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 So durability . Items and ectra..

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PostSubject: So durability . Items and ectra..   Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:14 pm

With Items and durability now a thing I have a several questions the first of which being . Would it be possible to have items that count towards your charc that are usable per battle but dont have to be rebought

. I.E Say 10 jp worth of items . That would be Several Kunai and an explosive tag . Which would count as being "Issued" from your village for your job or profession . Those items you dont have to spend Ryo on .. OR your own personal Crafted tools . .. Example

Bob is a sensing Nin His basic load out is
- x3 Kunai
- x1 Flare
- x1 Smoke bomb
- x1 Sensing Nin Pill
- x1 Binocluars [ Durability 1]

So lets say the total for all of this is 10 JP . This is what the player has for free all the time. If you want to add a tool then it has to be made available to everyone in the field or something . Because .. Figure it doesnt make alot of sense for people to have to rebuy Kunai/explosiv tags ectra. Because there is a "small" amount of things the village would cover for them .
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So durability . Items and ectra..
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