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 The Kage's Catacombs (Announcement)

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DM Sakumo

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PostSubject: The Kage's Catacombs (Announcement)   Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:37 pm

The Catacombs of Sunagakure house the dead of the most distinguished families in Sunagakure. At the time of its foundation, these catacombs were originally held specifically for the bodies of the Moriya family. As time went on, however, this elaborate, labyrinthine creation housed the bodies of each of the Kazekage, and each Head of the most notable clans in Sunagakure. The first bodies buried here belonged to the Kazekage's siblings - and later, he, too, would take up residence in this area. Every Kazekage has a special tomb created for them - chiseled to be a perfect replica of their likeness and coated in pristine gold and the finest paints. These serve as the legacy of the various Kazekage - so that the world may never forget them, lest the sands see fit to reclaim them.
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DM Sakumo

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PostSubject: Re: The Kage's Catacombs (Announcement)   Thu Apr 30, 2015 6:31 pm


Credit to N-Deed

Name: Moriya Sansuo
Alias: The Black Phoenix of the Sand [Suna no Kurohouza]
Affiliations: Sunagakure, The Sand Reavers
Rank: Kage / S-Rank
Occupation: Shodai Kazekage [SH 2 - SH 32]
Combat Style/Weapon of Choice: Skirmish Tactics, Specialization in combat with Kusarigama, Fuuton and Doton specialization
Elemental Preference: Fuuton
Squad [If Any]: N/A

Lifetime: SE 18 - SH 32 [Aged 51]
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Super Middleweight [161-168lb.]
Eyes: Yellow? Cerulean
Hair [Include Head Number;Hair Color Number]: Auburn
Skin [Include Skin Color Number: Fair
Build: Lean
Distinctive Characteristics: Sansuo bore a number of scars over the course of his lifetime - many hidden beneath his desert clothing. He is rumored to have eyes as yellow as the blazing desert sun, but there are no historical records to confirm this. His wife has once described him as having "eyes like the crystalline pools of the Oasis".
Outfit: Sansuo is said to have "worn rags and cloths of various lengths and qualities." He is also stated to have preferred "colors that mimicked the sand and kept him hidden from vengeful eyes." It's unclear whether this is referred to his time as a Sand Reaver, or whether this was a primary theme throughout his life.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Married
Significant Likes: Sushi, Sex, Scorching Deserts, Rolling Dunes, the Blazing Desert Sun, Family Values
Significant Dislikes: Rebels, Revolutionaries, Curious Subordinates, Any recorded history painting him in an unfavorable light, the solitude of the desert night

Ensure his siblings' lives X
Ensure the life of one of his siblings X
Ensure the life of his Father X
Ensure the life of his lover
Form the Sand Reavers
Subjugate the Arashi Clan
Subjugate the Jikodo Clan
Subjugate the Hojo Clan
Form Sunagakure
Unify the surrounding clans under Sungakure's banner X
Subjugate the surrounding clans under Sunagakure's banner
Ensure that none will be bold enough to attack Sunagakure X
Eradicate all perceived threats to Sunagakure
See his daughters' first birthdays
See his daughters' tenth birthdays
See his daughters' weddings X
Ensure sponsorship from Wind Country
Secure the borders to Grass and River Country
See one of his daughters rise to the position of Kazekage X
Die peacefully X

Moriya Ichirou [Father] [SE 40 - SH 3] [Aged 44]
Moriya Sii [Mother] [SE 38 - SH 31] [Aged 70]
Moriya (Akiyama) Mitsuko [Wife] [SE 13 - Current] [Age 51]
Moriya Kamakuro [Brother] [SE 20 - SH 9] [Aged 11]
Moriya Hisoka [Brother] [SE 16 - SH 2] [Aged 19]
Moriya Fumiko [Sister] [SE 13 - SE 5] [Aged 8]
Moriya Masao [MaleCousin] [SE 27 - SE 5] [Aged 22]
Moriya Kyu [Female Cousin] [SE 19 - Current] [Age 57]
Moriya Kyo [Male Cousin] [SE 25 - Current] [Age 63]
Moriya Hikumi [Daughter] [SH 12 - Current] [Age 25]
Moriya Kayo [Daughter] [SH 15 - Current] [Age 22]

