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 Hokage Monument

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PostSubject: Hokage Monument   Hokage Monument EmptyTue Apr 28, 2015 1:09 am

Hokage Monument Hidden_leaf_village__landscape__21_by_iennidesign-d8cek0x.png_zpsavjsnozh
( Hokage Monument )

[Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato]

In Konohagakure lay a towering surface along the back of the skirts of the village. This rock surface soon became a monument to which each individual that should gain the title of 'Hokage' of Konohagakure no Sato. The title of the Hokage( Fire Shadow ) is given to those within the village that are acknowledged as the strongest shinobi in Konohagakure no Sato. Though many other roles play an important part in the process of becoming the Hokage such as the individuals ideology.

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PostSubject: Re: Hokage Monument   Hokage Monument EmptyTue Apr 28, 2015 2:04 am


Hokage Monument Bleach_oc___the_colonel_by_zanpakuto_leader-d55hj1m
Credit to Zanpakuto-Leader

Name: Uchiha Hatsuma
Alias: The White Phoenix of the Leaf [Konoha no Shirouhouza]
Affiliations: Konohagakure; Uchiha Clan
Rank: Kage / S-Rank
Occupation: Shodai Hokage [SH - 0]
Combat Style/Weapon of Choice: Ninjutsu-Focus: Katon, Shurikenjutsu, Kenjutsu
Elemental Preference: Katon

Lifetime: SE 24 - SH 35 [Aged 60]
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Junior Heavyweight [189-200lb.]
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black; styled short, with top flair
Skin [Include Skin Color Number: Fair
Build: Muscular; Toned
Distinctive Characteristics: Scar over right eye; Uchiha Insignia tattooed on chest; Wears the Uchiha Insignia on a left-sided earring.
Outfit: Hatsuma's most notable uniform is that of his Hokage outfit, seen below. His uniforms were usually kept minimal in terms of encumbrance, and he was rarely seen outside of some combat-ready uniform.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Married
Significant Likes: Family, Loyalty, Diplomacy, Sunny Days, Green Forests, the Summer, the color blue
Significant Dislikes: War, Death, Conflict, the Winter, the Cold, Getting Wet, the colors red and black

Unify the Hyuuga and Uchiha Clans
Unify the Senju Clan with the Hyuuga and Uchiha Clans X
Subjugate the Senju Clan X
Eliminate the Senju Clan
Unify the Warring Clans of Fire Country
Establish a Hidden Village: Konohagakure
Establish a sponsorship with Fire Country
Secure Trade Lines between Fire Country and Grass Country
Secure Trade Lines between Fire Country and Rice Country
Secure Trade Lines between Fire Country and Rivers Country
Secure Trade Lines between Fire Country and Rain Country X
Secure Trade Lines between Fire Country and Iron Country X
Secure Trade Lines between Fire Country and Hotsprings Country
Secure the safety of his family
Live to see his Son get married
Live to see his Daughter get married X

Uchiha Tsuhiro [Father] [SE 46 - SH 7] [Aged 54]
Uchiha Saora [Mother] [SE 41 - SH 21] [Aged 63]
Uchiha (Nara) Kiyoa [Wife] [SE 19 - Current] [Age 57]
Uchiha Satsuma [Brother] [SE 22 - SE 5] [Aged 17]
Uchiha Takuya [Brother] [SE 21 - Current] [Age 59]
Uchiha Miyamoto [Male Cousin] [SE 27 - SH 6] [Aged 34]
Uchiha Tadeo [Son] [SE 3 - Current] [Age 41]
Uchiha Akira [Daughter] [SH 3 - Current] [Age 34]

History: Uchiha Hatsuma was a legendary leader of the Uchiha Clan. He was also first Hokage, and co-founder, of Konohagakure alongside his close friend and ally, Hyuuga Miyato. Following the Senju-Hyuuga-Uchiha Dispute, Hatsuma and Miyato pushed for equality between the three clans. With the Senju Clan opting to assert their dominance over the Uchiha and the Hyuuga, both families banded together against them. After failing to break the Will of the Senju, they were forced to eliminate the clan and send their members scattered amongst the Shinobi Continents. Following the resolution of the three-family conflict, Hatsuma worked together with Miyato to bring together the other prominent clans of the area in order to found Konohagakure. The eldest member of all of the clans assembled were brought forward to vote on who would become the first Hokage and, in a 7 to 4 vote, Uchiha Hatsuma was decided to bear this responsibility.

Uchiha Hatsuma was born during the Warring States Period as the eldest of Uchiha Tsuhiro's three sons. Hatsuma and his brothers grew up on the volatile battlefield that was commonplace for most Shinobi during this time. During the later stages of this period, the Uchiha found themselves in constant conflict with the Senju and Hyuuga Clans. In a series of engagements that spanned the majority of Hatsuma's young life, Hatsuma was fortunate enough to be able to fight alongside his immediate family for an extended period of time - suffering through deaths occurring between his cousins and coping with them through the continued training and practice between the three brothers.

