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 Sunagakure General Law

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PostSubject: Sunagakure General Law   Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:19 pm

DM Ayame wrote:
Sunagakure General Law

The laws expressed within are in addition to or in replace of, laws set by the honorable Wind Daimyo and his council. Provisions regarding theft, assault, murder, fraud, treason, etc. in Wind country law are to be followed unless otherwise superseded by the laws within Sunagakure. Sunagakure City-State Law is divided into three categories of law; Civil, Shinobi and Outsider Law. Those who are recognized as Shinobi must follow both civil and shinobi law while those who are not recognized as shinobi must follow only civil law.
Civil Law

  1. A civilian of Sunagakure is defined as any person or persons loyal to wind country and has been given permission to live and operate within Sunagakure. Gaining such permissions requires individuals to submit themselves for physical and background checks.

  2. All civilians of Sunagakure have permission to move and gather within the village as they please. The kazekage and council reserve the ability to declare gatherings as 'unlawful' and may take reasonable steps to disperse such gatherings to maintain the peace and order of Sunagakure.

  3. Crimes committed by civilians against civilians should be reported to village guards and processed via civil courts. Crimes committed by civilians against shinobi are handled in the same manner; however, leaders of recognized Sunagakure clans may apply a judgement of their own before reporting such to the council authorities. Refer to shinobi law for details on this matter.

  4. No dumping of waste material or other contaminants are permitted within 20 miles of Sunagakure. It must be done within designated dumping areas.

  5. No transactions within Sunagakure may be preformed purely with barter. At least 50% of the total value of the exchange must be in coin. 5% of this is then payed to the Sunagakure's coffers as transaction tax; it is the sellers responsibility to full fill this tax.

  6. Civilians must follow the orders of ranked shinobi in times of crisis. Civilians are expected to comply with orders for their safety.

Shinobi Law

  1. Shinobi are not allowed to leave the Village demesne without approval from the Kazekage's Office.

  2. As mentioned in <civil law:3>, Recognized clans have the right to enact punishment to those who commit crimes against them. Such may be monetary, service or corporal punishments depending on the severity of the crime. However, they are obligated to turn the criminal in to council proceedings in a state fit to attend

  3. All Shinobi have the right to teach their legal charges what techniques and knowledge they wish (exceptions apply). However, all shinobi wishing to become sanctioned by the Suna Council must attend and pass one of the locally held academies. Attendance is mandatory.

  4. Exceptions to what may be taught amongst free shinobi of Sunagakure include jutsu that have been forbidden. Any jutsu may be forbidden due to many factors including: Stress to the user, Serious moral implications, dangers to village security, Unnecessary cruelty or humiliation to the target.

  5. Two shinobi may not engage in combat legally within the reach of Sunagakure. Only sparing and training is permitted in pre-designated areas and at the consent of all participants. A jounin training their genin charges via a 4-man cell does not require the consent of the genin.

  6. All shinobi must follow orders from their superior officers at all times. Exceptions to this are orders that may compromise missions, endanger lives unnecessarily or break other laws within Sunagakure.

  7. A shinobi must keep their weaponry sheathed at all times when within the village limits and not in combat. They are to remain in their most relaxed state of chakra and otherwise have other jutsu in the minimum most form. To disobey this law is to raise suspicion about your intentions. Village Guards have exception to this law.

  8. During times of crisis, All shinobi within the village that are able to fight are to rise and report for combat or other duties. They act as village guards in the respective duties they have been assigned by their commanding officers.

Outsider Law

  1. Outsiders are civilian or shinobi individuals that originate from countries outside wind and otherwise have previously owed loyalty to other ninja villages or clans not recognized by Sunagakure.

  2. Outsider civilians seeking refuge or trade must submit themselves for full searches of their equipment and their person and be approved to be allowed within village limits.

  3. Outsider shinobi must surrender themselves outside the village limits to village guardians or to borders guards when further afield. They must be held in prison as enemies until the Sand council decides to hear their case.

  4. Outsider civilians are entitled to being warned of their trespass if they do not allow for such and must be escorted out of Sunagakure if they do not comply.

  5. Outsider shinobi not of bingo book fame are to be captured rather than killed. If they do not comply to surrender orders, they are to be disabled with as much force as necessary.

  6. Outsider shinobi within the bingo book are to be considered enemies and contained as per the instructions of the bingo book entry on them.

  7. Shinobi who betray the loyalties of Sunagakure are to be known as Missing Ninja and are considered treasonous enemies that are to be captured or contained as per their bingo book entries.

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Sunagakure General Law
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