History: Moriya Sansuo was a legendary leader of the Moriya Clan. He was also the founder of the roving Shinobi Band referred to as the 'Sand Reavers', and was the first Kazekage, and founder, of Sunagakure. He is often compared to the first Hokage, Uchiha Hatsuma. This comparison can be seen in the first Kazekage's nickname - the Black Phoenix of the Sand. While Uchiha Hatsuma is regarded as one of the most forward-thinking Shinobi of his time, Sansuo is regarded as one of the most determined and dedicated to his family, though his methodology leaves much to questioning. Following the lost lives of two of his siblings, Sansuo vowed to eradicate the strife that had torn a swath through Sunagakure. Sansuo's early years as a leader came with his roving Shinobi band, referred to as the Sand Reavers. In an area filled with strife, the Sand Reavers - consisting of seven young Shinobi who specialized in the ninja arts of Fuuton, Doton, and Taijutsu - were seen as a vigilante group that enforced their own brand of justice. Consisting of a number of Shinobi who had lost family members young, the Sand Reavers were regarded as little more than a menace until its leader, Sansuo, began specifically targeting clans he knew had histories of violence towards his own family. Through this, Sansuo and his band of Shinobi eventually forcefully subjugated several major clans in Wind Country and, riding his momentum, he created the hidden village of Sunagakure.

Moriya Sansuo was born during the Warring States Period as the second child of Moriya Ichirou and Moriya Sii, two significantly skilled Shinobi born to the same family. Unlike many families of the period, the Moriya Clan had never boasted a particular set of skills beyond that of any other Shinobi. This often made them the target of sabotage and harassment from other Shinobi Clans. Though they did their best to stay out of the way of the indiscriminate violence that was cascading through Wind Country at the time, the Moriya Clan saw a number of deaths throughout their family tree. Among these deaths were Sansuo's siblings, all of whom died at a relatively young age as a result of this violence. Sansuo was fortunate in his ability to persevere and survive in such a tumultuous time, and, in his youth, would eventually go on to form a roving bandit group that referred to themselves as the Sand Reavers.

The Reavers consisted of Moriya Sansuo, his close friend Chirou Kata, and his future lover Akiyama Mitsuko, as well as four other young Shinobi from various lesser clans throughout Wind Country. Known for roaming the desert sands where their families had opted to hide out in order to escape the violence of the times, the Reavers quickly gained a reputation as more than just a band of upstart Shinobi. Through constant conflicts against other Shinobi and a rapidly growing bond that surpassed bonds of blood, the Sand Reavers experienced growth and development in their abilities far beyond what was believed possible by a bunch of Shinobi their age. Eventually, the Reavers would use their skills in order to subjugate the larger clans of Wind Country, one by one, until each regarded the Reavers as the law of the realm. Despite a number of ambushes, planned assassinations, and head-to-head confrontations, the Reavers would eventually successfully subjugate the Hojo Clan, the Jikodo Clan, and the Arashi Clan, among many others. By the time the Sand Reavers formally disbanded, their numbers had grown three-fold, with only two casualties amongst its original members.

This new collection of Shinobi, combined with the families of those whose children had already joined the Sand Reavers, Sansuo demanded the erection of a village - one with walls made of sand and stone, and underground labyrinths that could house all of its members. This defensive fortification would eventually grow into the village of Sunagakure, with Sansuo as its self-appointed leader. This position would later become known as the Kazekage, though the title would not be formally taken until the Second Kazekage - Kowabari - announced its name upon Sansuo's death. As the leader of Sunagakure, Sansuo made it his life-goal to ensure that Sunagakure would remain insurmountable by threats outside of Sunagakure. While the labyrinthine defensive scheme eventually turned his dream into a reality, Sansuo would suffer his death at the hands of one of his former comrades during an attempted coup de'tat.

