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 Advancing the World: Lore

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PostSubject: Advancing the World: Lore   Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:55 pm


  • SEThe Sengoku Epoch, Characterized by independent Shinobi Clans vying for territory, influence, and control in their respective countries. During this time, the Great Shinobi Countries are referred to as the Five Great Nations. All nations field a militia or standing army of some type. These soldiers are relatively ill-equipped, but suit the purposes of the countries. Shinobi are, by and large, hired for most things required by the Nations. The beginning of this epoch is marked by the formation of Fire Country and its first declaration of war for territory. This epoch's end is marked by the extermination of the Senju Clan at the hands of Hyuuga Jiizo and a distinct settling down of both National and Shinobi conflict. This epoch has lasted approximately five hundred years.

  • SHThe Shinobi Epoch, Characterized by the formation of the first Hidden Villages. This is the current Epoch. The Five Great Nations are known as the Great Shinobi Countries. Four major Hidden Villages are considered to be established by SH 12. This epoch’s marked beginning occurs with the official establishment of Konohagakure under the Founder and Shodai Hokage Uchiha Hatsuma, and the Co-Founder Hyuuga Jizo.

  • Seven Sages TheoryThere are many theories as to the beginning of the Shinobi. While players are free to come up with their own and believe in what they wish to believe, the Seven Sages theory is the prevailing theory as to how the first Shinobi came to pass. Before there were Shinobi, there were the Seven Sages. Before there were Seven Sages, there were Three. These first three Sages are recognized as the Sages of Body, Mind, and Spirit, individually. These sages are responsible for the eventual development of the forces behind Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu. At some point, these three sages then took on four apprentices - the Sages of Steel, Sight, Seals, and Shadows. From these four sages came their relative subsects - Kenjutsu, Dojutsu, Fuuinjutsu, and Hijutsu. All Shinobi are either genetically descended from one of these seven sages, or have been taught by someone who has. Some examples of how these directly correlate - many people believe that the Uchiha, Hyuuga, and Anju are directly linked to the Sage of Sight, while the Akimichi are directly linked to the Sage of Body. The Jikodo, on the other hand, are said to be directly linked to the Sage of Spirit, and the Yamanaka to the Sage of Mind. The only Sage who is said to have no links to any Shinobi in existence is the Sage of Shadows, and he is considered to be responsible for the idea of hidden techniques that cannot be traditionally taught to Shinobi who do not first understand the basic concept of the technique - such as the Nara's Shadow Stitch Jutsu, the many Kinjutsu techniques throughout the villages, and other closely guarded secrets.

Quick Reference List

  • Below is a quick reference sheet of information for players and staff to refer to in order to get caught up on the overall plot, setting, and major events occurring in the world.

  • The current year is SH 37 [37th Year in the Shinobi Epoch]. We are in the third season. The trees have taken brilliant hues of reds, oranges, and yellows, and autumn is upon us. For many villages, it is harvest season. For a Shinobi, it is the time when many villages scramble for help and assistance to protect their hard-earned food and craft.

  • The five great villages have come into existence over the course of the last few decades, and are focusing on expansion, establishing diplomatic repute, and building a strong foundation to create their legacy.

  • The stage is currently set on the borders of Fire Country and Wind Country - where the lesser countries of River and Rain are the current subject of a struggle of power between the two aforementioned Great Nations. While River Country has begun the establishment of their own ninja village, they are still less than a decade old, and Rain country has no such shinobi force with which to defend themselves.

  • Wind Country has declared that River and Rain Country are officially expansions of Wind Country’s territory, declaring their informal annexation. In response, these two lesser nations have taken the opportunity to request aid from Fire Country, who has taken the chance to increase their standing amongst the other nations.

  • Fire Country and Wind Country stand on the edge of war, with either side waiting to see who will cast the first stone. Wind Country grows continuously impatient and Nidaime Kazekage Kowabari remains in constant insistence for the Wind Daimyo to make a formal declaration of war against Fire Country. In Fire Country, Nidaime Hokage Aburame A’nai has been recommending to the Fire Daimyo to maintain peace and remain on the defensive, while her many advisors are clamoring for the chance to enact revenge against Sunagakure for the death of their Hokage.