In Hatsuma's periods of relatively scarce downtime, Hatsuma frequently associated with the Hyuuga Clan. While Hyuuga and Uchiha Clansmen were often at arms with each other, these feelings were not often shared amongst the younger members of these two families. When possible, they sought out the relief of peace. This led to an uneasy understanding that, were they to stumble upon each other in the field where battle was not currently present, they would merely allow each other to exist - an uneasy tolerance during a time of all-out war. These feelings paved the way for Hatsuma to form one of his closest friendships in Hyuuga Miyato - the youngest son of the Hyuuga Clan Head, Hyuuga Misato. Following Tsuhiro's middle-aged death, Hatsuma sought out and worked together with Hyuuga Miyato in order to cement an alliance between the two clans in an effort to prevent any further unnecessary bloodshed. These two Shinobi worked together to form the Uchiha-Hyuuga Alliance, which later would attempt to incorporate the Senju Clan.

When Hatsuma and then-Hyuuga Leader Misato approached Senju Clan Leader, Ikkozuru, the Senju boasted a stubborn defiance - believing that they deserved the right to hold leadership amongst the three clans. Though peace was not out of negotiation, Misato would not stand to have a member of the Senju Clan holding authority of his own, and declined. During the ensuing conflicts, Hatsuma worked closely with Miyato on the battlefield, often resulting in brief, but lethal engagements between the Senju and the two close allies. During the course of these later stages of conflict, Hatsuma would suffer the first personal insult to his family - the death of his younger brother, Satsuma. Despite the death of his younger brother, Hatsuma still pressed for forced subjugation of the Senju Clan as opposed to outright elimination. This proved excessively difficult, as the Senju Clan refused to surrender until their clan was effectively eliminated from Fire Country - with their members scattering to the other Shinobi countries in the continent.

Following the three-village conflict, the Uchiha and the Hyuuga set to brokering deals between the remaining clans in Fire Country until they had gathered enough support to establish the first official collaborative hidden village in Fire Country and - unbeknownst to them - the continent. Hatsuma initially refused the offer from Miyato's older brother - and head of the Hyuuga Clan at the time of Konohagakure's foundation - Hyuuga Jiizo, and encouraged the clans of Konohagakure to vote upon their first Hokage. With seven votes for Hatsuma, three votes for the head of the Nara Clan, and one vote for Jiizo, Hatsuma gracefully accepted the position. Thus, Konohagakure was officially born.

For the next several years, peace spread throughout Fire Country. Konohagakure acquired a sponsorship from the ruling government of Fire Country. This relationship was a simple one: Konohagakure would sell their services to Fire Country and, in return, Fire Country would give them all requests for assistance that came through the government. In addition to this, Konohagakure was allowed to sell themselves out to neighboring villages and organizations in order to continue their own independent finances. This relationship - much like others between the newly erected hidden villages and their own sponsoring governments - proved to be the foundation for the eventual conversion from a militia-type military, to a shinobi-focused military. Hatsuma made it a priority to establish as many routes for trade in the surrounding areas as possible. An extensive economic basis - he reasoned - would bring the village fame and prosperity. This, in turn, would not only increase its growth and development, but would also entice nearby Shinobi Clans who had no yet sworn fealty to join them in their endeavors.

As time continued on, Hatsuma was approached by the Daimyo of Fire Country and was asked to establish a line of diplomacy between Fire Country and Wind Country. Hatsuma believed that the easiest way to establish this type of diplomacy would be through Wind Country's Hidden Village - Sunagakure. Hatsuma's attempt to meet with Sunagakure's leader - Nidaime Kazekage Kowabari - was met with resounding failure. The Kazekage sent him away without even providing a proper welcoming party. During the expedition back, Hatsuma was ambushed by a number of Sunagakure Shinobi. His entourage was nearly massacred from the sudden attack, and even the Hokage and his first bodyguard were left to escape, with mortal wounds, back to Konoha. Hatsuma succumbed to his wounds within six months and left the following parting words with his successor:

"Do not fan the flames of War. No good can come from it. Only death and despair. Stand strong as Hokage and serve as an example - not a catalyst. ... Be brave, A'nai."

Hatsuma's death sparked a sizeable amount of outrage throughout the various clans of Konoha. With their first Hokage slain by the hands of a known enemy, but no words of war, how long would they stand idle?

Overall Personality: Hatsuma is regularly described as a man who was full of energy, passion, and love for life. During the Warring States period, he often questioned the actions of his clansmen and the purpose of the war that surrounded them. His ideals were novel, at best, and unreasonable at worst. These qualities, however, are what eventually allowed him to broker a deal of peace with the Hyuuga Clan and, eventually, with the other tumultuous clans in Fire Country. It is often said that Hatsuma was too soft for war, but the blood on his hands often tells a different story.

During his time as Hokage, Hatsuma was often seen conversing and mingling with other members of the Village, regardless of age, rank, or reputation as a Shinobi. There was little distinction between uptime and downtime, and often Hatsuma preferred to socialize during his 'breaks', when he wasn't settling disputes between the various clans and members of the Shinobi forces. While younger ninja do not necessarily know him personally, he is well known within the Uchiha, Hyuuga, and Aburame social circles, partially as a result of his own diplomatic nature and partially as the result of the relationships of his two children. Hatsuma was also regarded to be a modest individual, and one who originally declined his appointment to Hokage.

He was well-liked enough that, upon his death, every Clan Head - save for the Sarutobi - called for war against Sunagakure in order to avenge their fallen leader.
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Hokage Monument
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