Before his death, Sansuo successfully garnered sponsorship from the government of Wind Country by offering his new village's services as a military force for the young Wind Daimyo of the time. Sunagakure would serve, for the virtual rest of its days, as the primary military force of Sunagakure. As holders of this position, the Kazekage has always waved a great deal of influence within Wind Country's government, and is considered by many to be responsible for a number of military engagements that would eventually lead to the increased fame and prosperity of Sunagakure. Through this traveling word of mouth, Sunagakure would continue to entice Shinobi into its walls until its size and military might eventually rivaled that of its neighbors - Iwagakure and Konohagakure.

With the Black Phoenix of the Sand extinguished, Sunagakure went through a brief period of turmoil and strife before one of Sansuo's most ruthless - albeit perhaps not most loyal - military leaders, Kowabari, took the position and officially bestowed the title of Shodai Kazekage to Sansuo. In doing so, he took the title of Nidaime Kazekage, and would turn Sunagakure into the aggressive military power that it is today.

Overall Personality: Moriya Sansuo's description is often the source of debate and conflict, depending on whom you ask. To many of the greater clans of Wind Country, Sansuo is regarded as a military genius with a ruthless hand and a sharp tongue. His intelligence and intimidating nature is matched only by his physical talent and brutal tactics. To the lesser clans of Wind Country, however, Sansuo is regarded as a savior and a hero. His sense of justice went unmatched and he ushered in the foundation of one of the strongest Hidden Villages in the period between the Warring States and the First Shinobi World War.

Regardless of which perception an observer subscribes to, Sansuo's dedication to his cause and his passion to keep his people safe is indisputable. Though his methods are often questioned, historians often cite that one must do what one believes is right in order to secure one's values and ambitions. Through this, Sansuo's desire to keep his family safe and to ensure peace throughout Sunagakure was achieved through liberal violence and an iron-fisted tyranny that echoed throughout the entire country. While he would eventually unify the various clans under Sunagakure's banner, it is wondered at what cost this unification happened.

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DM Sakumo

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PostSubject: Re: The Kage's Catacombs (Announcement)   Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:49 pm

Credit to Unknown Artist

Name: Kowabari
Alias: The Shinobi of Many Faces [Hachimen]
Affiliations: Sunagakure
Rank: Kage / S-Rank
Occupation: Nidaime Kazekage [SH 32 - Current]
Combat Style/Weapon of Choice: Puppet Manipulation; Heavy use of Doton for defensive purposes; Heavy use of Genjutsu for the purpose of misleading his opponents
Elemental Preference: Doton
Squad [If Any]: N/A

Lifetime: SH 3 - Current [Age 34]
Gender: Male?
Height: 7'1"
Weight: Super Heavyweight [250+]
Eyes: Unknown
Hair [Include Head Number;Hair Color Number]: Unknown
Skin [Include Skin Color Number: Unknown
Build: Heavy, Muscular
Distinctive Characteristics: Kowabari is easily distinguished by his height and stature. He can also be distinguished by his mask and the large coffin on his back that is made in order to be able to summon his puppets from within it.
Outfit: Kowabari is said to wear "an amalgamation of leather and metal, meant to conceal the skin and face." His clothing is specifically created to obscure exact dimensions of his size, beyond his general stature, and he does not allow any portion of his skin to show, save for the skin around his eyes. He always wears a fully masked helmet, with holes only for his eyes and his nose so that he can breathe.
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Marital Status: Single
Significant Likes: Total Control, Obedience, White Clouds and Clear Skies, the Stars, the Moon
Significant Dislikes: Abandonment, Traitors, Rain, the Sound of Thunder, the Blazing Desert Sun