Important Years

SE 4 = Beginning of the Uchiha-Hyuuga-Senju conflict.

SE 3 = Official alliance between the Uchiha and Hyuuga Clans.

SE 0 = Official end of the Uchiha-Hyuuga-Senju conflict - death of Senju Madahara and the recognized extermination of the Senju Clan by the Uchiha-Hyuuga alliance.

SH 0 = Official foundation of Konohagakure by Uchiha Hatsuma and Hyuuga Jiizo.

SH 2 = Official foundation of Sunagakure by Moriya Sansuo.

SH 3 = Konohagakure is recognized and formally sponsored by Fire Country. Official foundation of Iwagakure.

SH 5 = Sunagakure is recognized and formally sponsored by Wind Country. Official foundation of Kumogakure.

SH 6 = Iwagakure is recognized and formally sponsored by Earth Country. Kumogakure is recognized and formally sponsored by Lightning country.

SH 12 = Unofficial foundation of Kirigakure.

SH 22 = Kirigakure is recognized and formally sponsored by Water Country.

SH 28 = Wind Country has begun enlisting senior Shinobi to function as military leaders within Wind Country’s standing military.

SH 32 = Shodai Kazekage Moriya Sansuo dies due to mysterious causes. Assassination is suspected, but unable to be proven. Nidaime Kazekage Kowabari is appointed by his peers and by the Wind Daimyo.

SH 33 = Fire Country has begun enlisting senior Shinobi to function as military leaders within Fire Country’s standing military.

SH 35 = Shodai Hokage Uchiha Hatsuma is ambushed on a diplomatic mission to Wind Country. His entourage is eliminated and he manages to escape back to Konohagakure with mortal wounds. Later that year, he succumbs to his injuries and dies. Nidaime Hokage Aburame A’nai is appointed by her peers.

SH 36 = The Fire Daimyo officially recognizes Aburame A’nai as the Nidaime Hokage. Wind Country declares the countries of Rain and River to be official parts of Wind Country’s territory. Rain and River Country request assistance from Fire Country to defend their independence.

SH 37 = Fire Country declares Rain and River country to be officially independent. Konoha shinobi and Fire Country military operations move into Rain and River country to assist in their defensive preparations. Suna shinobi and Wind Country military operations establish outposts on the western border of River Country and southwestern border of Rain Country.

Miscellaneous Information

Playable Villages: Konohagakure, Sunagakure
Playable Clans/Bloodlines: All
Bijuu Spotted: 0
Kaijuu Spotted: 0

Diplomatic Relations
Wars Declared: None
Alliances Declared: Iron-Snow Alliance, Sea Country - The Islands Alliance

Current Map
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PostSubject: Re: Advancing the World: Lore   Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:43 pm

The Winds of Time

  • The Winds of Time represent the speed at which time is moving, and come in a variety of speeds: halteddraggingmovinghurried, and blistering. These speeds represent how fast time changes will occur, with blistering speeds changing time at the time of reference [I.E. changing time at a period similar to that of the original ratio].

Current Time
37 Shinobi [SH], Season of Joy [2nd Season]
The Winds of Time are moving.

The Season of Joy is one so beautifully impacted on the world, one where even in times of war one can wear a smile. It is the season of the one before the Season of Harvest, contrasting Harvest’s own orange hues to those of Joy’s, with the green's, brilliant colors, bright lights, and heated air wafting across that may be a bit of swelter, but it is still a time of year which things are joyous, parades are held, and it runs before the heavy Harvest and pulling of crops to store and use for the Seasons of Hearth. The Season of Joy is often one where trade routes are shorter, but money is now as high as that of Life. The merchants travelling across the Wind Country are often faced with less profit due to the climate and sweltering heat, and often must find more specific watchers for their Caravans. However, that also means more jobs open, and alternative routes of travel become available. Seafaring time around this Season is a large factor, and rolling across the blue is certainly something that is fairly common in missions this time of the year.

[Credits given to Sakumo may he never be FORGOTTEEEEEEEEEeeeeeennn..]
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Advancing the World: Lore
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