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 Character Endings: Permadeath

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Sarada Uchiha
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PostSubject: Character Endings: Permadeath   Fri May 01, 2015 5:49 am


(PC Character Endings)

About Permadeath

Here on Narutoverse: The Great Shinobi War, death is possible and a reality. But what does that mean for your character? It means a world of danger, and intrigue with realistic possibility that separates the brave from the cautious. But what happens? It depends on how you take your last stand and the circumstance. Keep in mind that death is not necessarily the only path you will take, nor the possibility that it is your complete end. The actions of the setting bringing you to an untimely end.

Permadeath occurs under the supervision of a DM, and must be supervised in order to be killed at any point in time. This ending can be achieved through a co-operative event with a DM, or via setting situations prematurely as denoted by roleplay. The DM must be present before the Situational RP begins.

This means that you must declare that you are actively fighting to the death. While death is always possible the situation does not always call for it. This as it stands is to be stated prior, and in the presence of a DM. We are happy to arrange an extravagant or simple death for your character. But you must inform DM prior to this death, and they must be present before the situation begins.

This means you cannot force someone to kill you in a situation, and they cannot forcibly kill you without warning ahead of time that you intend to fight them until they do and a DM .

To determine your threshold for the amount of negative health you can take is based upon on your CON Mod + OTHER:

CON Mod: This is determined by your individual CON Mod.

OTHER: This is determined by circumstance. If you are attacked within a village, or within a fight containing  or near Medical Shinobi, you gain a small bonus which applies. This is to emulate the fact that you are near appropriate medical facilities in which to receive the level of care needed to save your life in dire cicrumstances. Medical Shinobi provide a +2, Village provides a +3. This can be combined to a maximum of +5 as each bonus applies only once.

Once your HP has breached that number in any measure, you are considered perma-killed at the end of round provided you have not recovered.

Regeneration/Medical Techniques: Provided that you have a Medical Shinobi, or a regenerative ability that can take place that round that brings you to one less than your threshold, you are saved from the brink of death. It must take place before the end of the round that you have been rendered into such a state.

Example: An Akimichi has a CON Modifier of 6, and is located near a Medical Shinobi. This means that he has the following bonus of 6+2, giving him until he hits -9  HP before he is formally declared Permakilled provided the Round has ended. He takes damage that takes him to -10 HP.

However, he is within reach of the Medical Shinobi who has not taken their turn. By healing the Akimichi using a technique for 5 HP, therefore bringing the Akimichi to -5 HP, and saving his life before the round in combat ends.

Death Process

When you are declared dead the DM will announce based on the situation of your RP Death the amount you will be refunded at 100% of your RP Token worth with the exception of non-refundable tokens and XP Markers. Your character will not be de-levelled, but their inventory will emptied of any tokens and transferred to you. Should you not be making a new character at this time, a record of tokens accountable will be posted in the Open Request Section, under your Account Name – New Character. Your character will now be available to be potentially used through Edo Tensei (Under Construction).

Should you feel that the measure of the RP was worth more than the amount declared you may send to one of the Admins the appropriate evidence, witnesses and screenshots and the Death will go to a vote should there be reasonable doubt. Complaints in an unfriendly manner towards the staff at the time of death will result in a minimum wait of week to process or denial depending with further penalty on the manner of which you treated them. In this event the DM offended will supply screenshots and/or witnesses in the same manner of which you have also placed a complaint.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Endings: Permadeath   Fri May 01, 2015 11:24 am

I still love this so it has my Oujii-san stamp.
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Character Endings: Permadeath
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