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 Consulting the Loremaster

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DM Sakumo

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PostSubject: Consulting the Loremaster   Consulting the Loremaster EmptyMon May 25, 2015 6:11 pm

Hello everyone!
Before we begin, I would like to introduce myself. I am DM Sakumo, the loremaster of the server, and I am working with DMs Boruto, Jiraiya, Hiruzen, Ayame, and Obito, in order to create a consistent, immersive world for the players to live in. Some of you know me and some of you do not, but I am in charge of crafting and maintaining the world that you will be playing in! I will be progressing Story Arcs, managing world-shaping events, constructing our fearsome beasties [That's right, plural. You won't just be worrying about Bijuu this time around - but don't worry, you won't have to worry about them until you're all experienced Shinobi], and managing the diplomatic and political states of our various countries!

If you have any questions regarding the lore specifically, please do not hesitate to post any questions you may or may not have regarding the server lore. If possible, as questions are asked, I will try and construct a FAQ for people to reference regarding what will be and will not be present in this server setting. I am more than happy to answer any questions regarding the boundaries of the server setting, what is and is not possible in this rendition of Naruto lore, and any other questions related to the lore as a whole!

~DM Sakumo, Loremaster, Universal Event DM
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DM Sakumo

Posts : 190
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Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Consulting the Loremaster   Consulting the Loremaster EmptyMon May 25, 2015 6:12 pm

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, and their answers! As well, there are a number of questions that I have thought of that the players might want to know the answers to, and they can be found below.

"So. What exactly is our setting?"
Good question, reader! This server is set in the year SH 37 - or Shinobi 37. We are 37 years after the founding of Konohagakure, and we are more or less right before this server's rendition of the First Shinobi World War.

"SH? What is SH?"
Another good question! SH stands for 'Shinobi' or 'Shinobi Era'. We're going a slightly different route with time management and identification in the setting on this server. Instead of just saying 'before' or 'after' an event, we are going to try and create and maintain a timeline on important events in the server's history. We are also using SE, which stands for 'Sengoku' or 'Sengoku Era', also known in Naruto lore as the 'Warring States Period'.

The Sengoku Period begins with the foundation of the first Shinobi Clan - which is believed to be the Senju Clan. The Sengoku Period ends with the extermination of the Senju Clan after the Conflict of Three - in which the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans formed an alliance and eliminated the Senju Clan. The survivors of the Senju Clan are scattered, but any semblance of a Senju 'clan' have been eliminated. You can still play a Senju, but as of right now there are no plans to make them a clan that will be used in this setting. The Shinobi Period begins with the foundation of Konohagakure.

Times are written as 'SH X' and 'SE X' where X is the current number of years. Think of SE as 'B.C.' and SH as 'A.D.' if that helps!

"Shouldn't... the number go before the year?"
It should, but I've done a lot of writing and I'm lazy. So we're going with 'SH X' and 'SE X'.

"Wait a second. What was that thing about not having the Senju Clan!? They're a pivotal part of the story!"
Ah! Another great question! First, take a deep breath. Now take another. The Senju Clan is considered to be 'important' to Naruto Lore because of its founder and its ancestry, but this setting is using something a bit more believable and a bit less outlandish than 'Aliens from the moon came and gifted people with the power to use chakra'. I promise you'll hardly notice that they're gone. If you are looking for a substitute clan to play, the Sarutobi are an interesting clan that embody much of the Senju ideals, and were close allies of the Senju during the Sengoku period. Additionally, any clan can be created by players coming together to form them. While we are trying to avoid the creation of custom clans for the purposes of character creation, you are not limited in how you build your character or what specialties they create. We eagerly anticipate the creation of player clans through the course of roleplay!

Who knows? Maybe your clan will sponsor their own Kage one day!

"Alright. I guess I'll buy that. So where DID Shinobi come from?"
Don't we all wonder? Our history doesn't explicitly state how Shinobi came to pass, but there is one prevailing theory, as well as many lesser theories. Please note, we are NOT stating that any of these should be taken as fact. What your character believes is up to you.

The prevailing theory is called the 'Theory of Seven Sages'. In this theory, from three spiritual individuals came the Sages of Body, Mind, and Spirit. These three are said to embody the three primary forms of Shinobi Combat - Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu, respectively. They, then, went on to teach four other individuals their secrets, and from their teachings came the Sages of Steel, Sight, Seals, and Shadows - embodying Kenjutsu, Dojutsu, Fuuinjutsu, and Hijutsu, respectively. It is said that from these seven sages, the Shinobi Way was created, and the first people were taught from one of these seven sages. Every Clan or Bloodline is said to have been founded by members who were apprentices of these sages. Some clans, like the Hyuuga, Uchiha, and Anja, are said to be direct descendants of one of these sages - specifically the Sage of Sight, in this instance. These sages do not exist in this realm, physically, but the idea of them is very much alive throughout the two shinobi continents. As stated, there are a number of theories out there and players are encouraged to create their own!

"Mm.... Alright. I guess. So who founded the villages anyway? In fact, when were the other four villages founded?"
The other four villages took a little bit longer than Konohagakure to found, as a result of a general lack of 'oomf' in the clans in those areas. Fire Country is fortunate because of its centralized location, it's place near bodies of water and copious different types of terrain, and the large variety of Shinobi Clans there.

Konohagakure was founded in SH 0 by Uchiha Hatsuma and Hyuuga Jiizo. Uchiha Hatsuma held the title of Shodai Hokage, and Aburame A'nai holds the current title of Nidaime Hokage.

