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 Sunagakure's Armory

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PostSubject: Sunagakure's Armory   Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:44 am

The Armory of Sunagakure is controlled by The Quartermaster. Sunagakure is centered around the success of the Community. The Quartermaster is an ancient Shinobi who has for the living memory of all in Sunagakure outfitted the dispatched Shinobi. The Quartermaster has never had issues of theft or mispayment. No one knows if this is because of his demeanor or because of the rumors that circulate around him.

Mechanics: For each Mission. Shinobi are capable of checking out up to 10 JP of Items from the Quartermaster. If you do NOT check out items from the Quartermaster and expend 10 or less JP of Items you may submit a claim to be reimbursed.

Note: Special Shinobi Tools are available only during Missions unless otherwise noted

Special Note: The Armory will add any additional Items the Shinobi recover. Those who bring these items receives the Item for 1 Free Bonus Use.

Items Available for Mission Use

Standard Shinobi Tools

Special Shinobi Tools

Quote :
Binoculars are a simple mechanical device that is used to magnify viewing range.
JP Value: 6 JP
Effect: Can Detect at +1 Range
Note: Can be used to view.

Quote :
Scorpion Venom
Scorpion Venom is a moderate poison extracted from giant scorpions indigenous to the Land of Wind. It is slow acting when diluted but retains its potency nevertheless.
JP Value: 6 JP
Effect: Deals 1D4 HP Damage For 1D3+1 Rounds
Note: This can be used in an event as a Medium Rate poison.

Quote :
Desert Cactus Extract
Desert Cactus Extract is a tactile poison that induces vibrant hallucinations into the victim. It is a dangerous poison that is often used in assassination attempts as it both weakens the target and lowers their mental faculty.
JP Value: 9 JP
Effect: Target suffers -1 to Universal Attack and Defense Rolls for 2 Rounds.
Note: This can be used in an event to simulate loss of sanity.

Quote :
Salamander Saliva
Salamander Saliva is a chemical compound derived from a vial of a dangerous explosive mixture. Diluted for safe use the chemical catches fire when exposed to enough oxygen. The weaker compound allows the chemical to be applied to most solid surfaces safely, making it a popular choice when dealing with tougher opponents.
JP Value: 8 JP
Effect: Target gains + 1D4 Bonus Fire Damage to Tai/Ken attacks for 2 rounds.

Quote :
Smokebomb (Grade 1-4)
An important part of any Shinobi arsenal smoke bombs of varying strengths provide cover and assist in the numerous deceptions Shinobi tend to practice.
JP Value: 2 - 4 JP
Effect: Escape Check at +1 to +4

Quote :
Caltrops are used to trap or deceive. Sharp small objects that can be scattered to create a problematic surface or guide one into further situations.
JP Value: 2 JP
Effect: Detection Check Vs Stealth Check. Deals Base Rank Damage + 2
Note: These may be left as traps.

Quote :
Sealing Scrolls
Sealing scrolls are powerful Fuinjutsu devices created by the Sunagakure Fuinjutsu Division. They utilize Advanced Fuinjutsu to contain material until they are released.
JP Value: 6 JP
Effect: May seal up to 6 pounds of volume or 6 by 6 feet of area within a scroll.

Quote :
Red and White
A fingers width and length of explosives that creates a small flame that burns hot . Gives of little to no sound , however difficult to put out once lit
JP Value: 1 JP x 2
Effect: May set start fire's that are hard to put out

Quote :
Blue and White
A fingers width and length of explosives that creates a flash of light and a burst of sound just bright enough to illuminate an area but not blind
JP Value: 1 JP x 2
Effect: [ See RP}

Quote :
Master work tools ( Grade 1-5 )
Tools of the trade come in all shapes and sizes depending on the task at hand .
JP Value: 1 JP-5 per tool .
Effect: Give +1-+5 on a skill check roll that makes use of Str or Dex as the primary stat. 50% chance to break on use

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Sunagakure's Armory
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