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PostSubject: -Yue Liang-   -Yue Liang- EmptyWed Jun 24, 2015 10:26 pm

Physical Profile:

-Yue Liang- Ninjag11

Name: Yue Liang
Gender: Female
Race: Human, obviously.
Age: mid-teens, in appearance.
Height: 5’4”
Weight: slim, slender a bit of curve here or there due to exercise and training
Build: Slender, her clothing hides most of the details, including her chest aside from a slight curve.
Hair: black, long, reaches upper back
Skin color: pale white, may be mistaken as a light grey
Eyes: normal sized, irises are a very light blue, easily mistaken as a light grey
Tattoos: Light blue strange markings along her fore-head and arms that reach her fingertips. These are often hidden under clothing and the forehead one by bangs.

Arm Marking (but blue):

Forhead Mark:

Characteristic Gestures: Pulling her cloak or any article of clothing tighter around herself and backing away when people get close. She usually hides behind a certain someone usually seen traveling with her. She’s also seen occasionally rubbing at the back of her neck.
Speaking style: Quiet and soft, she tries not to talk too much to people she doesn’t know unless she must
Languages Known: Common, Chinese?

Personality Profile:

General Personality Type: Quiet and suppressed, keeps to herself although she talks when necessary. Usually on alert to her surroundings.
Eccentricities: She often studies things a bit too closely, and has trouble remembering even the basic of information. Even going through the ninja academy, Yue only knows what people have told her.
Method of Handling Anger or Rage: Engaging in self-training, or control of her chakra. She doesn’t often express her emotions too much unless she’s with familiar company, and usually they’re subtle changes to her expression.
Admirable Traits: Yue is not one to give up on a task until she’s physically and mentally unable to continue anymore. That said, she’s also intelligent enough to not push this personality trait in a mission, knowing when a mission is futile and not to expend the lives of her team-mates. One could also say her desire to learn is admirable…
Negative Traits: …That said, she punishes herself hard for what occurred in her past, and hopes that she doesn't become the mindless weapon the kidnappers wanted of her to be.
Bad Habits/Vices: Yue should really stop hiding behind a certain person and stop being quiet and shy, as she has been told many times by her instructors. She could easily be leader material if it wasn’t for that flaw of hers.
Prejudices: Yue doesn’t like those whom bully the weaker.
Pet Peeves and Gripes: Yue dislikes it when people make fun of her appearance or her lack of a memory of the past. There’s always going to be those kinds of people.
Things that make uncomfortable or embarrass: Anything physical or love-related. She may not be ready for that kind of thing yet.
Most Painful Things in One's Life: The return of her past and learning what she is.
Fears: Afraid that she might become the weapon she was "raised" to be.

Interests Profile:

Hobbies: Training, Studying and reading everything, Observing animals.
Interests: Knowledge, her past, jutsu, her limitations.
Favorite Travel Destination: High places, she hasn’t ventured much outside of the city.
Pets: none, so far.
Drink Alcohol? (How often?): Too young for that!
Favorite books: She seems to love books that pertain to medical natures. Other than that, “there is no such thing as a bad book” in her words.
Clothing styles/ Favorite outfits: Covering things, she doesn’t like showing off her skin too much.
Favorite Color: Grey

Shinobi Information:

Strengths: Incredible charka control, Aware of her surroundings, mostly always calm and collective.
Weaknesses: no recollection of the past, not very physical in build.
Weapon/Style of fighting: Supportive, Jutsu.
Village of Origin: Unknown
Village of Belonging: Konohagakure
Clan: Unknown to her, but was apart of the Clan Burakkusukāfu.
Rank: Genin
Weapon of Choice: Jutsu, she doesn’t use anything else.
Jutsu Focus: Supportive, Healing, and Offensive
Primary Element: Water
Other Elements: Earth, Yang, Honshitsu (Kekkai Tota)
Squad: Team Serenity

Training Journal:

E Rank: - Classified Weather
D Rank: - Corpse Party Part 1 - Horrible Beginnings
C Rank: - Bathhouse Banter
B Rank: -
A Rank: -
S Rank: -

Slot Passives:


Technique List





Customs not learned yet:



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PostSubject: Re: -Yue Liang-   -Yue Liang- EmptyMon Jun 29, 2015 4:15 am

Skill List

Level: 10
Points Allocated: 20/20
Str: 0
Dex: 0
Con: 1
Int: 0
Wis: 5
Cha: 1
SkillStat ModifierBonus From StatPoints AllocatedTotal Score
Disable DeviceDEX+0
Handle AnimalWIS+2
IntimidateINT/STR (Highest)+0
Knowledge (Nature)INT+0+5+5
Knowledge (Local)INT+0+2+2
Knowledge (Religion)INT+0+2+2
Knowledge (History)INT+0+2+2
Sense MotiveWIS+2+2
Slight of HandDEX+0

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PostSubject: Re: -Yue Liang-   -Yue Liang- EmptyThu Jul 16, 2015 3:44 am

Reputation Scale:
Fire Nation: +2
Konoha: +2
Hot Spring Nation: +2
Tea Nation: +6


3 XP Marks: Level 11: 7/15/2015 Dm Zapotec
40 Tokens: 4 Inteligence Points and 2 Wisdom Points: 7/15/2015 Dm Zapotec
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-Yue Liang-
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