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 Squad 5 (Private)

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Squad 5 (Private) Empty
PostSubject: Squad 5 (Private)   Squad 5 (Private) EmptySat Jul 04, 2015 2:41 am

Leader : Sumiko Takara
Member : Shiba Inuzuka
Member : Yazuna Nara
Member : Naomi Hyuuga

Squad 5 is hereby active. All Members report in. Second in Command will be chosen by the Captain as seen fit. Until a new Second in Command is chosen, Shiba Inuzuka continues to serve as this.

Chuunin Leader Sumiko Takara
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Squad 5 (Private) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Squad 5 (Private)   Squad 5 (Private) EmptySat Jul 04, 2015 2:48 am

Shiba Inuzuka reports in
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Squad 5 (Private)
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