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 (Announcement) The Squad of Sunagakure

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PostSubject: (Announcement) The Squad of Sunagakure   Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:13 pm

Shinobi have been issued a missive from the Office of the Kazekage. Academy students are handed a notice that they go over with their Instructors. Those who return from Missions are informed after they debrief.

In these new and dangerous times the Kazekage's Office has released the new formation of Sunagakure's Shinobi Force. From this day forward the old tradition of four man assigned squads from Genin has been abolished. From now on Sunagakure Shinobi are one squad, one purpose. From now on Suna nin will assemble into the desired and or needed squads to complete a mission as effectively as possible.

Training may commence with select individuals to build team work and familiarity. It is encouraged to work with each of your peer groups to foster acquaintanceship and teamwork skills.

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(Announcement) The Squad of Sunagakure
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