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 Appearance of the Tanaka Triad!

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PostSubject: Appearance of the Tanaka Triad!   Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:51 am

There have been a number of sightings throughout Fire Country, Wind Country, and Earth Country about a trio of smugglers referred to as the Tanaka Triad. On the borders of Wind and Earth country, a number of cargo shipments have been intercepted and stolen - with individuals citing the same man present at every scene. His name is still a mystery to us, but he most often wears an outfit consisting of white and black cloth, and he carries a katana at his hip. Information provided tells us that he has no access or assistance from the various Shinobi clans throughout the area, but the smuggler and his hired mercenaries are still a threat to be reckoned with.

In Southern Fire Country - on the border between Fire and Tea Country - the Tanaka member known as Jimmy Tanaka has been able to muster and organize a large force referred to as the Tiger Pack. This band of bandits and mercenaries seems to be intercepting approximately twenty-five percent of all trade in the area, as well as robbing numerous individuals on the roads between Fire Country and Tea Country. To date, there have been no civilian casualties, but several Fire Country military patrols have been successfully beaten back. It is unclear if Fire Country will step up their measures, or if they are going to attempt to bargain with the vagrants.

There is a third group - though it’s unclear exactly where they are operating - led by an individual named Johnny Tanaka. His description and whereabouts are still unknown, though there are rumours that he is operating on the borders of Fire, Grass, and Earth Country in order to intercept trade there.

One distinct thread that binds the three organizations - aside from their leaders - is that all of the mercenaries seem to be former military men and women, or otherwise former militiamen from nearby towns. While trained, it is speculated that the difficult economical status of the smaller developing countries have allowed for the Tanaka brothers to enlist and organize a number of men and women in order to serve their cause, exchanging fractions of the profit they make with these people in order to help secure their family’s well-being.
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Appearance of the Tanaka Triad!
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