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 [TO SUNA PLAYAZ] Jobs you and things [ Though other thoughts welcome]

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[TO SUNA PLAYAZ] Jobs you and things [ Though other thoughts welcome] Empty
PostSubject: [TO SUNA PLAYAZ] Jobs you and things [ Though other thoughts welcome]   [TO SUNA PLAYAZ] Jobs you and things [ Though other thoughts welcome] EmptyMon Jul 13, 2015 2:43 am

Sooo was thinking !

SleepyBot wrote:

So mind you this is all just ramblings and thoughts of what I can see being done but this is the jist of it everything is up for debate and all the numbers are subject to change if we go with it sooooo Thoughts ? Would it work ? Is it horrid ? Is it to much extra paper work ? yada yada ya ! and im sure there's stuff I havent even thought about ... SO ya ...tear it apart >.>

Quote :
So jobs.... The short version is pretty much having weekly pay for players players with a way for it to be tracked .  I personally would rather have it tied to main charcs ... I.E you have 4 charcs one of them has a job   signifying your commitment to that charc rather then some one having four charcs that each have jobs and you just amassing wealth to be tossed around at whatever....That being said

How to Track it [?]
was talking to amy she said pretty much make it up to the player and dms . So once a week Faction/universal/whoever is handling qccr would hand out tokens those tokens would signify a weeks worty of pay thats in the "Village" bank. You trade this token in and collect your pay for any ryo purchases made . When the player picks a job they note on their Bio when they started and  each week they get paid with a time stamp. For now , in the future amy says [ Insert buildier-tech-no- balber] It can be scripted in to be handled all in game and by the player

What will it do [?]
On a main pc allow [X] money to be made a week this money can be spent on tools and other in game items . I.E  If Abrumae does a fair for leaf.  In suna it was selling lessons with Jp on it already towards completion ,  cheaper tools , missions  bounties , introduced players to mercs.  had maps to be purchased ectra. Buy pattens of things to be used in the city ...ECTRA ECTRA.. Also depending on their job  would allow bonuses ...

I.E  Instructor  would give +2 Lp when teaching some one  maybe +1 for them self . They have to teach like 2 lessons a week

I.E researcher would get like +3 LP a week but over a month have to put out four different types of jutsu for the village

I.E Medical Nin -  Gets weekly gets up to X amount of free jp in  medical tools only avaible to medical nin and pay . have to make  4 medical jutsu  every  month

I.E Shonobi -Access to village spefic jobs , merc jobs  and X amount of free Jp a week in tools noted on their bio + dm purcahse logs.

I.E Trader- purcahses on the markets are made at 25% lower and selling is done at 25% higher. Requires you doing a carvan event ectra.

But what if some one doesnt have tokens , wont they lose their job[?]
Amy brought this up and in turn I was thinking that they could use the ryo to pay for techs in their field  would be considered research materials  ectra. Granted small things would be cheap where as bigger things would be progressively more expensive. Have the Ryo rate be about the same that it would be in tokens using the mission rewards rate to ryo ... I.E it would take this many missions to make [X] [ insert math ] ..But ya once they finsh the research they would get refunded.

Now with this would Tie in D rank missions being ran by players and rewarded based on the reports submited . I would say no more then being in the same persons event once ..or twice cause of time zones but yes ...These are all thoughts that I am thinking about tossing around .. Until the "ACTUAL" job system and ectra is posted and taken care of .
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[TO SUNA PLAYAZ] Jobs you and things [ Though other thoughts welcome]
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