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 Mission Report: Extraction

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PostSubject: Mission Report: Extraction   Fri Jun 19, 2015 1:35 am

Title (Sneaky Sins in Sand!) - (C)

I was assigned as leader of the second squad for the extraction mission to recover Sergeant Mate Itsuda before he gave up vital intelligence.

Squad 2 followed in Squad 1's wake looking for an opportunity and found our way deeper into the camp while Squad 1 was fighting. We found prisoners being interrogated but weren't able to rescue them because we were already in motion and co-coordinating an effective intervention without a planning phase was beyond our skill as we hadn't worked together before.

The Kunoichi coordinating the interrogation left to interrogate two 'officers' and Squad B followed and explored the cave structure that had been hidden by Jutsu. We killed several of the enemy soldiers by guile and stealth and I adopted a disguise to preserve some cover for our flank.

I'shmel was scouting with Squad 1 when they caught up with us and said he'd found someone that needed extraction so I took that role, after finding that it wasn't the target but that he wasn't aware of where the target was. I made the mistake of assuming that meant our target wasn't there and worked on getting him out.

Afterward I found out that the target had to be killed to prevent interrogation and that the mission was considered successful by the barest pass. I was told never to leave my Squad like that again.

We did extract Corporal Takayama (or Lieutenant) for debrief and hopefully he has some information about his captors.

Izumi Yoshida
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PostSubject: Re: Mission Report: Extraction   Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:05 am

((DM Jiraiya Note: 2 RP tokens Awarded))
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Mission Report: Extraction
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