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 Wisdom of Takara (Solo)

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PostSubject: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Thu Jun 18, 2015 2:48 pm

The First Wisdom the Sages had to acknowledge was when to sit down and rest....

Earth and Leaf.
For a young woman becoming a shinobi, the differences were minute, but visible. The lack of respect towards the elders, the greater clans and the higher ranks was astonishing. Leaf seemed to be, from an outside, a sprawling chaos and anarchy. Genin were left without supervision and were left unpunished when they misbehaved. There was no firm grasp of Hirarchy nor a scramble for the top, kicking downward and standing upon the top of ones lesser peers. No politics or threats to back up ones rise to power.
Such things Sumiko would understand.
Beneath the surface, however, she found Leaf to be a highly spiritual place of power. Individual strength was respected and nurished, like so many of the trees and the surfaces of green in this Country. Left to grow wild instead of being rigerously planted as it may have been done in a less lush place. What the superiors, and, in many ways, the other genin did was trim and encourage more than they did actually mold any of their students or peers.

Suprisingly enough, it worked. In every generation, there were the natural leaders, the natural manipulators who wished to see their peers grow into trusting comrades who would not question when the time for sacrifice came. Unsuprisingly enough, Sumiko was one of those. Less obvious, she was vaguely at the top of the pecking order, garnering trust without revealing too many secrets and weaknesses.
This worked, too.
She was like an infiltrator, staying amongst the crowd and slipping a knife into her targets. Pride of one.... Foolishness of another..... fear of a third..... She was one of the shapers of a generation.
"Manipulate the soul of a Shinobi and you manipulate the Shinobi."
Thank you, father. She could create a turmoil and be at the centrepoint of it all. Fullfill her dreams without being scorched by the destruction.
The underestimation of her peers due to the lack of her abilities.
A unique bloodline to study and to grasp.
The battle movements of the Hyuuga.
The gratitude of an Uchiha.
To carefully manipulate events most favourable for herself.

Sumikos lip twitched as she sat in silence under a great tree in her families compound, learning more about herself in silent meditation.
One can be suprised what horrors are under the surface of a smiling face.

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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:02 pm

The Second Wisdom the Sages had to acknowledge was to look for wisdom inside themselves...

Spiritual Guidance.
Leaf Genin were starving for approval. Encouragement for their efforts. This was not a principle new to Sumiko, as positive reinforcement could be utilised to push or to manipulate someone. But this made negative reinforcement a harder task. Death as a punishment was not a common thing in the Leaf and especially not under the unruly Genin. Physical punishment was almost absent and their ability to mentally torment was stunted.
Their lifestyle was softened by the simple land they were surrounded by, lush and rich.
But on the core, the Shinobi were determined, albeit undisciplined.
It was up to the teachers to change this and to cut away from them the childishness. Sumiko herself saw her position as lucky. She had teammates who would accept death when it became a certainty and necessity. As, Sumiko wished, she could accept it one day, fighting to the end.
Duty before Honor.
Honor of the Clan before personal Honor.
Honor before Friendship.
Friendship before everything else.
We are Duty.
We are Takara.

Thank you, Father. The teachings of the new generation of Genin, Sumiko recognised early on, could be directed by her. People listened to a gentle voice and someone who had grown up much more difficulty. They saw her as a mental superior when all she did was defend herself in the mud and dirt against half a dozen others as a small child. The training methods of Earth were much harsher. But the spirit of the Leaf was not to be underestimated. It would be virtually impossible to defeat them on the battlefield without killing all of them.
As for the Genin, they were quickly growing. Death and maiming had surrounded them swoftly and they had tasted defeat. It would not stop them. Instead, the training was virtuous, almost as if they were waiting for a chance to prove themselves.
Discipline needs to be restored. Genin need to acknowledge their weaknesses and to learn to work together. They need to know their role and to be untouched by fear or urge to prove themselves.
Sumiko would work on them. Because that is what she did. Work on them for every passing day until their mindsets were changed.... forever.

The young woman sat in silence still. Several Takara were watching her occasionally. An elder nodded approvingly at her concentration as she became one with herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:04 am

The Third Wisdom the Sages had to acknowledge was that all life was sacred and that no life was sacred...