Prevent the death of his eldest brother X
Prevent the death of his youngest sister
Save his Parents X
Save his Siblings X
Relieve his eldest brother's suffering
Create an imaginary friend
Acquire friends who will be loyal for life
Enact revenge on the ones who killed his family
Gain the Shodai Kazekage's Trust
Avenge the Shodai Kazekage
Gain the Wind Daimyo's Trust
Become Nidaime Kazekage
Spread the fame of Sunagakure
Dominate the deserts of Wind Country
Expand Sunagakure's labyrinths across the desert
Eliminate the Shodai Hokage
Secure the lands of Grass and River Country
Eliminate the Nidaime Hokage

??? [Father] [Deceased]
??? [Mother] [Deceased]
??? [Sibling] [Deceased]
??? [Sibling] [Deceased]
??? [Sibling] [Deceased]
??? [Sibling] [Deceased]
??? [Sibling] [Deceased]
'Soubi-Chan' [Younger Sister] [???]

History: Kowabari - family name unknown - was a legendary Puppeteer, Shinobi Commander, and leader for Sunagakure. Having attained the position of Nidaime Kazekage, Kowabari is known as Sunagakure's most mysterious, most feared, and least mentally sane Kazekage. Despite his tentative grasp on reality and his waning sanity, Kowabari is credited with making a number of advancements from his predecessor's work. He is also credited with indirectly starting a chain of events that would eventually lead to the First Shinobi World War. His abilities as a Shinobi are indisputable and his reputation as a master of Puppets precedes him, as seen in his common name - Hachimen [Faces] - shortened for his nickname as the Man of Many Faces. Kowabari achieved power by climbing through the military ranks of Sunagakure after its foundation and would eventually self-appoint himself as Sunagakure's second Kazekage - bestowing the rank retroactively unto Moriya Sansuo.

Kowabari's family history is unclear. From records, it is gathered that Kowabari was born about a decade after Sansuo's own birth. Kowabari's clan family is expected to have joined the forces of Sunagakure at some point following its foundation. It is again, unclear, as to the actual outcome of Kowabari's family tree, but it is clear enough that his siblings and parents are no longer living, save for his younger sister. Unfortunately, the only living relative of Kowabari is known only as 'Soubi-Chan' - a name he has affectionately referred to her as, though he has yet to identify her as a Shinobi, or even a member of Sunagakure. It is expected that she is still alive, as he refuses to speak of any of his deceased family members, but historians can only wonder.

During Sunagakure's early years, Kowabari adopted the early practice of Puppeteering, or controlling otherwise inanimate objects through the use of invisible chakra strings. As a budding puppeteer, Kowabari also developed a habit for tinkering. Eventually, his ability to create deadly machinations from fantastical designs contributed heavily to his abilities as a Shinobi, and he found himself among Moriya Sansuo's favored Shinobi. As a combined result of not having a living family of his own and being accepted by Sansuo as an honorary member of Sunagakure's elite, Kowabari developed a fondness for the leader that bordered on obsession. This combined fanatical loyalism and skill in the Shinobi Arts led him to become a potent warrior amongst Sunagakure and an infamous combatant within Wind Country.

At some point during his time in Sunagakure, Kowabari achieved the official status of Shinobi Commander, which would eventually become the title of Jounin Commander underneath his own leadership. On Kowabari's suggestion, Sansuo began to expand Sunagakure's territory exponentially, both above and below the sands of Wind Country. After Sansuo's death, Kowabari pressured those who he believed were most loyal to him - and, in fact, merely feared his wrath - and acquired enough influence to declare himself the formal Kazekage - a title that had been manipulated from Konohagakure's own 'Hokage' title. In doing so, he declared Sansuo to have been Sunagakure's first Kazekage, and himself the second.

