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 Eight Trigrams (Training) - Naomi Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Eight Trigrams (Training) - Naomi Hyuuga   Mon Jun 29, 2015 2:33 am

Gentle Fist Stance

Walking into the Dojo of the Hyuuga Clan Naomi stepped barefoot across the traditional mats and sought a sparring partner. After facing what seemed like such chaotic odds in her last mission she had begun to accelerate her training and spar more with members of her clan. Experienced Wardens and Cousins that were all too eager to give her the basics.

Now she was ready to try a real spar, or so she believed. She'd trained and fought enemy ninja and dangerous creatures and this would validate her against a true opponent.

For a moment she considered activating her Dojutsu when she found the Dojo empty and feared some springing out of concealment would initiate the spar on their terms but the young warden stepped from the Shadows, bowing to her formally as she took her place in the middle of the room.

Naomi noticed her lithe and toned body, thanking the circumstances of her birth that she had never had a chance of bearing the seal that somewhat detracted from a face that was on the plainer side of pretty. Though she was lean and had enough muscle to be a serious physical opponent.

Her opponent took a stance and when Naomi bowed to her they began; in the past Naomi had relied on projecting her Chakra to harm her opponents and let her Taijutsu fall by the wayside. The last few days had been an attempt to correct this and now she would see if it had paid out.

Activating the Byakugan she saw everything in exceptional clarity as she maneuvered with her opponent; trying to protect herself by keeping on the move and lashing out with small elegant blows, her fists laced with fine needles of Chakra as she selects Tenketsu milliseconds before striking in order to keep up pressure.

Sudden pain as she herself is slammed, her chakra network suffering from the hit as she Warden smirked at her openly. Her own serenity shattering as she increases her own momentum, redoubling for a series of lightning-fast blows that closed three of the five Tenketsu she was aiming for in the spread.

The woman gasped.. limping visibly from the blows as Naomi mastered herself returning to a guarded stance, seeming serene and unhurt although it was clear that she'd taken a wound. When her opponent bowed to her again in unspoken yield she turned off her own Dojutsu and gave thanks for the practice.
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Eight Trigrams (Training) - Naomi Hyuuga
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