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 Playing in Events: RP Skill System

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PostSubject: Playing in Events: RP Skill System   Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:36 am

Skill List

SkillStat ModifierBonus From StatPoints AllocatedTotal Score
Disable DeviceDEX+0
Handle AnimalWIS+0
IntimidateINT/STR (Highest)+0
Knowledge (Nature)INT+0
Knowledge (Local)INT+0
Knowledge (Religion)INT+0
Knowledge (History)INT+0
Sense MotiveWIS+0
Slight of HandDEX+0

After much deliberation with various members of staff, I was granted the OK to draft skills for use in events, that have no mechanical benefits, nor will they be balanced with slots. This is a simple, point-allocation, cut-and-dry system which I will below outline and give you the ins-and-outs.

Skills And You

  • Each level grants a player 2 Skillpoints. Unlike traditional PnP, Intelligence modifier does not apply.
  • Each skill has a stat modifier, which equals the modifier of your stat, halved [Min. 1]. If you have an 8 intelligence modifier, it gives a fully stacking 4 to your skill.
  • Skills cannot go above half your level, with your modifier excluded. Say you are level 16, with 8 Lore, and 8 INT. That means you will roll a 1d20, and add your total skill of 16, for a total of your result +16.
  • System is used at DM discretion. To add cohesion to events, it is recommended you use this system, so as to allow more immersion and better story arcs for said events in question.


  • Given how potentially confusing this system is, a few key points of note are below.
  • Say you wish to see if one of your 'allies', is truly an ally. A DM will grant a 'Sense Motive' check and apply a DC to it. Depending on your result, the mission can branch into those paths.

Other Opportunities

  • Taking 10 - If you are under no large distraction, even though time may be a limiter, you can opt to take a 10 roll on your die, in place of a 1d20, and calculate that.
  • Taking 20 - If time is not a factor, and distraction or danger is not within that frame, you can opt to take a 20 roll on your die, in place of a 1d20, and calculate that.

Codes and Formats

  • Since the system in question does have a fancy table.. To add it to your biography, look at the code below and copy it into a new post, or existing post. As a recommendation, use 'Switch Editor' Mode, which is the rightmost button on the editing tool, to make it easier to edit your table with visual assistance.

Code for Table:

Example Table:

Ending Notes

  • While not a mandatory system for events from other DMs, I will be seeking to use this system as well as I can to add a bit more depth to the events I run, to add fun for everyone.
  • Any questions can be asked in this thread, and I will answer to the best of my ability.
  • I do not intend for this to be an 'extra tracking' of numbers. I fully intend to use this system, and I do hope that players enjoy and use it to, much like our own little game of Pen-And-Paper.

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The Senpai
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Posts : 361
Join date : 2012-03-07
Age : 22
Location : Oregon

PostSubject: Re: Playing in Events: RP Skill System   Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:38 am

Skill Examples

Not sure how these skills would work on the field? Have no fear! To those whom have little grasp on pen-and-paper workings, I will give each skill a brief introduction and description.

  • Acrobatics - Say you want to make a combat maneuver, or say you want to become a monkey and make some pretty insane jumps! With this skill check, it allows you, or disallows you to make those.

  • Appraise - Ever want to see how much an item costs? Ever want to find value in that marked Kunai? With appraise, it allows you to approximate or even pinpoint values of items, a la 'The Price is Right'! (Endorsed fully by SolKnight)

  • Bluff - Lie in the face of your foes (and friends)! With this check, you see if you can trick an enemy into believing your words or actions, put on your best poker face!

  • Climb - While Acrobatics may allow you to scale up jagged cliff-faces, or even down, Climb also comes along for the ride! Want to scale up a wall without a grappling hook? Want to try to grip those rocks and pull up that incline? Make this check!

  • Decipher - What's that? You have a cipher in your hand, some script? It may take some time, but with this check, you can decode the meaning. You too can be Nicholas Cage.

