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 Character Endings: Legacy Ending

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PostSubject: Character Endings: Legacy Ending   Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:41 pm

The Legacy Character System
(PC Character Endings)

About Legacy Characters

Legacy Characters are designed as an alternative to the option of Permadeath, for a character that has reached the pinnacle of the Shinobi world and has no further desired progression. They are the famed, names whispered in awe or fear across the world, the strength of their faction or hidden blade in the dark. Legacy Characters remain on the server in limited capacity allowed to be present under particular conditions, and must act in the interest of the Server's Plot surrendering your independent interest to the server for use in the arc and progression of the server.

In order to become a Legacy Character, the Staff will offer you the opportunity or you may apply for it via a PM to the Forum Admin whom will post on your behalf to the Staff.

What do I get, for becoming Legacy?

1. Upon becoming a legacy character, in exchange for retiring your character as such you will receive 100% Token Refund excluding special non-refundable token expensive.

2. You will gain a notorious, or famed status that gives you further position within the world in your Faction in some measure. This position or role will only be able to be challenged by new Legacy Characters enabling for the struggle for power to continue and may be killed in combat the same as any other character. You will no longer be considered for active roles provided there is someone suitable, NPC or Player.

Potential Roles: Clan Elder, Elder Council, Dedicated Jounin Instructor, Dedicated ANBU Instructor, Dedicated Genin Instructor, Dedicated Chuunin Instructor, Academy Headmaster

3. You will still be able to impact the Server in the capacity of the Legacy Character and occasionally RP with them as denoted in the rules below when conditions are met.

You are actively placing your character in a RP-centered role as opposed to an active one, in return for benefits and donating their tale and progress to the Server

Legacy Character Rules

1. Provided there are People of your Faction on and in your Faction Area, you are permitted to log onto the Legacy Character in order to teach and enrich the experience of new players or existing members in the according number of two other players. You are not permitted to leave your Faction Area.

2. You may present a plotline involving to to your Faction DM for your current Clan, or if you are not a part of clan or prefer it, you may submit a plotline for your former students of a squad you once had leadership over (Example: Kakashi to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura).

3. During major events pertaining to your Faction, or an attack within the Village Areas, you may participate as the Legacy Character and act on their behalf. Your character is not dead or forgotten, and thus the people call for their Hero's aid. We encourage you to co-operate with the DMs to your utmost in this circumstance so that your character can create the best impact.

4. Abuse of this Right. Should you, the DM or another Player feel that you are abusing the character or the position of the Legacy Character, they are to submit the complaint directly to the Admin, wherein the situation will be actively examined and appropriate action taken based on the event and evidence given as outlined by the situation. Please include all items such as Witnesses, or Screenshots.

5. Self-Retirement. Should you the player of the PC feel that the Character should no longer be in the position or you do not wish to play them, you may address your Faction Leader in order to have them retire or move, and the character will no longer be accessible to you.

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Character Endings: Legacy Ending
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