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 Advancing Your Character: Learning System

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PostSubject: Advancing Your Character: Learning System   Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:15 am

Learning Rules

In order to learn Jutsu on the server, players are required to have a Training Journal, and an Instructor whom is capable of teaching the technique selected and be capable of performing the technique. Once you have both of these, players will utilize their character’s Learning Points to learn the techniques received from an Instructor through the Learning Process. Here, we will guide you through the learning process with a demonstration and explanation of setting up your Training Journal, finding an Instructor and learning the actual Jutsu. If you require a reference at any time, the Example will be a formal thread in the Training Journal section here:

And All Formats are located in the below thread, and is a sticky topic at the top of the Training Journal Section with the example:

Step One: The Mandatory Training Journal

Upon creating your character, the second mandatory OOC requirement aside from the Biography is the Mandatory Training Journal. This sub-forum is located above the Biography Section. Topic title is always to be Character Name – Forum Username. This first post will look as follows:

Please note, you begin with two E-Rank Jutsus. These Jutsu can be selected from the following: Standard, Clan/Bloodline Standard and Free From Ability. You cannot have spent RP Tokens on them.

Step Two: Learning Points and Calculating Earth and Heaven Points

There are three types of points used for learning jutsu, Learning Points, Earth Points and Heaven Points. Learning Points, are universal points that can be applied to any learning techniques. Earth Points are used for Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and Tool Techniques. Heaven Points are used for Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

Every Character has only 5 LP, regardless of level.
Earth Points are calculated as ½ Highest Modifier out of STR/DEX/CON.
Heaven Points are calculated as ½ Highest Modifier out of WIS/INT/CHA.

These points refresh every daily, and you may learn a level of Jutsu in a day so long as your character has enough points, between their Base 5 LP, and their Heaven or Earth points as needed. If you have an exceptionally large number of points, you may technically learn more than one technique in a day, but no more than two.

Step Three: Instructors and Essential Lesson

In order to begin learning a technique, as with all incarnations of the server you will still require an Instructor. This instructor, must know the technique that you are learning or have access through approved means to acquire the knowledge for you. At this point, the Instructor will hold an RP Session with you, and you will follow the steps provided in the next section provided you can pay the Minimal Cost:

Your Minimal Cost is calculated as follows:

Difficulty LP Cost + 1 Type of LP = Minimal Cost.

Difficulty Cost is based off of your current level. Narutoverse: Great Shinobi Wars, believes that like in Canon all Shinobi, given enough time like Naruto can overcome the barriers through their own ingenuity, although it may have increased challenges. Difficulty must always be paid fully before anything form of learning can be applied.

RankLevel 10Level 20Level 30Level 40

Once you have a paid the Minimal Cost for the Learning Post, more points can be dedicated to continue to learn the technique at a later time, learn the technique if you have enough points now or continue an unfinished technique depending on the difficulty. The Sensei no longer needs to be present to spend LP on a technique after the Essential Lesson in game or on forums.

Additional Lessons

Additional Daily Lessons towards a technique with the Sensei are recommended, especially for difficult techniques as they grant a free 1 LP towards the technique.

(Please note: The Essential Lesson, can be conducted on the Forum or In-Game.)

Regarding Learning Customs

In light of the presence of Customs and their generally secretive nature, and the fact there is a not always a DM presence you now have the option of training in the RP forum and denoting that as your Sensei`s thread in your Training Journal. Please list the Sensei`s name as Custom. You must have either a witness or a forum post. You never automatically learn a Custom Jutsu.

Please note: This is still an in character thread, if your technique is large and explosive please make sure your character takes not if they want this to actually be secret. You must be able to pay the minimum cost and difficulty, and continue learning as normal.

Step Four: Learning Posts

After the lesson, you must post a Learning Post. This confirms that the lesson has occurred and you are spending your points on learning the basics of that technique at minimum, or if you decide to spend additional points towards completion of the technique. As stated in the previous section, you must always pay difficulty before you can place any points towards the progression cost of the Jutsu.

You use your Heaven or Earth points before using your basic 5 LP.

The amount of points needed to learn a Jutsu after Difficulty cost, are outline in the chart as follows.
RankPoints Needed

If you do not have enough LP to learn a technique in a single day, you will record how many points you put towards a technique in your characters Training Journal, and once enough points have been put in, you have learned the technique.

The Learning Post, always has the format as shown below:

It must then be added to your official list of jutsu in your biography.

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Advancing Your Character: Learning System
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