  • Diplomacy - Want to make relations good, or settle something nice between those who could potentially be stronger than you? Words are sharper than any Kunai than you can buy, and they can be just as deadly.

  • Disable Device - YOU'VE SET OFF A TRAP! YOU CAN'T RUN! But.. You can try to disable it! With this skill, you're given that chance to disable such a hellatious device.. Or.. Sometimes you can disable locks too.. That's another application.

  • Discipline - Under intimidation? Need to keep your cool? You're trained. You're disciplined. Keep telling yourself that, but even the strongest willed Shinobi have a breaking point. If there's someone with a deafening aura, you need to steel yourself.

  • Forgery - Kill the wrong guy and want to blame it on your enemy? Forge a slip of paper with an insignia! Write a note! Anything to get the heat off of you. So long as you can forge it, you can blame someone else. It better not be sloppy though.

  • Handle Animal - On the mission when you need to save the cat on the tree? What do you possibly do? Coax it? Purr? Bribe it with catnip? If you don't have any of those at your disposal, you can think around the box, coaxing it and handling the animal as if it was your own.

  • Intimidate - Want to get information? Want to scare someone? Want to get them to back down, even if they may be stronger than you? The bear effect. Make yourself big. Scary. Show them that 'aura', the confidence you know you're stronger.

  • Lore - The annals of books, grasping onto your knowledge.. An item you don't know? You could appraise the value, but you don't know what it is.. Perhaps this skill could help you? Or the knowledges don't fit here? May want to invest.. Lore is a broad topic..

  • Knowledge (Nature) - Nature.. The delicacies of plants, the strength of vines, frailty and extreme strength. Knowing these differences can save you on a mission. Having the knowledge of what berries are poisonous, or what are safe to eat. Truly, someone will need this.

  • Knowledge (Local) - The country around you is vast, but you've read up! You know who's who, who wears what, the colors of each village, or you don't, depending. An important skill, this can identify who you need, and who may be an enemy.

  • Knowledge (Religion) - Jashin fanatics got you down? Baby Jesus is becoming a real religion? Might want to at least brush up, so you don't make them angry when they want you to recite some words of holy text so they don't sacrifice your liver..

  • Knowledge (History) - While the world may be new, it is still soaked in the history of our Elders. Knowledge in these broad topics may just have you not retracing their steps, and meeting their fates.

  • Linguistics - An unknown language? Hah! Not for you. You invested in this skill. Bear Country peasants speaking some weird moonspeak that isn't your glorious commonwealth language? You may just have an inkling of what they're saying.

  • Perception - Let's face it. Not everyone's a Hyuuga, and even sometimes, you can't trust a Hyuuga's eyes. Various factors can influence this, and with this skill, you could surely close the gaps they might create. They do have a blind spot, you know!

  • Perform - You're trapped! But you can try to joke your way out, or even play them a diddy, or even DO A DANCE! There's a lot you can do to try to save yourself at the end of the day, but with this skill, it becomes even more possible.

  • Ride - You might be able to move faster than an animal, but a log isn't an animal, is it? Acrobatics can't help you when you're trying to hold on for dear life and ride that log down the waterfall and not drown.. But if you want to jump.. There is a skill for that..

  • Sense Motive - You saw her face twitch. Was it a tell? Was it unconcious? Some people can't help it. Scrutinize those details, find those tells. Break her down to what she is and know exactly what she wants to convey. She's lying, and you can tell.

  • Slight of Hand - You filthy pickpocket you. You want that Ryo, or those documents, and he's walking into a crowd. What better way than this to get what you need instantly? Go for it. The worst that can happen is that he finds out.

  • Survival - Even though you may have some berries, that won't save you. You have to get water, cleanse the water, and get other sustenance. Be quick about it, it's dangerous to go alone. Take this skill.

  • Swim - Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! You have to get through the water! You gotta swim to survive! In Wind Country, it might not be applicable, but at least you know how to swim, right?
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Playing in Events: RP Skill System
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