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 base elements for custom ones

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PostSubject: base elements for custom ones   Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:32 pm

Quote :
All +Element and Kekkei Tota, and SPPC's must have one of the following listed as their primary "base" element. They do not benefit from any benefits they have to that element, however anythign aimed at that base element, also functions against their Custom element. This is for example, 4 DR vs Water would work towards an Ice jutsu with Water primary.

Mechanical = Tools/Puppets.
Animals = Pets/Summon/Cohorts
Elements: Wind/Fire/Water/Earth/Lightning/Yin/Yang/Fuuinjutsu
Hard = Styles that are Offense Based.
Flow = Styles that are Defense Based.

can poison or medical or something be added to this? Poison is a specific base thats targeted by standard jutsu, and makes sense, otherwise i'ma have to choose something that makes 0 sense as a base for Poison jutsu.

Standard Jutsu that targets Poison:
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PostSubject: Re: base elements for custom ones   Tue Jul 07, 2015 8:10 pm

Hmm, i can agree somewhat with medical even though it was removed as an element prior to becoming it's own discipline. I was just under the assumption that poison had base earth or something.
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base elements for custom ones
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