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 State of the Server

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PostSubject: State of the Server   State of the Server EmptyMon May 25, 2015 6:05 pm

Hello everyone!

This is a status update to let everyone know things are coming along. Unlike other areas in the past which have taken pre-existing systems as they had always been and just making a server off of that, we are making our systems truly new and different.

We are writing a rich lore and story, and we are trying to put together a good way to help teach you guys, the players, how to use our new mechanics.

We have also looked at how leveling and RP tokens have worked, and we have revamped all this as well. We have questioned all the old systems, threw away most of them, and set to work creating a series of mechanics which are all built to work well together.

What this means is a more balanced, and enjoyable experience for everyone, but it takes us a bit more time to make sure we have it all ready for you.

In the next few days expect to see more clan and bloodline additions and lore updates, mechanics rules and tutorials, the rewards system, and all the other fun exciting things we are bringing you.

This post is mainly to let everyone know we are still alive and doing our thing.

Any questions or concerns? Please post in the 'Ask DM Jiraiya Anything' forum, PM me, or contact me on skype.

Thank you.
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State of the Server
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