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 NPC Statistics

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PostSubject: NPC Statistics   Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:08 am

Below is information for DMs.

The Masquerade may take their NPCs on missions. If they do so, the NPC takes their % cut (divided amongst the attendees) of the ryo for the mission as pay.

There will be a chart for The Masquerade to upgrade their NPC members using Ryo to come out at some point after DM/Admin review.

NPC Member Statistics:
Name: Mio Tabata
Codename: Static
Ex-Village: Kumogakure 
Level: 20
Str: +4 
Dex: +4
Con: +2 (14)
Int: +4
Wis: +10
Cha: +5 (20)

HP: 24
CP: 30

Lightning Specialist(3PP):
UpgradeII: +D4+2 Lightning Damage/Round

Ninjutsu Focus(3PP):
UpgradeII: +2 Ninjutsu Rolls 

Chakra Reserves(3PP):
UpgradeII: +8 CP

Greased Lightning(3PP):
UpgradeII: Act while stunned (Physical) 1CP

Quick seals(2PP):
UpgradeI: Multicast D rank, 1 Round Cooldown.

Total PP: 14

Has access to all basic Raiton up to B.

Raiton: Flash
User quickly forms three seals making sure his or her escape is unhindered.
Type: C Rank Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 4 CP
Effect: Defensive, +5 to escape roll

Raiton: Thunderclap
Folding the five seals user then extends her or his fingers toward the enemy, each one sending an medium sized thunderbolt at their body, with lound thunderclap sound once they connect.
Type: A rank Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 13 CP
Effect: Rank+1d8, 16-20 Crit, AoE enemy.

Total RP Token Cost = 228(Stats)+140(Levels) = 368 RP Tokens
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NPC Statistics
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