never quite master the art of Kenjutsu something eluded him when it came to hitting the targets in what would be considered a vital area. Many of his instructors still have no idea as to why he cannot use the basic weaponry of the ninja arsenal.
As the Academy years progressed he became more and more focused on the various aspects of Ninjutsu. On days where his body just refused to allow him to go out and practice his Taijutsu, he remained in his room studying the necessary hands signs for the more common jutsu. His instructors noticed the innate talent for weaving hand signs and continued to challenge him with complicated jutsu signs to test his ability to keep up with those of a higher level. He continued to surprise them with his knowledge of the various signs they weaved and the jutsu they were using. Only on very few occasions was he stumped by the jutsus they presented him.
Genin Years:
After graduating from the Academy, he had no friends and even now only works with his team because he knows that he must. From the first few missions he proved himself a vital asset for the Iwagakure, and the usually sent his team out more often than the other genin teams. This allowed him to see more of the hatred in the world he lives in and establish his new mission in life. He has no intention of avenging his parents; as a matter of fact he had come to ignore his village and the hatred it fostered. Instead he began towards an idea of unity. He soon came to the idea that one can promote peace one person at a time. His mission in life to provide a world where the future generations will be born to a world at peace, where hatred is just a word learned to describe the horrible events of the past. His most prominent short term goal is to put an end to the hatred between the Uchiha and Hateshinai clans, for he feels that if one were to forge a bond between two clans entrenched in hatred it can begin the journey to the future he embodies.

Jutsu :

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Hateshinai, Hidoumaru
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