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 Yasha Yotsuki

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PostSubject: Yasha Yotsuki   Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:45 pm

Name : Yasha Yotsuki
Nick Name : N/A
Ability : Clan (Yotsuki)
Village : Kumogakure
Gender : Female
Height : 5'4"
Weight : light
Age : 13

Body Appearance -
Hair Color : Yellow Blonde
hair Length : Down to Shoulder Blades(though usually in braided twin pony tails)
Eye Color : Dark Brown
Skin Color : Dark Brown
Body Shape : Athletic
Tattoos : None
Scars : None

Other Information :

Likes :Boxing, Fighting, her gauntlets, training, upholding her personal honor, lilies(secret).

Dislikes : Doing nothing, sitting still, letting others walk all over her(figuratively and literally), seeing others crush flowers.

Parents -
Mother : Akihime Yotsuki (Alive)
Father : Shigeru Yotsuki (KIA)

Siblings : 5 brothers, 4 older, 1 younger (yet to be named)

Children : N/A

Partner : N/A

Sexuality : --- (?)

Personality : Proud, air of superiority, protective, somewhat cold, hides emotions(other than anger or disdain).

History : the 5th of 6 children, and the only girl, she wasnt the perfect little princess most girls would be. She rough housed with her brothers as much as any other of her other brothers. She grew up and learned to be tough, practicing in the clans arts before she was given permission, though usually ended up burning herself out very quickly when doing so. Her father was killed the year she entered the academy, out on a mission. His body was recovered, as he took out all his enemies before his final breath. His ganutlets have been kept by his wife sense, and Yasha has laid claim to them when she graduates. None of her brothers argued, leaving that her way to keep him close to her after his passing. She practiced and learned to fight the way he did, focusing primarily on taijutsu. She nears the end of her days as an academy student, and is soon to lay claim to her fathers gauntlets.
Elements : Lightning
Main Focus : Taijutsu
Secondary Focus : Ninjutsu
Sensei : N/A
Squad : N/A
Specialty : Raiton no Yoroi (Lightning Armor)
Rank : Genin



Total : 0/0/0


Raiton (Lightning) :


Genjutsu :


Taijutsu :


Kenjutsu :


Elementless Jutsu :


Academy Jutsu :



Theme Songs :


Token Receipt

Bloodline : 0
Clan : 100
Special Ability : 0


Stats :

Total Stat tokens :


Tools : 0

Special Tools/Weapons : 0


Summons : 0


Total Tokens Spent : 100

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Yasha Yotsuki
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