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 Medical Specialisations

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PostSubject: Medical Specialisations   Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:22 pm

I apologise, this is less of a question, more of a rant/defense.
I give you the bottom line first:
Yanking Specialisations from medical is mindboggingly bad.

It doesnt scale. Healing will fall behind in damage every single time for the same amount of Rank/CP.
Since both negative removal and healing are rare specialisations, i would need 2 different +elements (at the least) to do the same thing... and they would be uncombined. Thats 1 PP more i have to spend to do what it does right now, and even then its worse.
Yes, you "unlock" the table, but that is a meager win if you dont get the possibility to use it.
-Unless- you then make it accessable that the medical table can be used in favour of other tables when it gives a better bonus: Which makes it ludicrously overpowered.
Any fire-user (or any +element, bloodline limit and so on) with specialisation in damage is 1.5 more effective than base healing at this point, forever.
Medical Shinobi who use 1 power point to unlock the table at base will always and forever be behind the damage/healing ratio random person nr 17 can do at same rate. Random person nr 17 uses an A-rank with 1.5 damage per JP, just straight and plain. Medical Shinobi heals with an A-rank with 1 healing per JP. Whichever scale, the medical Shinobi will always loose out in the long run, since it is improbable to do the same amount of healing than the random enemy will deal.

Even if i at that point use all my PP on being as effective a healer as possible (bring my specialisations back, more targets, more healing and so on), i still have used 1 PP more than the one who did the same build (specialisations, more targets, more damage and so on) for damage.

Bring back/Do not remove Medical Specialisations. If dealing damage swiftly is the only reasonable way to go and it costs less PP to do it, so there is more to specialise in more damage/accuracy/targets, then i shudder to see this going down in a large cluster of more and more specialised people with one-trick amounts of damage which will sure-fire give them victory.
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PostSubject: Re: Medical Specialisations   Sun Jul 12, 2015 5:57 pm

1 point to unlock another discipline with reduced cost values using the same stat (wisdom), its essentially giving you a brand new chart for 1 power point which is .. a good deal.

What your logic actually suggests is that medical should be an element all of its own and then we just use the ninjutsu tree and same elements and all.. thus.... healing 2 jp to 1 heal.
I kinda don't agree at all, I like that medical is special, and costs more to perfect. My character is less mary sue I can do everything as the best. Basically you can define medical by looking at the ninjutsu table and looking at where the bonuses are based on that, cuz it is the same stat.

Removing negatives via duration is not on any other charts so, that's a special power all to itself without comparison.
Healing is 1:1 base instead of 4:1, that means having base medical is like having an element that says "Specialization: Healing, and Healing". Then you can turn around and upgrade that, unlike any other slot with "Healing" so.. your specialization for 1.5 power points points is... "Healing, Healing, Healing." + whatever you got in there for giggles.
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PostSubject: Re: Medical Specialisations   Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:06 pm

I think we are talking past each other. Yes, the Medical table is awesome in itsself.

However, if for the same PP and CP useage i can either heal X amounts of damage or deal X times 150% damage, we are looking at the wrong scale. Healing should neither be too simple or too hard.
Now, its going to wobbeling on the "too inefficiant"-side of things, simple because it can not keep up with damage dealt by an equal.
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PostSubject: Re: Medical Specialisations   Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:41 pm

Who removed medical spec?
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PostSubject: Re: Medical Specialisations   Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:13 pm

Personally, I don't necessarily think healing should necessarily need to "catch up" with damage since it would just mean a sort of -2 + 2 = Back to square one sort of deal. Prolonging combat even longer than it normally is doesn't really feel right to me.

Now that doesn't particularly mean I'm against a buff to healing if it needs it. But not to the point to where it should match damage output. Instead I would hope that this means it would promote the use of other tactics for damage prevention/mitigation such as debuffs, hp dr, stuns, negatives to rolls etc..

In regards to the yanking of specs (i.e. Pulawski), it was under the assumption that since Medical is no longer an element and considered it's own discipline like (Taijutsu or Kenjutsu), one would have to have a ninjutsu element/style in order to have actual specialties associated with their medical discipline. Healing Nin/ Medical Slot from that thread, it has been confirmed that in order to be granted specialties from the medical chart, you had to have both the slot to add Medical and a slot for your element to add specialties to it (healing, negative removal etc.).
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PostSubject: Re: Medical Specialisations   Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:43 am

Zetsu Response:

Healing an ally is an autohit requiring no Attack/Defense roll to do so.

Attacking an opponent requires opposed rolls and is therefore not guaranteed to hit.

Medical Discipline gives you access to more than just Healing.

No, you're not getting a buff or an auto Spec for taking Medical Discipline.
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PostSubject: Re: Medical Specialisations   

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Medical Specialisations
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