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 Sunagakure Bingo Book (Announcement)

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PostSubject: Sunagakure Bingo Book (Announcement)   Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:46 pm

"The little black book", so it were. The bingo book, restricted knowledge to those of Chuunin or permissions granted under heavy circumstances or divisions which allow you such, this very book contained informations on wanted targets and high-priority persons of interest.

Most entries in this book consisted of a similar format. Age, height, approximate time of desertion, Shinobi rank, chakra focuses, strengths, weaknesses, and other important information people would need to track down such a Ninja in the book. Obviously with the time of the bingo book falling into one's hands, this information seemed to be exclusive to the village in question, unless for some strange reason they acquired a bingo book from another village member of an opposing faction..

Formation of information.:
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Sunagakure Bingo Book (Announcement)
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