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 Yukimura Kira - Samurai - WIP

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PostSubject: Yukimura Kira - Samurai - WIP   Wed Apr 18, 2012 1:16 am

Name: Yukimura "Yuki" Kira
Age: 19
Race: Human - White Boi~!
Faction: Samurai
NwN Level: 15
Rank: Genin Equivilant

Hair Color Red
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 165 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Sexual Orientation: 99% Straight; 1% Bi-Sexual [When Drunk off his Azz]
Personality: Carefree and Battle-Ready
Alignment: Lawful Neutral - He isnt afraid to do a job for either side, so long as he doesnt break the Samurai Honor Code and his allegiance to the Daimyo.

History/Bio: Yukimura was born to a couple in Steel Country who originally raised him to be a farm hand. He would help tend crops, raise pigs and other farm livestock, and clean around the farm, along with other menial labor tasks that needed done around a farm. This was the life... for anyone else but Yukimura, at least, in that country town in Steel. So it was decided on the night of the harvest festival, that he would present his goal to his parents as it was to join the ranks of the samurai and go off on grand battles and journy to other lands. There was no resistance met to his desire, surprisingly, and so he went off and trained.

Up until this point, he has been a regular in the troops of the Land of Steel, but this is were the story of a simpleton ends, and a tale of legend begins to unfold.

Events As They Unfold: - To Come-

LOVES: Chocolate, Sparring, Drinking, Women
Likes: Good Music, Dogs, and Blood
Dislikes: Bad Music, Dancing, Cats
HATES: Vanilla, Peace Treaties, No Drinking, Fat Chicks


"Suicidal" You are a maniac, having little to no regard for your own life either cause you don't care about or don't fear death. Able to attack with full force without the normal restraints and concerns of your own harm like most.
Effect: +1d4 damage caused and recieved
Why?: Yukimura believes in fighting full force with very little restraint.



Special Stuff:
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Yukimura Kira - Samurai - WIP
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