Sunagakure was founded in SH 2 by Moriya Sansuo. At the time of foundation, Sansuo would be referred to as 'Our Lord, Moriya'. After his death, his successor, Kowabari, would create the title of Kazekage, and bestow the title of Shodai Kazekage to Sansuo, before taking the title of Nidaime Kazekage for himself.

Iwagakure was founded in SH 3 by two female twins - these NPCs are not created yet, and will be unveiled as time passes. They are currently on their second Tsuchikage.

Kumogakure was founded in SH 5 by a woman who has not been created yet. She, too, will be unveiled as time passes. She is the oldest of the current generation of kage, but she is the second youngest founder. Kumogakure's Shodai Raikage is still alive.

Kirigakure was a little late to the game, and was founded in SH 12 by a male kenjutsu specialist. He is the youngest founder, and currently holds the position of first Mizukage. He has not been created yet.

"What? Why do only two of the villages have created NPCs? What gives?!"
In the interest in keeping the server from being too spread out and allowing the DMs to create as much immersion in their plots as possible, this server will focus - at least at launch - on Fire Country and Wind Country. Now - before you get upset - let me explain.

Neverwinter Nights is, unfortunately, a dying game. As a result, we're not entirely sure how many people are going to be playing with us when we launch - which sucks. We'd like to have as many people as possible, but we also want to make sure that our players all feel like they are a part of the server, and that they aren't being left behind. In order to facilitate this, we are starting with JUST Sunagakure and Konohagakure. There are currently systems in place, however, to support clans and bloodlines from the other three villages, but we're not going to be incorporating them until after launch, if at all.

Please don't be discouraged, however! You will get to see your favorite village in action at some point in the roleplay. We aren't forgetting about them, but the primary focus of the action is going to be on Konohagakure and Sunagakure.

"Ugh. Lame. But whatever, I understand."
Thank you for understanding. <3

"So why would I choose Sunagakure anyway? I mean. They've got puppets, I guess, right? But Konoha has all of the cool bloodlines!"
Whoa there! Let's not get hasty. We've added a number of incredible clans and bloodlines to Sunagakure! Sunagakure houses one of the three great Dojutsu Clans - which have been modified to allow for players to actually play all three Dojutsu as they are presented. The Rinnegan doesn't exist, but the Anja's Tenchogan[sp?] is just as exciting, I feel! Additionally, every clan and bloodline is balanced and the current power system we have ensures that ANY character can be as strong as any other, provided time is put in to fostering your character. Even a character from some erroneous clan could rise to greatness, so so don't be worried about bloodlines or clans!

"Alright, alright. I get it. So why would I pick one village over the other?"
Well. Part of it is, I'm sure, going to be which village your friends pick, but we encourage you to read into both villages before getting started!

Konohagakure was founded through a unified alliance and was founded after a small-scale conflict. As a result, Konohagakure has taken a more passive approach in their expansion. By using finances from their sponsoring country and performing missions, they have established themselves as the defenders of Fire Country, and are considered to be the more altruistic of the villages.

Sunagakure was founded through the determination of one man to ensure his family would be safe from harm, and thus went and subjugated the other clans and forced them to follow or be eliminated. In this, Sunagakure's backstory is significantly more aggressive and violent, and that definitely shows in its Shinobi. Sunagakure is considered a more offensive village that is used as a primary military force within Wind Country.

In fact, our initial plot revolves around Wind Country being an aggressive country, using Sunagakure as its sword, while Fire Country strikes out on the defensive, using Konohagakure as its shield.

"So... Konohagakure are the good guys and Sunagakure are the bad guys?"
Not... quite. Konohagakure has a much stronger sense of loyalty to each other and a much stronger sense of togetherness. They traditionally work better as a team, but are considered to be less ruthless and less opportunistic than their counterparts in wind country. Sunagakure, on the other hand, have a much stronger sense of devotion towards expansion and far more concern with the completion of the task at hand, than striking out to save one another in the line of combat. They are more opportunistic, more ruthless, and that personality will come out in their strategic choices when the larger-scale conflict is played out on the server.

Regardless, both villages consist of Shinobi and their families. The Shinobi of Konoha fight to defend their families and their homes, and the Shinobi of Suna fight to ensure their families and their homes are never in harm's way, and that their families have the resources they need to survive the desert.

There is no good or evil, merely a difference in personality. Each village will have their own distinct personality, but we really don't want to have players get hung up on 'good' or 'bad' guys. Both sides have the potential for victory or defeat.

"Alright. I think I get it. Now what if players want to change how their village runs? What if they want to try to ally themselves with the rest of the players on the server?"
We actually encourage you guys to do this! There will, of course, be laws in place that players will risk breaking in order to 'hang out' with their friends. Not every Shinobi has a bloodthirsty desire to kill whatever is in front of them, but all Shinobi are still subject to their village and country's laws and regulations. That doesn't mean these can't change. Through the usage of our legacy system and an encouragement of PC leadership, we WANT the villages to change and shift. We don't want both villages to be in a constant state of conflict, but we don't want them to always be allied either. The DMs are meant to present obstacles and conflicts that the players will have to engage and solve on their own, and there will rarely, if ever, be one solution to any one problem.

We don't want you guys to ever feel limited to the point of feeling insignificant. Will it be easy to get laws and regulations changed when you're inexperienced and still genin? No. But if you hold on to your values throughout your Shinobi's lifetime, you'll eventually reach a position where you have the authority to enact change - and we want you to.

"Alright. I think that's all the questions I have for right now."
Alrighty! Glad I could help! If you have any other questions, feel free to post in the thread below, and be sure to check back here for any additions!
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Consulting the Loremaster
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