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 (Private) Yue Liang - Studies - Saibō chūnyū

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PostSubject: (Private) Yue Liang - Studies - Saibō chūnyū   Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:08 am

Yue understands that the most simple of processes stem from complicated steps in which most humans don’t take into consideration. Her studies and jutsu have shown her the world that most take for grant; a fine line exists between the energy of chakra and the ‘epiphany’ of science. Yue sees the chakra as a means to an end, and science as a means to an understanding. The two principles co-exist, leading to a technique that bends the fabric of biology and fantasy in a single bound to assist in the recovery of another. It was such a simple idea, and yet the very fabric of properties escaped her current knowledge.

To the library she went.

Yue’s search had her going toward a certain life and biological section, eventually finding a book that summarized the method in which new cells divide and take over the ones whom have died. The constant renewal of life and death that occurs without our notice or understanding, usually. Specifically, Yue’s research had her understanding the principles of cell division, how a single cell multiplies and carries its genetic code and instructions in order to en-mass reproduction and natural regeneration. The research discovered three ways that cells reproduce using this style of division:

Binary fission, the cytokinesis of chromosome segregation into two cells exactly alike to the original;

Mitosis, the cycle in which chromosomes create an s phase of duplication resulting in the cellular wall splitting the duplications apart;

And Meiosis, the further splitting of S-phased cells with mutations known as gametes, resulting not only in cells with the same purpose but also a zygote, a newly created cell with the normal amount of chromosomes present within its structure.

Yue studied all of these processes in depth, from the different phases of how a cell reproduces, to the very reason that triggers the cellular spread via division. IT was a single step that caught Yue’s eye, the M Phase. The M phase is when a ‘mother’ cell is ready to divide into two ‘daughter’ cells, which are exact duplicates of the original mother cell. This process increases the cytoplasmic and organelle volumes of the mother cell in order to have enough protection for the split chromosomes to thrive in. The M phase leads to this G1 phase, and eventually to the S phase represented by Mitosis and Meiosis. This processes is represented the most in natural recovery after collagen and platelets form the blood-restricting cover of the injury called a clot. The process joins both sides of the skin together in order to reform into a scar, or damaged zone. This was the step she needed to extract. The properties “M-phase and S-Phase” would be able to be extracted from a few cells already extracted from the body. Yue surmises that she could use these properties to inject them and concentrate them into other cells, significantly yet gently boosting the speed in which the body repairs itself. Because of the process and properties taken from the original cell, this process and healing would be completely natural and thus the body would “agree” to the changes presented.

Now Yue just needed to find a medium to input the properties into in order to boost its effectiveness in a fight, as well as figure out the appropriate hand-signs…

(7 out of 8 LP used for learning. There will be a part two tomorrow) See:
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(Private) Yue Liang - Studies - Saibō chūnyū
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