Between Heaven and Earth
Everything is a weapon. That was a principle Sumiko understood perfectly well. Here, everyone seemed to define themselves with a singular stability. Deception was a weapon few honed and practiced. Manipulation was an art which was relished little in Konoha. It came down what anyone believed was right before they made others believe. An almost childish view of the world was boiled down to its bare bones.
You are cursed to always search for new weapons until everything is a weapon for you.
Thank you, Father. At this point in time, it was simply enough to hone your weapons. But Sumiko sometimes found herself hard pressed to accept the guillable faces and moldable minds of Konoha. Like sheep. But then, this was mayhaps the greatest deception. Because Konoha, much to her suprise, had individuals of both strength and keen spirit, truly kind and strong who understood, but did not judge. Or did they? Sometimes, even she had problems to identify if she herself was the target of an inquisitive spirit or if someone merely would show some interest.
And then they imbalanced her by falling head over heels for her! Constantly!
This was as flattering as it was vexing. A man unsure of his future, another willing to drop his for her. Boys of all ages where a man should have been. And a genuine, albeit sloppy, attempt of murder from a scorned girl. Childish!
She had seen the Women of the Land of Fire and found them as pleasent to the eye as expected. Nor, once you dug from the surface, were theit minds as empty as someone may expect and, albeit crass in their speech and without restraint, they were keen enough minds to run a household and keep their husbands money.
Instead, it was Sumiko who was being targeted. She considered for the umpteenth time to take a powerful shinobi as a lover in order to ward off other hopefuls. Then she threw away this. It was a waste. Romance, despite being played up too often, was a work of art and marriage a goal which was worthy.
Instead, she just prepared to let the suitors meet the family.

A young Takara-girl put an Umbrella over her when it started to rain: A feeble protection against the winds as Sumiko was made a plaything of the elements. She did not move. And she moved faster than anticipated.
The Elder watched from the doorframe but did not wake her. He merely accepted that it was a dangerous, foolish, journey and attempt. Maybe he would interfere before she was dead. Maybe he would neglect his duty.
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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:33 am

The Fourth Wisdom the Sages had to acknowledge was that it didnt matter what kind of person you were, but that you reached a balance of spirit, body and soul....

Irony seemed to be the most deadly thing being faced. The Irony of Trust. The Irony of Caring. And the irony of carefully being drawn it. How much can you distance yourself when you are in the middle of so much happening? And how hard is it to emotionally detach yourself once you get attached? Some people seemed to have little problem with that. Which was why Sumiko was so good at what she was doing.
People are inherintly weak. They will cover that weakness and attempt to make themselves seem stronger. Show weakness and they will feel superior.
Thank you, Father. Her life was a turmoil. More correctly, she was the center of a storm brewing all around her. And detachment was suddenly so very hard to do. No. It was still easy if she just concentrated enough and calmed herself.
It was all a lie and a facade. So much work being put to the test while men made fools of themselves around her to impress and make demands of her.
The face of the boy who died at her hands at the demands of another. The guilt and the pain both for her and the man who had once been his best friend and now tried desperatly not to make her responsible for the death.
More turmoil all around her. Bend, but do not break? How quaint the Leaf lived. As if the elements could not touch and could not reach. As if they were detached from life itself and without roots. Pride was a good thing all of a sudden.
It made her retch when she thought about it.

When her eyes opened, they saw the world before her. Every living being, every breath taken. The silence and the noise both were consuming and she clung to herself in desperation to not get lost. She was the Rock and she took command. And then she saw the Path.
And rose smoothly.

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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:06 am

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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:21 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Tue Jul 14, 2015 6:32 pm

The fifth Wisdom the Sages had to acknowledge was that Tears were as powerful as Blood...

Taisuke was dead. Executed by the woman the Rock has sworn her service to. And the Rock cried out to heavens for his death. But his hold over her endured and the Rock continued to weep and cry in anguish and anger until she thought she would burst. But she would not break, not shatter, nor cry outside of privacy.
Never let them see your real tears.
Thank you, Father. She felt nothing after his death. Rage made way to depression, depression to acceptance too swiftly. She could be angry at herself for accepting the fate too swiftly, knowing that he had, in fact, taken his fate and accepted it willingly. So instead be heated her soul in iron, beat it with depression and then formed it to an core of determination.
Things were thrown her way she could not handle, but the path suddenly opened for her and she saw light. She knew what to do and what path to take and it would be the fiercest and strangest path yet. A path which could lead to her destruction, following in the wake of Taisuke, the Traitor.
She knew that she could not allow him to control her life, especially not after death, but she would neither allow his name and his message to her to go to waste. He put his trust into her and so she labored to do him proud.

