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 Battling As Your Character: Dice Fight System

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PostSubject: Battling As Your Character: Dice Fight System   Mon Jun 08, 2015 2:50 am

Dice Fight System

Although we have many, many aspects of our traditional system, Naruto-verse: The Great Shinobi Wars Dice System remains essentially the same in some regards. However, the numbers here are not the same in past incarnations as the Shinobi embrace the new Power Point Slot System and easier numbers. This section, covers the use of Dice Fight System and the changes made due to the new mechanics.

Roll Bonuses And Stacking Bonuses

Many players wil be utilizing bonuses in their slots. There are three kinds of bonuses, Normal Bonus (+ X Ninjutsu, or +X Element), Jutsu Bonus and Stat Bonus. This is how stacking Bonuses would work.

Rolling an attack to hit with a Wind Ninjutsu we have: +4 Jutsu Bonus, +2 Wind Rolls, +2 to Ninjutsu, +1 to WIS rolls.

Out of these bonuses +4 Jutsu Bonus is the highest.

Therefore, the +2 to Ninjutsu is halved making it +1.

The +2 to Wind Rolls is also halved making it +1.

The WIS Bonus, being a Stat Bonus, is a static number.

The Final Result: +4 (Jutsu Bonus) +1 (Wind Bonus) + 1 (Ninjutsu Bonus) +1 (WIS Bonus) = 7

Stages of Combat


Initiative is rolled at the beginning of combat using DEX + Bonuses. The turns progress in order from highest, to lowest. If you join into the battle in the middle of a round, you go at the end of that round.

Start of Your Turn

Passive Abilities, such as regeneration, DR/Round, and other such abilities happen first.

Attack, Defense and Free Actions

You may then choose any jutsu you know, or a basic attack to use in battle. Ability score bonuses to damage only apply once per Jutsu, even if the Jutsu has multiple hits or is a damage over time. Any abilities which effect that jutsu, only happen once per jutsu. You must openly state what Jutsu you are using.

You then roll your attack roll. By default, STR/DEX are used for Taijutsu/Kenjutsu, WIS is used for ninjutsu, and INT is used for Genjutsu. All targets are entitled to a defense roll, unless under the effect of a jutsu that states they do not.

STR is used to block, DEX is used to dodge, WIS can be used to defend if a Ninjutsu allows them to do so. INT or WIS can be used to defend against Genjutsu. Players may choose to use defensive jutsu at this time. If the jutsu does not state it may be used in defense, you may still use it, but none of the dice fight effects will take effect. You simply succeed in defending against the attack.

Your basic attacks deal your base damage. Your jutsu add onto this basic damage unless stated otherwise.

Level 10: 1d4 Base Damage
Level 20: 1d6 Base Damage
Level 30: 1d8 Base Damage
Critical Hits always deal 2x Base Damage, and never include bonus damage unless otherwise stated.
Critical is done by rolling the critted dice twice. Do not 2x A single roll.
Critical Hits only apply on the primary attack unless the character has a slot saying otherwise.
Bonus damage only applies once per round.

Example: Choosing to use a Fireball jutsu to defend against a lightning jutsu. If you use the fireball and roll higher than the lightning attack, you simply cancel it out, pay the CP, but do not do any damage or other effects to the attacker.

If any of your jutsu are considered a free action, only one may be used per round.

When your turn has ended, state that it is done.

Stuns can exist on some jutsu. These will have a listed stat to break the stun, and the DC for doing so will be stated on the jutsu that caused the stun. If you cannot break the stun you cannot attack or defend for yourself without a power allowing you to. Attempting to break a stun is a free action on your turn.

You may choose to defend for another person, so long as it is stated prior to an attack roll being made. This takes the users turn unless something specifies otherwise.

Escaping From Combat

To escape from battle, you roll DEX. It can be done with another ability score so long as some kind of jutsu is used to explain how. You do not need to roll against stunned opponents, and escape rolls can be done on their turn as a free action. Defending and trying to stop an escape attempt is also a free action. On a failed attempt, all parties take their turn as normal.

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PostSubject: Re: Battling As Your Character: Dice Fight System   Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:20 am


Stuns break upon being hit (Does not need to be damage).
Stun DC's break upon being met (equal to Stun DC is a break).
Stun DC's do NOT degrade over time.
Physical stuns are broken with Constitution.
Mental Stuns are broken with Charisma.

Stun break DC's

RankStun DC

Durations - Extra

The +Duration bonus adds duration to other effects on top of base duration. (So 1 JP in duration will provide 1 duration+1 base duration for a total of 2 duration).
Adding Duration to an existing duration falls under stacking rules. (50% Effective)


Ninjutsu, when utilizing Elements or Other Effects, carries with it at an additional property called Specialties. Specialties are defined individually by Element. This means that techniques in those elements focus on a particular type of effect when used and receive an increased bonus when created in comparison to other elements trying to perform a non-specialty task. This can vary from Katon’s AOE Damage, to Medical’s Healing. The table below lists all Standard available Elements, and their specialties.

All +Element and Kekkei Tota, and SPPC's must have one of the following listed as their primary "base" element. They do not benefit from any benefits they have to that element, however anything aimed at that base element, also functions against their Custom element. This is for example, 4 DR vs Water would work towards an Ice Jutsu with Water primary.

Mechanical = Tools/Puppets.
Animals = Pets/Summon/Cohorts
Elements: Wind/Fire/Water/Earth/Lightning/Yin/Yang/Fuuinjutsu
Hard = Styles that are Offense Based.
Flow = Styles that are Defense Based.

Element Speciality
FireDoT (Damage over Time)/HP Damage
EarthHP DR/Crit Range
WaterHP Damage/HP DR
WindHP DR Pierce/Crit Range
LightningNegatives/HP DR Pierce
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Battling As Your Character: Dice Fight System
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