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 Creating Your Character: Ability Scores

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PostSubject: Creating Your Character: Ability Scores   Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:54 am

Creating Your Character: Ability Scores

Ability scores are one of the core pieces to our mechanics system. Everything you do, though it might be modified by other factors, comes down to a roll which involves your ability scores. Ability scores are increased as you level, and are purchased with RP Tokens. (More information can be found under RP token costs). These ability scores have different effects and bonuses the more points you put into them, and have an effect on the way you might choose to do battle with other players.

Ability Modifier Cap

Starting at Level 10, You may only have an ability modifier equal to half of your level rounded down. The maximum modifier you can have is a +20. There is no limit to how many modifiers you may purchase.


Strength is a characters physical power and muscle mass, combined to be raw brute force. This can of course manifest in many different ways, but it is one of the key aspects of some of the strongest, hardest hitting armed and unarmed combat techniques out there. It is used to block as a defensive action, and is one of two stats to perform Kenjutsu and Taijutsu, and increases the damage of those techniques.

8 STR Mod: +1 Physical Damage
11 STR Mod: D2 Physical Damage
15 STR Mod: D3 Physical Damage
20 STR Mod: D4 Physical Damage


Dexterity is a characters speed and coordination. Some of the fastest, and swiftest of characters use dexterity for battle, and it allows them to act quicker, and get out of the way of attacks before they get struck, or only take glancing blows.  This is one of the core traits one thinks of when they might think of a Ninja. Dexterity is used to roll initiative to determine who goes first in the turn order as well as to dodge as a defensive action and is one of two stats to perform Taijutsu and Kenjutsu. Increase your Dexterity gives DR, to emulate the speed of which you react to minimize damage.

8 DEX Mod: 1 DR/Hit
11 DEX Mod: D2 DR/Hit
15 DEX Mod: D3 DR/Hit
20 DEX Mod: D4 DR/Hit


Constitution is ones physical toughness. It is your ability to take a hit, shrug off poisons and diseases, and the ability to survive and hang on when the world just wants you to die. This attribute makes you able to shrug off and be a true survivor.

Your Constitution modifier is the amount of negative HP you can have before being killed.

HP is calculated as ½ Character Level + Constitution Stat + Bonuses


Wisdom is a characters understanding of their chakra network and their ability to mold and use their chakra for the arts of Ninjutsu. This is their ability to use this fundamental ninja art, and to perform a wide variety of special techniques to their advantage. Wisdom is utilized to use Ninjutsu, and increases Ninjutsu damage as it is increased.

8 WIS Mod: +1 Damage to Ninjutsu
11 WIS Mod: D2 Damage to Ninjutsu
15 WIS Mod: D3 Damage to Ninjutsu
20 WIS Mod: D4 Damage to Ninjutsu


A characters ability to reason and plot, think, and study. In our system, it involves how to create illusion, and how to create ways to disrupt the chakra network of an individual. It is used to perform Genjutsu, and increases Genjutsu damage as it is increased.

8 INT Mod: +1 CP Damage
11 INT Mod: +1 CP Damage
15 INT Mod: D2 CP Damage
20 INT Mod: +2 CP Damage


In many systems charisma is a personal magnetism and confidence, the ability to influence others and crowds, as well as ones social skills. We have decided instead to make this statistic responsible for how much Chakra one has in their body and their ability to control its use and how in depth a chakra system is. Charisma is used to calculate Chakra Points along with Level, and in the higher modifiers grants CP DR.

15 CHA Mod: 1 CP DR/Hit
20 CHA Mod: D2 CP DR/Hit

CP Calculated as ½ Level + Charisma Score + Bonuses

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PostSubject: Re: Creating Your Character: Ability Scores   Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:07 pm

Additional Ability Score rules/features

Great Ability Score feats are disallowed for any stat.
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Creating Your Character: Ability Scores
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