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 Submission Forum Rules

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Sarada Uchiha
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PostSubject: Submission Forum Rules   Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:15 pm

DM Tayuya wrote:
Please don't post on other people's submissions! They're left open to players, so that the owners of the ability can discuss it with the mechanics, NOT for other players to criticize. Thank you!

Pulawski wrote:
When players posts new PP abilities when they get levels, or wish a revision, their entire powerset must be posted alongside it. Failure to do so means we will not look at your power.

Pulawski wrote:
Quote :
Free actions 1/turn. If you wish for something to be a free action it -MUST- be stated on the ability, otherwise it will not be a free action. This will include any form of additional action, defending for others, etc.

This will go live immediately. Everyone who has something that is a free action please add it on your power. If you wish a revision due to this change, submit it Smile

Sarada's Forum Monkey wrote:
It's been noticed that people submit their slots/jutsu/other with very little, or no RP at all.

Roleplay has to be balanced on a power, not just the mechanics of it. So a power cannot be officially approved until both sides of the power are submitted for review.

We also request that you don't slap in 1 line vague/short descriptions for your Roleplay either. More concise RP helps to prevent any discrepancies that generally arise. (Also, this is a roleplaying server. Not a mechanical engineer server Razz )

A good example:


A bad example:


As a final note. Please try to keep your RP reasonable and not make it stupidly powerful.
(Especially in the case of Jutsu's where some people seem to throw ridiculous RP power on to an E rank tech)

Kind regards,

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Submission Forum Rules
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