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 Naruto-verse Out of Character Server Rules

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PostSubject: Naruto-verse Out of Character Server Rules   Sun May 03, 2015 12:41 pm

Naruto-verse Out of Character Server Rules

1. Both Players and Staff are required to abide by the Forumotion ToS when utilizing the forums, and are to act respectfully towards one another within reason while communicating on the forums.

2. All Players are required to keep a mandatory OOC record within the Biography Section and a Training Journal for each Character. This must include, at minimum the following whether they have such or not and be posted within a week of play:

A. Your Character’s Name
B. Your Character’s Approved Powerset
C. Complete Jutsu Listing, of all known jutsu by the character.
D. A Complete Token Record, of any and all purchases.

Falsifying learning, records and using unpaid for slot abilities or unapproved abilities is a punishable offense. Approved abilites means that they are stored in the (Closed) section of the Mechanics.

3. All Characters must be of the Base Classes no Prestige Classes are permitted. Great Ability Feats are not permitted.

4. Players are to remain in character within the primary talk channel as much as possible. Party Chat, when not used for events is designated for the primary use of OOC, in order to keep the main channel clear for the use of IC.

5. This server is considered PG-13, however any and all Cybering is strictly tells behind closed doors with all parties fictional and or other wise of the age of 18+. Under no circumstances is a situation that is sexual harassment in nature, to be forced upon another player OOC or IC.

6. Metagaming is not permitted on the Server. Making use of OOC Knowledge that your character should not have IC while playing, is considered metagaming as it is used to influence your character to take actions they would not normally.

7. Powergaming is not permitted on the server, be it through RP as an automatically successful attack or otherwise. We understand there is a difference to playing the rules to the best of the Player’s ability. In order to maintain a balance throughout our ever-changing new PvP Dicefight System we reserve the right to alter powersets. In case of an issue occurring with your power, you will be notified of the fact it is under revision and the final will be shown to you wherein you may take measures as outlined in the Resolving Issues thread.

8. Dual-Boxing, the use of two computers to play on the server at the same time on multiple characters or as DM/Player is not permitted. Should you be found guilty of this for any reason of intent you will be banned from the server.

9. Causing any permanent damage to an IC Area or NPC requires the Faction DM. In addition no player may enter the Player Housing without the explicit permission of the Player or a DM. As a courtesy, DMs are encouraged to speak to a player before damaging player housing for an event. In the case of destruction the DM must reverse the damage dealt with it and allow them the right to ensure that anything they want saved that is not considered an already in use plot item / person, miraculously survives.

10. When Player-side, a DM is not to be bothered about DM Client matters unless there is a grave breaking of rules or emergency intervention needed and no one else available. All other matters are to be addressed to them via Forum PM unless they personally indicate otherwise.

11. While running an event, a DM reserves the right to include or decline a player from an ongoing event. In the event of an OOC disagreement, the Player and DM are to resolve their issues after the event if a conclusion cannot be found within a reasonable time. For more in-depth complaints, Permadeath or unresolved issue, please refer to the Resolving Issues thread.

12. Players have the right to refuse any IC Event or leave an event, but may have to face consequences for doing so without OOC reason. In the event that anything is considered unfair in repercussion due to this rule, or unjust for such reasons are to follow the Resolving Issues thread rules pertaining.

13. Use of the NWN pickpocket skill mechanic, is not permitted.

14. We, the Naruto-verse Staff, reserve the right to change or add to these rules at any given time but will announce publically these changes in the Announcement Thread as with any and all rule alterations or additions.

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Naruto-verse Out of Character Server Rules
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