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 Shirogane (Sunagakure)

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Sarada Uchiha
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PostSubject: Shirogane (Sunagakure)   Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:09 am

Shirogane Clan


The Puppet technique is one developed by a man called Monzaemon Chikamatsu who after settling in Sunagakure began to tinker on the idea of using Puppets as weapons during the First Shinobi Great War. Since then Monzaemon's teachings would be taught to shinobi of Sunagakure that were willing to succumb to the strenuous studies and learn the puppet technique. Since Monzaemon's death, the puppet technique would be passed down to families within Sunagakure in the hopes of securing Suna to time indefinite. Puppet-nin who have become true masters of the art, could later join a private organization known as the "Puppet Brigade" which is an association with some of the brightest minds in espionage, tactics, and ingenuity Suna has to offer.


Core Ability
Famed amongst the Shinobi of Sunagakure, the Shirogane Clan is one whom focuses upon the art of puppetry. While not all whom practice the art are of the Shirogane Clan, those whom are have greater prestige and advantage over others.

Base I: Gain Puppetry and Grade 1 Puppet.  4 CP to Summon, 2 CP Per Round.
Upgrade I: Grade 2 Puppet
Upgrade II: Grade 3 Puppet
Note: May be purchased multiple times, for additional puppets.

The Puppeteer is the mastermind behind the techniques, capable of more efficiently wielding their puppets.

Base I: +1 Puppet Rolls
Upgrade I: +2 Puppet Rolls
Upgrade II: +3 Puppet Rolls

The Ringleader, is the title that is given to the first summoned puppet that a Shirogane uses, generally they are more sturdy and hearty then the others with stronger materials that hold up under damage.

Base I: +3 First Puppet Summoned HP
Upgrade I: +5 First Puppet Summoned HP
Upgrade II: +8 First Puppet Summoned HP
Note: If paired with the Clever Strings ability, the user must denote the order of their puppets, with Ringleader going to the first puppet.

Clever Strings
These improved Chakra Strings used for puppets are sensitive, capable of enabling the Shirogane to perform delicate movements with even more impressive singular movements from a finger in order to manipulate multiple puppets at once.

Upgrade I: Max Puppets Controlled = 2
Upgrade II: Max Puppets Controlled = 3

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PostSubject: Re: Shirogane (Sunagakure)   Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:41 pm

Shirogane Clan Jutsu - HP DMG / Negatives

Chakra String Flanking
Attach a Chakra String to an object such as a ninja tool or peice of debri. Use the string to pull on it and toss it at an unexpected blindshot
Type/Rank: E-rank Puppet Ninjutsu (WIS)
Costs: 1CP
Effects: Single Target Attack. Deals base damage-D2. Lasts 1 round.
Note:Defenders take -1 to their defense rolls.

Adjust your posistion relative to your puppet and your target. You can influence how and when your opponent attacks with proper skill in this technique.
Type/Rank: E-rank Puppet Ninjutsu (WIS)
Costs: 1CP
Effects: Adds 1 extra round on to an on-going negative caused by the user of this jutsu.

Puppet: Twirl
Thrust your chakra strings forward and push your primary puppet into melee range of your opponent. Their limbs flail and twirl with blades, bludgeons and other weapons to harm.
Type/Rank: D-rank Puppet Ninjutsu (WIS)
Effects: Single target attack. Deals base damage+1d3

Puppet: Pressurize
Summon a temporary puppet of your own design. It should be fast and agile. Use both your temporary puppet and your primary puppet to harass the enemy into mistakes.
Type/Rank: C-rank Puppet Ninjutsu (WIS)
Costs: 4CP
Effects: Single Target Attack. Deals no damage. For D2+1 rounds, the target takes -2 to their Attack rolls.

Puppet: Subterfuge
Use your Puppet as a distraction to hide away from your enemy, leaving them unable to attack until they discover you.
Type/Rank: N-rank Puppet Ninjutsu (WIS)
Costs: 6CP
Effects: You cannot be targeted by enemies unless they beat you in a Physical Stealth vs. Physical Detection check. You gain +D4 Physical Stealth Rolls for D2+1 Rounds.
Note: To preform this jutsu, you need to have successfully hit the opponent with a puppet jutsu in the previous round.
Note: This does not avoid Chakra Detection.

Puppet: Fortress
Summon a temporary puppet of your own design, It should be large and able to take a significant beating.
Type/Rank: B-rank Puppet Ninjutsu (WIS)
Costs: 6CP
Effects: Defend Self. User gains +D2 to their Defence Roll.
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Shirogane (Sunagakure)
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