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 Wandering in the sands ..[Open'Ish?]

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PostSubject: Wandering in the sands ..[Open'Ish?]   Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:34 pm

He knew he was'nt much of a fighter....Was'nt even much of a medical Nin , hell every mission hes been on where he was the lead on scouting he was seen nearly blowing the mission . Which is why he likely is out in the sands now hands spread towards the ground eyes closed deep in concentration . The sands about him slowly washing forward then back as if waves lapping upon a shore  slowly they push further and further back. Something so simple ..Yet it flowed and with it the worries..and woes of things to come . The lives taken , the friends lost. All of it he simply lets flow into the endless sands and with it that part of him that went into the academy with thoughts of greatness and how "fun" it would be to be a ninja..The truth was far different then what he expected...Far...Far different..

So that's what brought the young man out admist the sands at this early hour...Something he felt he could do just "Alittle" better then others.He could wander the sands searching for what has long lain buried deep within the sands . Plants that have long survived the vast waste that have other uses besides numbing the mind for a few more moments . That is what he wanted and so he searched , and sought .... Mile by mile , the sun rose higher and still he wandered along he knew the paths and the sands , every stone and inch . Getting lost was'nt the problem nearly as much as not being found..
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Wandering in the sands ..[Open'Ish?]
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