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 Kiyane of the East Wind

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PostSubject: Kiyane of the East Wind   Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:27 am

First Name - Kiyane
Last Name - Otokura/Senju
Nickname - "East Wind"
Title - "Princess Kiyane of the Senju"
Gender - Female
Age - 19
DOB - October 15th
Height - 5'6"
Weight - 121 lbs.
Village - None, Mercenary
Affiliation - Samurai, Mercenary, Senju
Jobs Completed : 2


Body Appearance

Hair Colour - Midnight Black
Hair length - Mid-length
Eye Colour - Blood Red
Skin Colour - Tanned White
Body Shape - Slender, Non-athletic
Tattoo's - None


Other Information

Likes - Training constantly, smithing weapons, money.
Dislikes - Perverts, Stuck-ups, Stupid people.
Parents -
Shintetsu Otokura (Adoptive Father)
Miyuki Otokura (Adoptive Mother)

Siblings - Kashuro Otokura
Children - None
Sexual Orientation - Unknown
Partner - None


Ninja Informtaion

Elements - Wind
Main Focus - Kenjutsu
Sensei - None
Squad - None
Specialty - One on One Combat
Rank - Genin Equivilant, Ronin
Trait - "Honour Bound"

.:: Weapon ::.

.:: INNATE ::.
[Weapon Master]
Lvl 15: - 1 Kenjutsu CP Costs (Min. 1), + 1 Ken Rolls, User recieves no Weapon penalty (- 2 if Dual-Wielding).
Lvl 25: - 2 Kenjutsu CP Costs (Min. 1), + 2 Ken Rolls, User recieves no Weapon penalty (- 2 if Dual-Wielding).
Lvl 35: - 3 Kenjutsu CP Costs (Min. 1), + 3 Ken Rolls, User recieves no Weapon penalty (- 2 if Dual-Wielding).

[Ninja Toolbag]
3 Kunai / 3 Shuriken / 2 Ninja Wire / 1 Explosive Tag / 1 Chakra Pill / 1 Smoke Bomb

.:: ABILITY ::.
[Master Crafter]
User can create a Custom Weapon and enhance it over time. (Max Token Cost: 125)
Lvl 15: Custom Weapon, 20 Token worth. (This can be added with your own Tokens)
Lvl 25: Custom Weapon, + 15 Token Upgrade. (Total: 35)
Lvl 35: Custom Weapon, + 15 Token Upgrade. (Total: 50)

[Art of War]
User can create Custom Kenjutsu based upon the following Lvl ups: (Requires DM Approval)

Lvl 15: + 2 D-RANK / + 1 C-RANK
Lvl 25: Additional + 2 D-RANK / + 2 C-RANK / + 1 B-RANK
Lvl 35: Additional + 2 D-RANK / + 2 C-RANK / + 2 B-RANK / + 1 A-RANK
Lvl 40: Additional + 2 A-RANK / + 1 S-RANK

.:: JUTSU ::.

[Bushido : Heavy Strike]
Rank : D
CP : 4
Description : A quick lash of the blade, regardless of size, allows for a quick, unpredictable, and powerful strike.
PVP : Rank damage + 1d4 + 2

[Bushido : Devil's Kiss]
Rank : D
CP : 4
Description : With the blade aligned near the user's face, they are able to quickly jab the blade forwards, aiming for a precise attack.
PVP : Rank damage +1d4 over 1d4/2 rounds

[Bushido : Banishing Blade]
Rank : C
CP : 6
Description : With their unique weapon, the user quickly slashes forwards, creating a small illusion on impact, though the blade only cuts through them. It seems to force them into a daze from the illusion however.
PVP : Only usable with a unique weapon, Deals rank damage + 1d4 rounds stun or until hit.

[Quick Draw]
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: C
Cp: 5
Description: The Hitokachi is a master of their weapon of choice and has spent their entire life mastering it. They can draw it into battle at lightning speed to make sure they deal the first blow.
PvP: Used before Rolling "Init", User gains + 5 to Init (Via this Jutsu STR is permitted for Init).

[Weapon Throw]
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: B
Cp: 10
Description: The Hitokachi has masterd their weapon in all forms of combat including ranged. No matter the size or shape of their weapon they can throw it with pin-point accuracy and deadly strength towards any target (Even if they are out of melee range)
PvP: Long-Ranged ATK, Weapon DMG + 2d4 + 2 DMG bypasses 5 DR.

[Hitokachi Weapon Imbue]
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: A
Cp: 13
Description: The Hitokachi's most valued technique is their ability to Imbue any weapon with any element they possess. This not only grants the weapon more damage but makes the attacks count as Elemental when using them against Ninjutsu attacks.
PvP: Duration 1d4+2 Rounds, Add 1d6+2 DMG to Weapon ATKs from User's chosen Element.

[Final Blow]
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: S+
Cp: All remaining
Description: The Hitokachi is able to put their entire life force into one final blow in an attempt to secure victory, this technique is the ultimate attack but the Hitokachi passes out instantly after using it.
PvP: Cannot be used until the 7th Round has passed, Deal Weapon DMG + 1 DMG per CP pt used (Max. + 30 DMG). Afterwards, User KO's hit or miss.

Other Known Jutsu

-Fuuton: Whirlwind Kick
Jutsu Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 4
Description: The user jumps into the air and using their wind element increases the speed of their rotation as they kick their opponent.
PvP Effect: Rank damage + 1d4
Can be used to block, when used to block the technique does 1 dmg
-- Auto Learned on Creation --

Twin Slash
Jutsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: D
Cp: 3 +2 (If Dual-Wielding)
Description: Two slashes instead of one!
PvP Effect: Weapon Damage + 1d6.
-- Auto Learned on Creation --

Flickering Slash
Justsu Type: Kenjutsu
Rank D
Cp: 3 + 2 (If Dual-Wielding)
Description: A blazingly quick attack that is difficult to predict.
PvP Effect: -1 to Targets defence/counter roll against this attack. Deals Weapon Damage + 1d4.
-- Auto Learned on Creation --

Offensive Stance
Rank: C
Cp: 5 + 1Cp per round Maintenance.
Description: The user adopts a stance which make it easier to perfrom Kenjutsu attacks.
PvP Effect: +2 ATK rolls, - 2 DEF rolls with weapons. (Does not apply to counters) and + 2 DMG. Duration 1d6+2 Rounds.
-- Self-taught, DM Ibiki --

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Posts : 127
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Age : 25

PostSubject: Re: Kiyane of the East Wind   Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:12 am

:: Token Receipt ::

Hitokachi : 50 tokens
Soguratsu : 95 (75 with Hitokachi bonus)

Total : 125/300
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Kiyane of the East Wind
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