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 Conflict in the World: Redshirts

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PostSubject: Conflict in the World: Redshirts   Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:27 pm


  • A redshirt is commonly categorized as an NPC or someone in the setting that has a higher potential of dying, and does not progress. Often a ‘throwaway’.
  • With the induction of this system, we are allowing Redshirts to be created, to create more conflict within the server, and in essentia, ‘events without DMs’.
  • These are a privilege, and require approval. Below will be a basic application for your Red Shirt character that you can use as a submission.
  • These characters will be built using base Slot values with no deviation, to allow for cookie-cutter powers, and easier use in conflict.
  • Pride roleplay over rollplay when creating these conflicts. We are allowing these Redshirts for people to have a more dynamic world and air about them where players can interact with players in event-like situations without a DM present.
  • Redshirts will be categorized by Rank, and have an allowance of standard techniques to use. They cannot learn customs, or create customs, or have tokens invested in them.
  • When a Redshirt is dead, they die. Period. There is no coming back, or saving them if they are permanently killed. They can be healed within their range, however.
  • You do not pay tokens for a Redshirt, nor will you be allowed to put tokens into yours. While the characters may be static, they add to a dynamic world with conflict.
  • Redshirts cannot go on events and earn Tokens or Markers, but if a DM would like to use them, and the player for the antagonizing side, this is appropriate.
  • If you are approved, being a Redshirt is not about doing whatever you would like. You must follow Village Laws and Guidelines. You can be a Missing Ninja as a Redshirt, but you are responsible for your own actions.
  • If there is a discrepancy in your roleplay and a DM finds an issue, you can and will be punished for an issue if it arises.
  • Once more, being a Redshirt is a privilege, and can be taken away if you abuse it.
  • Your Redshirt cannot be from one of the major 3 other hidden Villages. These are Kumogakure, Kirigakure, and Iwagakure.
  • Your Redshirt cannot be a higher rank than your current main Shinobi.

Player Interaction

  • Players are susceptible to permanent death if the situation arises. However, the players do have to consent to this sort of death. However, falling into that situation, you can have incurred permanent negatives if you are not careful, and hospitalization. Do not try to Godmod out of situations or the player will be punished.
  • Players can interact with the Redshirts in question normally, and are expected to treat them like fellow Shinobis or threats, respectively.
  • If the Redshirt in question is a problem, you can make reports on it, and potentially be rewarded for the information given, as if it were a mission, or chance encounter.
  • If you find abuse from either system, you can send appropriate PMs to the Administration team (with screenshots) outlining your problem.


  • All applications will follow and use this format, and be approved based on that. What you approve and what you get can be different (i.e., submit for B-Rank, get C-Rank).
  • The provided format will be posted in the Biography section with [Redshirt] in the topic title.
  • The provided Biography application will also be posted in the (Open) Section of the requests, and moved when approved and agreed upon.


Core Mechanics

  • The available ranks for Redshirts currently are D, C, B, and possibly A in the future.
  • Powers, average levels, and statlines will be based on rank.
  • Ranks are: D - Genin, C - Yorinuki Genin, B - Chuunin, A - Anywhere from Seiei Chuunin to Jounin.
  • Stats will use NWN level stats, and bonus points based on the Rank your Redshirt is approved. Below, is the table.

    D-Rank: [+6 stats anywhere, level 10]
    C-Rank: [+8 stats anywhere, level 16]
    B-Rank: [+14 stats anywhere, level 20]
    A-Rank: [+16 stats anywhere, level 26]

    D-Rank: Choose element, up to D-Ranks in that Element, and up to D-Ranks in Primary Discipline.
    C-Rank: Choose element, up to C-Ranks in that Element, and C-Ranks in Primary Discipline.
    B-Rank: Choose element, up to 1 B-Rank (Including all below) in that element, and up to 1 B-Rank in Primary Discipline.
    A-Rank: Choose element, up to all B-Ranks (Including all below) in that element, and up to all B-Ranks in Primary Discipline.

  • You cannot take any Bloodlines, Kekkai Totas, or Advanced Chakra natures. Those involve custom techniques, and you are not allowed to submit those for your Redshirt.
  • Powers will use the core Slot mechanics, as cookie-cutter. That meaning, nothing outside of the slot table provided on your powers.
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Conflict in the World: Redshirts
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