She disregarded her families words and motions. Only her father followed her when she entered the study and started to write in fine letters. He sat down opposite of her as she worked for hours, drinking tea and waving everyone away who would disturb the two. He said nothing nor did he inquire or peek but look at her face often. When she was done and sat with hung shoulders, he reached out and took the scroll.
When he was done reading, he reached over and took her shoulder. "You are my daughter" were the only words he said, not commenting her face wet with tears.
The tears she shed were both pride and the agony of the memory of Taisuke.
It was a good start.
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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:10 pm

The Sixth Truth the Sages had to acknowledge was that power could be granted, acquired or stolen. But it could not simply be taken away...

Some duties were harder to fulfill than others. For a young woman stuck between squabbeling children and disapproving adults with squinty eyes looking for weakness, it was oftentimes bemusing when you were good at your job. And she was very good.
Practice to smile even to the worst of enemies. See them, understand them and prepare to kill anyone at a moments notice.
Thank you, Father. But this time, it was going to be her personal victory. To use the system, not be controlled by it. To gain power and prestige and caring little about who was left ground into the dust. Soon, indeed. She licked her lips, prepared and counted the bodies to throw at her whim. Oh, she would see that they survive to be witness and to speed her ascend, but if they died, would she really be sad?
The answer, sadly, was yes. But her parents can not know, albeit they suspected, surely. She must reach the next step, clear the next challenge, then surely she would avoid suspicion completly....

Ashan gave her a few moments to collect herself, then watched his daughter.
"You look weak. Go and see that you do not make it a habit." Of course not.... Takara may never look weak unless they wish to. She sometimes did, because it was expected. Now, however, she was truly weak and not allowed to.
"Sumiko." The voice of her father stopped her when she was about to exit silently after bowing to him. She turned her head only half-way, seeing him sip his tea and look into the distance, not at her. A sign that bad news were following.
"You are not done yet. You have some strength, but you are also very weak. Do not disappoint and stay focused.... for once." Sumiko accepted to be treated like a child silently.
"Yes, Father."
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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   Fri Jul 24, 2015 12:32 pm

The Seventh Truth the Sages had to acknowledge was that what they had accomplished would baffle the world and make it try to emulate or control them. And so they became uncontrolled....

Sometimes, it would be easier to just get married, get pregnant as fast as possible and forget the notion of all burdens. She was skilled enough to make a living even if her husband were to leave her or die. There was no need to endanger yourself anymore. But that was not her way. Not really.
Instead, she was one who lived for danger and grew with it. Very few actually saw the progress. It was not as bright as that of some, as promising and dangerous that it needed to be forcefully stunted like that of Kinnojo.
Or that of a determined young man who slowly turned into a Monster like Ichirou.
Or that of a genius who was going to gain the credit of a great clan like Kazumi.
Or that of the celebrated child who achieved and sought out new Jutsu constantly like Shiori.
Her progress was more subtle. That of a skilled person becoming an expert. While her additional progress was a part hidden away, kept secret. It did not really matter to her if anyone were to find out.... She was followed constantly, after all.
When someone follows you have to find out if they do it to catch up or to track your movements. Either way, manipulate them.
Thank you, Father. Growth was in her hand, clenching to a fist. And she was proud of her achievements. To keep ones nature secret is a dangerous game as it may always simply pour out and dominate you when last expected.
Sumiko had warded herself against that. Now, however, she realised that to evolve, to gain the next step was to merge with herself and become something greater once more.

Takuma watched her efforts. It was not that this was not entertaining, but it was not quite what he had had in mind. The girl found a mountain simply to climb it and stand on top of it. She looked brilliant.
He pushed his glasses back and watched the wild girl. Takara Sumiko, eh? Time to make the world acknowledge that name.
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PostSubject: Re: Wisdom of Takara (Solo)   

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Wisdom of Takara (Solo)
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