Following his ascension to the title of Kazekage, the general mindset of Sunagakure took a bloody turn. Kowabari's first order as Kazekage was to initiate the rapid expansion of the underground labyrinthine tunnels that had been created underneath Sunagakure. His unrealistic expectation for the labyrinths of Sunagakure to expand the entire desert were demanded to be made into a reality, and while he is Kazekage, the order to ensure their creation stands. As a result, many lives have been put to work in expanding his personal labyrinth, where he intends to house the entirety of Sunagakure's population in case things go awry, as well as allowing shinobi from Sunagakure to travel freely within Wind Country without ever being spotted - thus creating the illusion that Sunagakure's borders expand the entirety of Wind Country's deserts.

His second major achievement as Kazekage comes from convincing the Wind Daimyo to officially annex the lands of Grass and River. After orchestrating the ambush and subsequent murder of the Shodai Hokage, Kowabari rode his laurels into the Wind Daimyo's influence and swiftly convinced that the time to expand Wind Country's borders was now. With the Lands of Rivers and Grass housing extremely immature Hidden Villages of their own, the Wind Daimyo saw benefit in his plan and quickly announced that Wind Country was formally annexing these territories. Kowabari took personal responsibility in ensuring that these countries would acquiesce to this order. Unbeknownst to Kowabari, this would set of a chain of events leading directly to the First Shinobi World War.

Overall Personality: Kowabari's grasp on reality is often described as 'tentative' at best, and 'nonexistent' at worst. The Second Kazekage wields his influence without rhyme or reason beyond wishing for the complete subjugation of all those within the borders of Wind Country's deserts. To this extent, Kowabari has begun rapidly subjugating neighboring villages and demanding tribute, rather than following the normal method of requesting payment in exchange for services and missions provided. Beyond the borders of the desert, however, Wind Country remains largely untouched. These fortunate communities beyond Kowabari's grasp still send missions out of fear of the Second Kazekage's wrath, and out of the efficiency of having such a mobile and powerful ally nearby.

Kowabari has been seen talking to himself on more than one occasion, and often speaks to those with similar names to his puppets. It is unclear if the puppets he seems to be speaking to are supposed to be created in images of his own family, but he does not refer to them by name. He does, however, refer specifically to one member of his family by a common name - 'Soubi-Chan' though little is known about this woman. It is unclear if she is alive, dead, or where she might be. All that is clear is that Kowabari leads from a seat of questionable sanity and does not seem to mind what judgments that brings.

As a leader, Kowabari is seen as competent, at the very least. In his short time of five years as the Kazekage, Kowabari has succeeded in nearly double Sunagakure's above-ground infrastructure, and tripling its below-ground infrastructure. Additionally, he has brought a semblance of order to the village, where before him, Moriya Sansuo had significant difficulty in reigning in the various major clans that were attempting to vie for power. His punitive measures, though exceptionally harsh for any leader, are doled out on a consistent basis that Kowabari believes is 'just'. Kowabari subscribes heavily to the belief of ends justifying means and, to many, doling out such extreme punitive measures is considered arbitrary.

As a combatant, Kowabari takes a pleasure bordering on zealousness when exacting pain and punishment on those before him. He uses his seven puppets to a devastating proficiency and is said to be capable of fighting an entire team of Shinobi on his own by utilizing his extreme intelligence, proficiency in Genjutsu, puppeteering, and his heavily defensive techniques. He excels in goading his enemies into traps and punishing them severely by using his puppets to surround and isolate his opponents. Though considered insane, he maintains a relatively calm - if overconfident - demeanor when in combat. He is extremely afraid of death and will often choose to retreat if he is able. He will not, however, retreat if the threat is to Sunagakure itself. For Sunagakure, he would die before retreating or betraying his allies. For offensive measures, however, he considers his allies to be expendable resources at his disposal. It is believed that he values the well-being of his puppets far more than any flesh-and-blood ally.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kage's Catacombs (Announcement)   

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The Kage's Catacombs (Announcement)
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