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 Santana of Suffering(melted)

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PostSubject: Santana of Suffering(melted)   Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:47 am


Bloody Beginnings

Suffering is everywhere, in everything, and those who don’t feel it’s claws on their heart are merely in a state of waiting. It is my duty to ensure that those who are in that state of waiting are released and are allowed to feel the pain they so rightfully deserve for being alive. It’s what those who have departed wish, and I shall give it to them for it is all I can do to atone for my sins. Walking suffering, it is what I am and I embrace my fate for to do otherwise is to embrace insanity, and that is the greatest sin. So I walk, and I relieve the deluded fools of there waiting and allow them to join in the orgy of death and suffering. And then I fulfill there wish for more suffering as well. . . After all the job never ends.

And why should it? After all deep down, everyone simply wishes for more suffering to happen. It’s the nature of the world, it’s why I was born into this world. Born of the wishes of all the sufferers, I came as an answer to there prayers. A bloody beginning, and the blood never stopped flowing. Ripped from my mothers womb in a spray of blood, she was the first liberated into a state of suffering, and she remains with me now. Later the others followed, brother, sister, father, cousin, mayor, farm hands, they all fell to suffering and there all with me now as well. I can see them with these eyes that suffer, and they all ask for just one thing: To add to there ranks. To liberate more into a state of suffering.

But not me, oh never me. Constantly reminded, I am suffering. I am the liberator, but not the one to be liberated. For without me how would the liberated recieve what they wish? They need me as much as they need more to suffer, and so I live on in bliss, wishing to be liberated but unable to. . . Cursed as surely as the fools who do not know there inner wish of suffering. . .

While my destiny as the incarnation of suffering was determined the day I was born, my journey to fulfill that destiny started when I was fourteen. I had grown up realising the truth about the others, they all feared me. They didn’t know, but I heard the whispers. They all called me a monster, an abomination, a Demon. But the others, the ones that had passed on, called me something else. Salvation. Suffering. The words were used interchangeably. These were my only friends, the ones no one else could see and I prefered it that way. Why would i make friends with people who couldn’t even see the truth around them? Couldn’t see the suffering there hearts ached for, begged for, and cried to me to give them. They cursed me when I tried to fulfill that wish for them, the ungrateful bastards. The others, thats what I decided to call the ones that have been liberated, told me it was because despite the fact they wished for suffering they were afraid of it. They had been raised to believe it was something to be feared and despised, despite their own longing for it.

So I took it apon myself to give them there wish, as the kind hearted citizen I was, and thats when my journey started. A sharp knife, a slit here and a stab there. A well of blood and suffering, and more to join the others, and it was over. The village was silent except for the voices of the others. A full moon in the sky, seeming to glow red as a reflection of all the blood I had spilt there. And finally, the others that had been clamoring at me my entire life had ceased there babble. Had faded into contentment, but it wasn’t over. New Others had taken there place, begging and babbling for more to join them. It seems the liberated wanted as much company as they could get, and who could blame them? Thats when one of the others reminded me that Shinobi got to sow as much suffering as they wished, and that if I wanted to sate them all it’s what i’d have to. “It’s ok” it said, “We’ll show you what you need to know to be a Shinobi. Just kill one in his sleep, and he’ll join us to tutor you further. Just listen to our voices and we wont guide you wrong. Bring us more.” That Other had a strong voice, it was stronger than all the others and overrid them. It was the voice of my father, the voice I had heard all growing up and now it would be with me for the rest of eternity.

Eternity Of Suffering:
It’s my duty to remain here forever, to constantly bring more into the folds of the suffering. It isn’t until everyone has their wish fulfilled and has moved onto suffering. It is to this end that The Others infuse me with strength, and protect me against harm whether I wish it or not. There wish is so great that they will smite any foolish enough to be within reach that try to hurt me, I do not recommend it unless you are prepared to be liberated.
Base:  Secondary Hp pool 3/1/10 base/regen/max
Upgrade I: Secondary HP Pool 5/d2/12
Upgrade II: Secondary HP Pool 8/d2+1/15

Base: Damage Return Vs Melee(on hit) D3
Upgrade I: DMG Return VS Melee(on hit) D3+1
Upgrade II: Dmg Return Vs Melee(on hit) D3+2

Window Into the World
I am but a mere window for The Others to come into the world of the living and drag others into there embrace. While I am the incarnation of Suffering, it is my duty to ensure they are allowed to liberate more to join them.
Base: Summon Grade 1Available at Level 10. May go up to 1 area away from their Contractor
Upgrade I: Grade 2Available at Level 20. May go up to 2 areas away from their Contractor
Upgrade II: Grade 3Available at Level 30. May go up to 3 areas away from their Contractor

RP Note: While summoned, eyes glow red
Note: Can take this slot up three times, each time this slot is upgraded the PP is destributed for the summon
Bought Once

Flood of Suffering
And when one comes into this world, they all seem to want to come. There is no stopping them from all surging forward through the window created, to cause a storm of suffering and torment
Upgrade I: Can have 2 summons out at a time
UpgradeII: Can have 3 summons out at a time

Shaman of Suffering
Suffering is all there is, anyone who tells you otherwise is a delusional maniac I haven’t liberated yet. Who needs balance between peace and suffering, embrace it all for I know The Other’s have.
Base I: Gain access to 'Yin' (Negatives, Duration). Gain 1 E-Rank, 2 D-Ranks.
Upgrade I:  Gain access to ‘Ritual’ (Bonuses, Duration). Gain 1 E-Rank, 2 D-ranks

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PostSubject: Re: Santana of Suffering(melted)   Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:06 am

///OOC NOTE: Santana Believes her summons to actually be the dead spirits of people, in reality they are simply chakra constructs she has personafied to herself.\\\\\
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PostSubject: Re: Santana of Suffering(melted)   Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:22 am

48 tokens for 6 str stats at 6 each, and 2 cha stats at 6 each. Dm Boruto: 6/24/15
6 xp markers for 2 levels Dm Kankuro 6/27
12 tokens, 2 str stats, dm kankuro 6/27
8 tokens, 1 con stat, dm kankuro 6/27

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PostSubject: Re: Santana of Suffering(melted)   Fri Jun 26, 2015 11:46 pm

//SUmmons Information\\


Base 1: +1d2 Taijutsu Damage

str: 1
Dex: 4
Con: 5
Wis: 4
Int: 1
Cha: 1
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PostSubject: Re: Santana of Suffering(melted)   Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:19 am

Skill List

SkillStat ModifierBonus From StatPoints AllocatedTotal Score
Disable DeviceDEX+0
Handle AnimalWIS+0
IntimidateINT/STR (Highest)+268
Knowledge (Nature)INT+0
Knowledge (Local)INT+0
Knowledge (Religion)INT+0
Knowledge (History)INT+0
Sense MotiveWIS+0
Slight of HandDEX+0
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PostSubject: Re: Santana of Suffering(melted)   Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:45 am

melted via boruto
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PostSubject: Re: Santana of Suffering(melted)   Fri Jul 03, 2015 3:04 am

Melted for 68.
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PostSubject: Re: Santana of Suffering(melted)   

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Santana of Suffering(melted)
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