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 Resolving Issues

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PostSubject: Resolving Issues   Thu May 14, 2015 1:28 am

Resolving Issues

Here on Naruto-verse while we strive to make for the player the best experience possible, we understand that as with all Dice-Fight PvP systems and with all modules there will always be issues that will occur be it simply dissatisfaction or greater issues. In order to make this process run smoother for all parties we have placed forward scenarios and cases for most available issues that we can think of. This is to ensure that all concerns, or larger issues can be handled in a timely manner.

First and foremost – The Administration are here to help you, whenever you feel uncertain or uncomfortable following the appropriate channels, and would welcome you to contact us but wish to encourage that you attempt to work out your differences or issues between you and whatever or whomever the antagonizing factor is.

As such, we wish to encourage all players to keep Screenshots of any Scenario that they are going to report.

1. Concern about another player.
2. Concern regarding in-character individual circumstance.
3. Disagreement over mechanics rulings.
4. Disagreement during an event.
5. Concern about a member of Staff.
6. Escalating your concern.

1. Concerns about another player:

a. Regarding IC Instances. In the case of an interaction with another player going sour in the terms of unrealistic/unreasonable abuse of IC Station, ignoring of IC Rulings, and breaking of OOC rules pertaining to IC such as Metagaming; please screenshot the situation and report to your nearest Faction DM for an IC solution if applicable.

b. In terms of issues breaking on an OOC Level; please report to your nearest DM to resolve the issue, or present evidence via forums. In case of Sexual Harassment, Report to any Staff Member and an Admin with your Screens and leave the situation immediately and/or log.

c. In terms of a concern of a power, please submit the power and the comparable chart plus a screen in the instance of the power being used to the Mechanic of your choice. The rules currently will apply in this case unless it involves the instance in which a DM is overseeing a Permadeath Fight. In which you may reserve the choice outlined in the next section in the rules regarding Permadeath.

d. In the event that this is taking place on the Forum, please contact the Forum Moderator, or Forum Admin with a link to the thread in question, the name of the offending party and the exact sentence in a quote.

2. Concern regarding in-character individual circumstance:

a. My character, I feel is lacking a promotion that is due for him/her. Should you feel this is the case, please address the issue with your Faction Leader DM; and provide to them an explanation of your reasoning plus the age of your character via the Forums.

b. Situations regarding Permadeath. Should you feel that the measure of the RP was worth more than the amount declared you may send to one of the Admins the appropriate evidence, witnesses and screenshots and the Death will go to a vote should there be reasonable doubt. Concerns in an unfriendly manner towards the staff at the time of death will result in a minimum wait of week to process or denial depending with further penalty on the manner of which you treated them. In this event the DM offended will supply screenshots and/or witnesses in the same manner of which you have also placed a concern.

c. I wish to change villages or become a Missing Ninja. Speak with both the Lead Faction DM and the desired Lead Faction DM in a conversation in the forums in a multi-recipient PM, in this they will help you adjust your RP or reject the RP at this time. Both will require the co-operation of the Factions involved as this is no small or trivial matter, and you must be made fully aware of the consequences of your actions; expectations and will involve a quiet or large event.

3. Disagreement over mechanics rulings:

a. Over a disagreement involving a Universal Ruling: Should a DM/Mechanic be present they reserve the right to make a temporary ruling for the situation provided they are not one of the parties involved in the fight. The rule in question is to be posted after the battle for discussion and debate regarding the ruling by the mechanics. In the lack of a non-involved staff member, or one choosing not to make a ruling, the rule is to be followed in situation by the RP in comparison. If the two players cannot come to a reasonable agreement/ maintain reasonable discussion the Player may choose to leave or come to an agreement to end the RP together in a agreeable manner. This may have IC/OOC repercussions based on behaviour or situation reported as a result of the disagreement present to the Faction DM.

b. I have an issue with another player’s power; the issue must be presented to a Mechanic with a comparable power, or screenshots of the power in use. As such they will bring the issue up for debate with the rest of the mechanics team, and balance accordingly notifying you of agreement or disagreement regarding the power.

c. I have an issue with my power/revision of my power. Please highlight the power in question, in case of an issue with a returned power. Please keep in mind the Mechanics will take their time first to explain and show the numbers behind it. Should you be dissatisfied with the explanation you may offer a counter-proposal, or if it is a universal change to a Clan/Bloodline you may offer a separate ability from the normal path. This may be done up to two times for the argument or additional if permitted by the Mechanic. If you are still dissatisfied please follow the escalation outlined in Section 6.

4. Disagreement during an event:

a. The DMs reserve all rights to include, or exclude any unreasonable parties who show up over or at random during the course of mission that does not pertain to them. Should you feel that you were deliberately excluded from an event that personally involved you, or your rank due to unfairness we encourage you to first and foremost speak to the DM after the event. Should you be unable to resolve it between the two of you please escalate the event.

b. Any disagreement with the ruling of the Event DM for the result of any non-OOC rule is to be spoken with the DM in question after the event has ended provided it does not fall under Section 2-B involving Permadeath. Should the disagreement be of issue after, you are to first direct your screenshots to the Lead DM in the case of Universal DM/Lead DM, or Faction Lead DM in case of Support DM.

5. Concern about a Staff Member:

Please begin by trying to resolve your personal concern with the offending party before moving on to their Supervising Staff Member via a PM:

a. For all concerns about Mechanics: Please see the Group Moderator. At present this is Pulawski

b. For all concerns about Universal DMs: Please contact the Lead DM.

c. For all concerns about Support DMs: Please contact the Faction Lead DM.

d. For all concerns about the Faction Lead DM: Please contact the Lead DM.

e. For all concerns about the Lead DM/Mechanics Moderator: Contact the Admin of Your Choice.

f. For all concerns about another Admin, please contact the next Admin you feel more comfortable with.

6. Escalating your Concern:

a. For all instances where you have had an issue, please follow the above pattern bringing with you any and all evidence, variation or witnesses that you have regarding the incident in question to the next tier. While we the Administration are always available to take your concerns, it is best to attempt to work with the parties whom are designated and devoted to helping resolve your issue in their department. Making no attempt to be reasonable (No proof of trying to peacefully resolve the issue or being abusive towards the party) may result in delays, or rejection of the concern.

b. For all issues in which you have been following the appropriate pattern and you yourself have been met with rudeness, unreasonable behaviour, bias or deliberately attacked for trying to be reasonable please send this directly to the Admin of your Choice with all of the evidence, variation or witnesses available to you and correspondence given.

Naruto-verse Staff wrote:
We the Naruto-verse Staff, will endeavour to do our best to help you resolve any concerns that may occur. Please do not contact any staff unless it is for emergency issues regarding concern issues outlined above when they are on the NWN Player Client. At any point you may contact the Staff on Player Client if the situation is of Section 2-B regarding Naruto-verse OOC Rule 5, regarding Sexual Harassment.

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Resolving Issues
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