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PostSubject: [SOLO] Home   Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:51 pm

            “It’s been a while since I set foot here. And every time, I ask myself why this is even called a farm. 
It’s dead, there’s sand everywhere and I wonder what even used to be cultivated here. Why have I never asked?” 
The boy let his thoughts course by, eyes squinting in the heavy sunlight to get a good look at his aunt’s house. 
It was desolated, the broken fences of rotten dry wood either sinking in the sand or missing
“It was always hard to ask her anything. She’s not easy to get along with.” A deep breath was taken, 
and his feet slid into the sand with every step he took toward the wooden staircase. 
He noticed the dangerous rusty nails and mechanically avoided them as he approached the wooden door, 
as he had done so many times in the past, every time he came home. “Home… If it could even be called that.” 
Immobile before the front door, he caught himself in the middle of a shallow breath, and pursed his lips when 
he realized how scarce he was trying to make himself. “No, that’s all in the past. I’m not afraid of her anymore.” 
He told himself, before catching his courage in his hands and reaching for the doorknob.

            But her voice came from within, and as usual, she was one bitter step ahead of him. 
“Well, are you just going to stand there?” The jab stung him much like it used to, 
but he brushed it off and pushed the door open, his eyes absently directed at the floor
as he shut the door behind him. He then looked up, and brushed a strand of hair off 
of his face so he could set his eyes on the woman. She was seated in her favorite chair, 
her cup of sake sitting on the wooden table beside her. Her legs were crossed solemnly, 
and her middle-aged face showed contempt. The sour climate reigned for several 
interminable seconds while Katsu stood by the door like an unwelcome visitor, 
subconsciously debating to leave already. He cleared his throat and approached his aunt, 
his hands fiddling with his coat because he did not know where to put them. 
“I’d offer you a seat but your chair is still broken from that time you…” He cut off her smug remark, 
“From that time I tossed it in your face after you tried to strangle me in my sleep? How could I forget?”

            Her laugh roared throughout the kitchen and poured some sake in another cup, 
pushing it towards the edge of the table as a reward for making her laugh. 
“You never did like my training methods…” The woman smiled with a tinge of nostalgia, 
her gaze softening when she looked at him. He bit his lip to keep his mouth shut, 
knowing what she was doing. “I know your tricks, auntie. You can’t lower my guard with feigned affection.”

            She grinned with satisfaction while the swordsman leaned against the wall and 
reached for the cup of sake that sat on the table. He raised it to his nose and 
sniffed it for poison as she spoke up again. “No, but you wish it wasn’t feigned.”
She watched him with the eyes of a snake as he sipped on the warm sake, 
waiting to hear his response. A response that never came. “…I killed a man recently.” 
The words made her choke on her drink, and the tension spiked a notch. 
Something sparked inside Katsu when he felt her unease, and his eyes slowly turned towards her. 
“Well, how did it make you feel?” She asked with blatant discomfort, 
though her face remained frozen, refusing to show any semblance of emotion.
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[SOLO] Home
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